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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by steelbtexan, Jan 12, 2011.

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    What rds do you guys think these guys go in?

    Do y'all think they would fit on the Texans?

    How many of them would you be willin to draft on your team this yr?

    1.Robert Quinn rd.1
    2.Marvin Austin rd.2/3
    3.Bruce Carter rd. 2/3
    4.Duenta Williams rd.3
    5.T.J. Yates rd. 6/7 Good project for Kubiak.
    6. Greg Little rd.4/5

    Would you be willing to take if available? Not saying I would do this,just a random thought.

    Rd.2 Austin
    Rd.3 Carter
    Rd.3 after trade up Williams
    Rd.7 Yates developmental QB.
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    Quinn is a freak to put it simply. He's the best defensive player in the draft in my eyes. He'd be a perfect rush OLB even at his size. He moves in space like few others. I'd take him in the first without looking back.

    I think Marvin Austin could actually be a player in our new scheme. I wouldn't have thought to spend a pick on him in the 4-3, but I think he could definitely play the NT spot in Wade's scheme. He's going to test well on the circuit.

    I like Carter, but he's a prototypical 4-3 OLB just like Cushing.

    Williams is my favorite FS in the draft. He's the most talented as well. He had a first round grade prior to the whole North Carolina mess. He broke his leg in their bowl game, so he likely won't be able to improve his draft stock much. You're talking about an instant upgrade and easy starter as a 3rd round pick. Williams has over 200 career tackles, over 150 of them solo. He has 12 career interceptions. He started since he was a freshman. He's just always around the ball. He's a defensive leader. He's the FS I want to draft.
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