North practice on Monday

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    The first area of work pitted the RB & TE against the LB. Basically, all the RB & TE beat all the LB. Nothing really to report.

    The second area was WR vs. CB. The player who stood out to me here was Aaron Dobson from WR Marshal. Big kid who powered his way through MtM press coverage, fluid in and out of his breaks well, caught 2 out of 3 thrown to him, and showed a flash of speed.

    Goodwing from Texas has some serious athletic skills and Wheaton from Oregon had some nice routes and caught almost everything thrown at him.

    Didn't really watch the CB too much but there was a good battle between Wheaton and Trufaunt(sp?).

    The next area was one on one matchups for linemen. I concentrated on the guards. Quisenberry from San Jose State looked real good at guard. Winters from Kent State is my kind of guard - Nasty; however, I have to admit, he got smoked one time real, real bad. Winters came back on the next play to win the second time, so he's a battler.

    DT Jones from UCLA just abused some dude from Illinouis and then turned around and did it again.

    As far as tackles, which I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to, Fisher from Central Michigan is a beast. Defenders didn't even get close to the QB against him.

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