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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by RT22, Mar 26, 2012.

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    26th - Nick Perry OLB USC 6'-3" 271lbs 4.64 - If Perry is on the board at 26th I believe Wade will be doing back flips in the war room. I still believe that building the defense is the top priority and drafting a player that can put consistant pressure on the QB along with Barwin and Reed in rotation will be scary.

    58th - Alameda Ta'amu NT Washington 6'-3" 348lbs 5.34 - Selecting Ta'amu will not be popular among the fans but this guy will be a key piece to our defense for a long time. He will start off in a rotation with Cody which will allow Mitchell to move to 5T where I think he will be a much improved player. Ta'amu is a one gap NT with a two gap body type. His movement skills will create problems for a oposing teams interior OL and will make our ILB's mainly Cushing the holy terror that Wade envisions. I can see Cushing with at least 8 sacks with this guy in front of him. Ta'amu will have to be coached to play with better leverage as he gets tired and the ball snaps basically stands up but again this can be corrected.

    76th - Brian Quick WR Appalachian State 6'-4" 220lbs 4.55 - I like everone else believe we need to draft a WR in RD 1 to groom to replace Andre in a couple of years. Well if you think about it most 1st RD WR tend to get a lot of reps and are not generally special team guys unless they are very special return guys. I do not see anyone with great return skills that could be our pick in the 1st. I do see Kubiak taking a guy that he can develop in to a good reciever in this offense. Brian Quick to me best fits what I think Kubiak is looking for in a WR. He is big, fast, strong and has good hands. Also If people believe that we need a WR that takes the top off of the defense to that I say look at Kubiak's history and tell me one WR that was drafted for this purpose and was succesful in his system. Also Quick plays faster that he was timed. He is tough to jam and is a very smooth athlete. Will need a lot of refinement with routes because has only played football 5 years.

    99th - Jeff Allen LT/RT/OG Illinois 6'-4" 307lbs 5.28 - Insurance and depth pick. He can play LT, RT and OG.

    121st - Vontaze Burfict WILB Arizona State 6'-1" 248lbs 5.09 - If he drops this fare he will be the steal of the draft! This guy is just plain nasty! If he can clean up the penalties and learn to play under control he could be a beast. At this point he is a two down ILB with very good instincts. With him and Cushing in the middle that is like wow! Also this guy plays way faster that he timed at the combine and his pro day. Maybe he has some type of injury that hasn't come out.

    160th - Russell Wilson 3QB Wisconsin 5'-11" 204lbs 4.55 - I just like this kid. I think he fits our system very well. For those of you saying we don't need a #3 QB Matt Schaub just lost 40% of his OL and is coming of a foot surgery and will likely be less mobile if that is possible and is in the last year of his contract. Wilson has a good arm and can make throws on the run. The only negitive is his height.

    195th - David Molk C Michgan 6'-1" 298lbs - We need to groom a replacement for Myers. This guy is made for the zone scheme and is very strong. He will need a lot of coaching. In two years he will be our starter.

    233rd - Randy Bullock PK Texas A & M 5'-9" 205lbs - Mike Sherman + Texas A&M + Gary Kubiak + Good kicker + We need a kicker on the cheap + He is from the Houston area + He is said to be a good kid = Houston Texans - You do the math.
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    I like Perry the player but I don't think OLB is our biggest priority. Whoever gets picked at OLB is going to be in a rotation with Reed and only play at most half the defensive snaps. I also like Ta'amu the player but not for us. We run a one gap 3-4 system that puts pressure on the QB and he's more the traditional 2 gap brick wall NT. I like 3 and both 4's, 6 and 7, but I'm not looking for a QB in this draft. We just picked up Yates last year and have other holes to fill. I also question if Molk or Bullock will be available in the 6th and 7th rounds, both could go at least one round earlier.
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    Agree. Not a Ta'amu fan and I don't see how Molk falls to the 6th. I wouldn't mind Perry, but that's based on the premise we let Barwin walk next year.
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    One of those "holes to fill" is QB. We cut Leinart and only have 2 QB's on our roster now. After last season's issues with losing 2 QB's you can bet the Texans will draft at least a late round developmental player. It may be someone they put on the PS out of camp, but they have to have more than 2 QB's. They will probably also pick up a cheap FA or 2 just for arms during camp.

    As for Molk, he's projected to go in the 3rd or 4th round and Bullock probably won't last past the 6th.
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    We could also bring in an UDFA. I'm not totally against taking a QB to stash on the PS, but I don't think we're gonna carry three on the roster this year.

    If we take a QB I would prefer it be in the 6th or 7th.

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