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    First quarter

    1st offensive series.

    1-10 Slaton ran off LG for no gain.
    D.Brown missed a block completely.
    D. Brown was trying to block down (block his man toward the inside).
    Leach should have helped him.
    Instead, he veered inside, letting the RDE go completely free, right to Slaton.
    I don't get it!

    Slaton ran left end, then cut back up the middle for 11 yards.
    Good blocking by all.

    Slaton 3yd-run to the right.
    Brisiel got pushed into the DE (whom Anderson was trying to block) and into the running lane.

    Holding on Raiders's Johnson (could have been a TD for AJ).

    Schaub pass was a tad too high and/or long for OD.
    He had plenty of time. Come on Schaub!

    Slaton up the middle for -1
    Brisiel a little weak.
    Otherwise, Slaton could have cut outside.

    Schaub sacked.
    Winston started to lose ground; it's hard to blame MS for stepping up in the pocket,
    but perhaps he should trust that Winston would regain his position?!?
    Raiders had the RDE stunting inside the RDT, right to where MS stepped up.
    Schaub could have stayed back in the pocket and throw quickly to Anderson.

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    If we are running a ZBS, that couldn't have been Duane Brown's man. Looking at it, I think Studdard was supposed to help on the DE, and get him into a position where Brown could be effective. As it was, and everyone taking their step to the left, that guy didn't pass Brown's nose. Brown realized he wasn't getting the help he needed, and tried to recover. but I don't think that was his "assignment". Studdard went straight into the second level.

    I haven't watched many of the plays, but I did watch this one. The end result was bad, but I think the play gives us reason to be optomistic. All the linemen ended the play on their feet, and depending on who you want to blame, only one guy "messed up".

    Either Brown, or Studdard. The other four were working in Unison, & again, staying on their feet.

    Another good play, was the one where Slaton hit the cutback lane, & ran over the safety to get 10 yards & the first down. The OL worked well together, & blew up the Raiders line.
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    2nd offensive series.

    Stupid play optioning Greg Ellis.
    Perhaps Schaub should have pump-faked quickly before tossing that ball to AJ in the left flat.
    Ellis batted the ball down.

    62yd pass to AJ
    Winston got beat by his man, but Schaub was able to step up the pocket (good blocking otherwise).

    1-7 @ OAK 7
    Slaton -1 up the middle.
    Unbalanced line for the Texans.
    O.D. lined up as LT switching place with D.Brown who moved to the right side and lined up as the TE.
    Studdard missed a cut block on the backside, allowing the RDT Kelly to make the tackle on Slaton.
    We got good blocking on the right side, but somehow Slaton decided to follow Leach inside.
    He had a decent chance to beat the safety.
    Leach probably should have gone outside as well, but I guess that was the call.

    Schaub should have lobbed that ball into the far corner to let Walter have a chance at it.
    (Well, maybe not, since Walter went for the out route - it looks like; he might not recover quick enough to go back toward the end zone.)
    Or Schaub could have gotten back into the pocket.
    He had a guy open in the middle as well as Slaton on the other side with O-linemen to block for him.


    MS stared down the receiver too long.
    He should at least look to the right to AJ and/or pump fake to him.
    Also, he had plenty of time.
    Dreessen was open on the left side.

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    Clear Lake
    I don't think Pitts will be re-signed and Studdard is a back up. I expect at least 2 guards/olinemen to be drafted next year. I'm following Thomas Austin Clemson OG/C/T 6'3" 310 5.16 with good feet that is said to set up like an anchor. I have him in 3rd round. Also, Eric Olsen Notre Dame C/LG/OT 6'4" 305 5.26 started 12 games in 2008 as left guard before coach moved him to center in 09. I have him in 4th. Hopefully, Caldwell will make progress but all his early backers are sure silent going into 5th game.
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    That's why I said I dunno for sure.
    It looks like Studdard was going for the LB.
    In that case, Leach should have taken on the RDE.

    There seems to be a mis-communication as far as assignments went.
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    3rd offensive series

    1-10 Encroachment Raiders

    1-5 Slaton right tackle for no gain.
    Both Brisiel and Studdard were pushed into the running lane.

    2-5 Slaton left tackle for -2 yds.
    The same combo of Studdard and Brisiel was pushed into the running lane on the opposite side of the field.
    Slaton jumped over Studdard who was trying to get up;
    Studdard helped send Slaton into the air and force the ball to come out as he hit the ground.
    Since Slaton tripped over his own man, it was ruled a fumble.
    Ball recovered by Oakland.
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    2nd Quarter

    Texans 4th offensive series.

    Moats 11yd run right end.
    Winston pulled to block on the CB #37 Johnson (the guy ran himself out of the play anyway).
    Good blocking by Dreessen and O.D. on the right side.
    Good blocking by Myers and Leach on the second level.
    Brisiel took care of the pursuit from the back.
    Too bad Moats couldn't make a clean cut; that could have been YARD!

    Moats right tackle for 3 yds.
    Good blocking by all.
    They just had one more guy than us.

    Moats right tackle for 9 yds
    Again, good blocking by the whole right side, including O.D..

    Slaton left tackle for 11 yds
    A well-designed play to send our O-line into space for blocking.
    Except Anderson let the RDE go too quickly to the outside (good job by the RDE).
    Studdard and Winston both missed their men on the second level.
    Slaton did a great job cutting back to the right, getting all the yards by himself.
    Good effort by Schaub to try to block a guy - #26 S. Routt - on the second level.
    (He would have done better going ahead further and take on the next guy #37 Johnson instead.
    Slaton was ready to shake loose of Routt anyway.
    Myers and D.Brown had done a good job on the other side.
    Had Winston, and especially Studdard could have done their job, Slaton would have room to run on the other side.

    MS incomplete pass to AJ
    Naked bootleg. Schaub had decent time but nobody was open.
    He threw the ball away as the defense recovered.

    Slaton LG for 32yd TOUCHDOWN.
    Nice play, feeding on the Raiders' agressiveness.
    D.Brown let his man go wide outside; Studdard let his man penetrate to the inside.
    Huge hole for Slaton for just a split second.
    Good block by Myers on the second level;
    Good job by D. Brown getting up and occupying another defender just enough.
    Slaton took care of the rest with his great burst.
    It could have been 99yd for all that matters.
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    Unfortunately for Pitts I can see a possibility of the same thing happening to him that happened to Weary. However, I think what might keep him around is his long time ties to the organization. I hope he does recover and we resign him. Studdard needs to be dropped. The lack of depth (and talent of even a few starters) on the interior of the OL is disturbing.

    Would love to see it addressed early in the draft like you're hoping but, I don't see it happening with this staff. I figure at this point can Caldwell look worse then Studdard, Myers or Brisiel ?

    I think some people are looking way too much into this victory.
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    Whatever 76Texan's job is, I want it!

    Can I buy some spare time off of you dude??? Lol, love the play-by-play, is there a fanbase more obsessed than this one? I think not.
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    You know, from the analysis so far, I haven't heard the board's favorite O-Line whipping boy's name called too much. Looks like Meyers played a solid game. Studdard and Brisiel however are getting pushed back multiple times a drive it seems though...

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    Good 'ol Studdard caused Slaton's fumble by being on his knees after the ball
    was snapped. My GOD I wish Caldwell would learn that playbook might quick,
    but he probably won't get a shot at a job until next training camp.
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    Humble, TX
    He was flat on the ground till Slaton went to run over him, then he started to get up and caused Slaton to fall head first into the ground. If he had just stayed down, Slaton would have missed him.
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    Um, no he did not. 76 might've missed him or hasn't gotten to them yet, but Myers was pushed around just as much if not more than Studdard.

    He's a board "whipping boy" for a reason. He hurts this team more than he helps it. It's actually kind of sad the coaches think he's the better of the 3 options.
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    The North
    I think Myers is ok when hes not going against monster DTs. He struggles against the dominant 3-4 NTs, but he's been ok against 4-3 DLs from what I could tell. I didn't see him get dominated last week.

    Week 1 against the Jets was embarassing, but its been uphill since there. I seriously hope Kris Jenkins took Myers out to dinner before the game, because that was...well, you know
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    Texans 5th offensive series with 2:04 left before the half.

    MS pass to Dreessen in the middle for 17 yds
    Texans in spread offense (2 TEs lined up in slot).
    Raiders in prevent defense, and only rushed 3.
    One of them almost got past D.Brown, however.
    Good job by Dreessen finding the seam in the middle.

    MS pass incomplete to OD
    Same spread formation.
    Schaub's throw was slightly behind.
    The LB #57 had a hand on the ball and almost pick it off.
    He needs to throw a bullet in there.
    Raiders rushed 4. MS with a lot of time

    MS pass to Anderson in the middle for 14 yds
    Good job by Myers to turn and help Studdard who was about to get beat by his man to the inside.
    Lots of time for MS again.
    Late hit #57 on Anderson way after he was down.
    15 yd penalty

    1-10 @ OAK 25
    Slaton RT for 5.5 yds.
    Nice draw play; well-designed!

    We invited their D-linemen into our backfield (haha, that's why you see Myers got pushed back).
    We had 8 men on the line; 3 guys in the left slot plus the linemen.
    From left to right: Walter, Anderson, OD, then the O-line.
    AJ the lone wide out on the far right.

    We had D.Brown, Myers, and Winston allowing a little penetration on their right side;
    then each would walk his man to the right in unison.
    Anderson did the same thing with the RDE (who was furthest from the play).

    Walter (oustide of Anderson), O.D. (outside of Brown), Studdard, and Brisiel released to the second level.

    So we have two set of 4 guys.
    1, 3, 5, 7 released.
    2, 4, 6, 8 stayed back.

    Slaton chose the gap to shoot through; the one between Brown and Myers.
    The RDT was able to get off Brown's block to come back and swipe and Slaton feet.
    That slowed him enough for the LDE, who read the play well and was able to disengage from Winston to come back to wrap up Slaton.
    Slaton fought hard, but the RDE also got off Anderson to come over for the tackle.
    Routt, who played safety, also came up to join in.

    2-4.5 @ OAK 19.5
    MS sacked for no gain.
    Winston got beat by his man on the outside.
    Schaub stepped up but Brisiel was also pushed back by his man.
    (Myers and Studdard in double team)
    MS had to scramble to the outside and ran for his life.
    I don't get it. He ran almost a yard past the marker, and we were charged for a sack?
    The guy who got credit #53 Howard, didn't even touch Schaub until he already stepped out of bound!

    Schaub pass right end zone to AJ, intecepted.
    The pass was underthrown and to the inside; a perfect pass to the CB Johnson (the wrong Johnson, LOL!)
    AJ was running a fade route to the outside.
    Poor throw by MS, who had plenty of time.
    Points off the board.
    One of those moments when I just want to jump up and choke Schaub and slap him silly, LOL!

    So far a clean first half for Myers, LOL!
    But don't worry, they'll come.
    I remember seeing it at least 2 or 3 times where he got pushed back quite badly just the same in the second half.
    But we didn't score any offensive point in the second half,
    so it must mean that the whole line (most likely all of them) was pretty shabby.
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    I think folks misunderstand the role of the C in the ZBS.

    It is true that against a 4-3 Defense, our running game is set up such that the C doesn't have to take on a DT as much as the Guard (not a whole lot much though).

    Against a 3-4 with a big NT who often lined up directly over him, the C has a difficult task to move that mountain when that guy lines up on the playside.
    When the NT lines up on the back side, the C faces another difficult task when, at times, he's required to hold up a little so that the G has enough time to get there.
    And if the G gets there late, the C would look real bad.

    In the passing game, when they don't give the C help against the big NT, it's the coaching staff's fault. 'Cause as I said, whether Jenkins lines up over Pitts or Brisiel, he would give them fit just the same.

    I think there were also times when we mistake Brisiel with Myers (I know I did). But upon closer inspection, I've come to the same conclusion as I had last year. Myers is a very serviceable C in the ZBS.

    So what if we got stopped a few times; the block on the second level can spring a guy like Slaton for a big gain or a TD at any moment. And that's what Myers does best. He's arguably our best blocker in space. He misses very few blocks downfield, considering the distance each O-lineman has to travel to get there.
    (And why Caldwell hasn't seen the field; I wasn't kidding when I call him Air-Caldwell; he missed a lot of blocks in space. He definitely needs to improve in that area to be effective in the ZBS.)
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    Thanks 76, your analysis is helpful always
  18. dalemurphy

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    I must admit that I've been happy with Myers play since week 2. I'll probably continue to give you a hard time about that "A-" you gave him just because I find it amusing and I'm kind of an *********. He's very good in space, I agree. But, I'd like to say, even though this wasn't Brown's best game, Brown is pretty close to being the best at almost everything we do on the OLIne. He's excellent pass blocking now. He's very good blocking downfield (man, he can motor), and other than Pitts and Winston, he's probably the best drive blocker we have. I'm a big Duane Brown fan !!
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  19. 76Texan

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    And I keep on saying that the A- grade was only for a particular game.
    In fact, I had given a better grade; an A, in a game he played at G for the Broncos.

    And I was also the one who got into a discussion with another poster (YTF) about D. Brown when we first drafted him. Of course, I was on Brown's side; though I said he needs time to settle into the new position at LT, and I expected him to get roughened up off the edge.

    Lance Z, and especially Harris were worrying about his run blocking; but I said that would be his forte especially in his first year. It's not that I know more about football than they do, but I did watch (and review) more of him than they did.

    Brown is a very athletic tackle; and I really like his work ethic even when he was in college. I do like all our O-linemen's work ethic. It looks to me that they work very hard at it. They are not the strongest and have certain shortcoming at their position, but they all work very hard; I really appreciate that.
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    2nd HALF

    Texans 6th offensive series

    Slaton RT for no gain.
    Brisiel released to the second level to take #53 to the outside.
    Myers got a late start and couldn't square up on the LDT.
    Kelly pushed him toward playside and disengaged to make the tackle on Slaton along with Morrison.
    Studdard released but couldn't get to the MLB #52 Morrison, so he settled for the next guy #57.
    That's the guy Leach was supposed to take on.
    A good block by Studdard on Morrison and Slaton could have gotten away from Kelly for maybe 4-5, maybe even a first down (perhaps more.)
    Or had Leach stopped to pick up Morrison, we could have had positive yardage as well.
    A better block by Myers would also help, but not as much.
    At immediate fault was Myers (but the run was not bogged down here).
    A good second level block is more important for it could spring Slaton off for a good gain.

    Slaton LE for -4 yds
    Studdard missed (??) the block on Warren (who ended up with the tackle);
    Dreessen missed the block down on Seymour (who forced Slaton to go wider than he wanted to and up into Warren).
    Perhaps we were trying to get Dreessen and Studdard to trap Seymour, but he shot the gap too quickly.
    (We were optioning Warren).
    We had Myers, OD, and Leach on the second level with 3 good blocks.
    That one could have gone long.

    D.Brown got pushed right close to Schaub's feet.
    He didn't have anybody open downfield and just dumped off the ball to Slaton for 6yds.
    Winston was about to get beat by his man as well.



    Texans 7th offensive series

    MS sacked for -6yds
    It's difficult to see the blocking assignments here.
    Warren was in the A gap between Myers and Brisiel.
    He put a swim move on Myers trying to penetrate the gap.
    Myers held off Warren long enough for Brisiel to take over, then he switched to help Studdard.
    Brisiel was a little too high in his pads.
    Then when he started going low, Warren put another swim move to get past him to the outside.
    Still, it was 4 sec when MS started to tuck the ball and run.
    MS took too long; he waited for the left side, then the right side, but couldn't find a receiver.
    Moats was open up the middle for a short pass.
    That was a coverage sack, I don't think it should be charged to Brisiel.
    But it was.

    MS pass incomplete to Walter in the middle.
    Schaub was late; Walter had hesitated a bit waiting for the throw.
    Then when MS finally threw the ball; it was a little too far ahead.
    (They were not on the same page there.)
    Could have been a pick by the safety Huff.

    3-16 MS shotgun to JJ for 6 yds.
    Studdard got beat by his man to the outside;
    luckily the defender stumbled and got his feet tangle with the RDE whom D.Brown was blocking.
    Good job by Brown extending his right arm trying to help Studdard while still working on his man.
    MS had to get rid of the ball sooner than he wanted too.


    Texans 8th offensive series

    Moats LT for 5
    Good blocking by Brown & O.D.
    The Raiders just had one more defensive player.

    Moats RT for 2
    Myers was pushed into the running lane, but held firm to his man.
    Winston lunged and missed the block, allowing Ellis to get past him.
    Moats had to cut back behind Myers.
    #61 Warren, who was optioned (no blocker on him),
    got a little piece of Moats' feet, slowing him down.
    Suddard couldn't sustain his block on the second level, allowing #52 Morrison to get to Moats.
    He was the main tackler.
    With a good block by Studdard, Moats would have had a decent chance for the first down.

    MS pass middle to Anderson for 8
    Studdard allowed his man to get pass him,
    but MS was able to deliver the quick strike.

    Moats RG for 5
    The blocking wasn't great, but quite decent around the POA.
    From the back side, #90 RDT read the play well and got off from Studdard to come back quickly and made the tackle.
    A good block by either Brisiel or Studdard and Moats would have only the RCB to beat.
    At least he would have had the first down; the CB did not show up on the radar.
    He was somewhere on the outside; Moats would have had a good chance to cut toward the goal post for a TD.

    MS scrambles RE for 1
    Naked bootleg.
    MS had Anderson wide open in a slot route,
    but he was too locked onto O.D. along the sideline.
    O.D. was covered so MS finally had to run out of bound.
    Keep your eyes open Schaub.
    You weren't in any danger.
    You had no chance to run for a first down.
    Just stop and find a man; you can always throw the ball away if nobody was open.
    This is another case showing that; MS, as good a QB that he is, cannot join the elite rank yet.
    Not even sure of top ten in the league today.

    MS incomplete pass short right to AJ.
    They tried the bootleg again;
    Two in a row??? I don't like that call.
    The D is not going to bite twice in a row.
    C.Johnson never bought the fake; he got right onto MS, forcing him to hurry the throw on the run.
    The ball landed harmlessly at AJ's feet.


    Texans 9th offensive series

    Slaton right tackle for 1 yard (T.Kelly, J.Richardson)
    Myers was pushed into the running lane.

    M.Schaub sacked at HST 12 for -5 yards (J.Richardson).
    Another coverage sack, but they would charge this one on D.Brown.
    MS simply held the ball too long.
    When he finally decided to run, he wasn't fast enough to get away.
    He could have gone around D.Brown instead;
    there was plenty of room on that side.
    Schaub needs to improve his awareness in the pocket.

    Slaton left guard for 4 yards
    A draw play in which we didn't have enough blockers.


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