No one watches the NFL until January?

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Hookem Horns, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Dan Beebe of the Big XII said tonight that he doesn't believe in the playoffs because if they have a playoff system there will be no interest in the regular season.

    Is this why no one is watching the NFL until January?
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    Great point.

    They can keep the BCS and bowl games. Just turn it into an 8 team playoff system with seeding decided by the BCS system since they seem hellbent on keeping it. Top two teams get homefield for the first round or something like that. That's almost what's going on with the Bowl Championship series anyway.
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    That's just the same stupid argument some dumb hillbilly makes every year. They act like their precious college football is going to crumble if they actually make sense out of it.

    How about this argument "idiot stuck in my ways college purist" guy......what about all the fans that STOP WATCHING AS SOON AS THEIR TEAM SLIPS UP AND THEY REALIZE THEIR TEAM HAS NO DAMN SHOT AT ANYTHING FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!! Which is 50% of the teams as soon as the first week of football is over and only rapidly climbs from week to week.

    A playoff system would only strengthen the sport, because more fan bases/big time programs would still be alive at the end of the year.

    This tired dumbass worn out argument is like saying "The NFL would be stronger if we treated every week like a playoff and had computers decide who the top two teams are". You would have the Titans and NY fans watching every week (which they already do now) and pretty much every other fan would of already called for their coaches head and started to talk about the upcoming draft weeks ago. The NFL would be losing their ass in revenue, because Tenn is a crappy market and the only market still plugged in would be NY.

    I will never understand the rediculous logic behind that argument. These clowns don't even realize how much money they are missing out on.
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    What?!?!?! No one is watching the most popular game and the most popular professional sports league until January? I don't believe that at all. Even if the Texans aren't playing are have already played, I still catch some other games. I religiously watch Sunday and Monday Night Football games. I'm sure others do too. I don't believe that no one watches the NFL until January. It's too popular.

    Dan Beebe is just another ***** trying to spin the "every week is a playoff week in college football" crap. What a bunch of baloney. I love watching college football. If Texas plays Florida in regular season, who isn't going to have interest in that game. What most of us don't have interest in is Texas versus Rice of Sam Houston State. Nobody cares about those games.

    The thing that frustrates me as a fan of college football is that we're sitting here with Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, Penn State, and Texas Tech all having only one loss. Utah and Boise State have no losses. So, who is the best team out of the bunch? The two that a damn computer choose? GTFOH College Football Big Wigs! You're ruining the game for everybody that's a fan of college football. All these teams should at least have a shot at the national championship game. The BCS is terrible and its supporters are even worse.
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    Beebe's comparison was probably towards college basketball, where the regular season is widely forgotten. but football is a whole different animal than basketball, and the ratings won't suffer at all.
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    I think it's funny football fans screeeeeeeam when the season is over but can't seem to bring themselves to watch a game they think is between two teams that aren't worthy.

    Laughable to fans of other sports. If you are a fan, you watch, period.
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    well the Texans got a 5.9 for the Jacksonville game. Just about a point higher than for an astro's game. So 440 K house holds in this market....a market of three or four million, cared enough to tune in.

    Remind me again what ESPN paid for the rights for the new college football contract ? I don't see how a play off makes up for over exposure.

    In a way you're kinda proving the point. No one is going to travel to these games. And most won't watch until the the final four. Want proff...tell me what Rice vs U of H pulled in terms of number of house holds ? I betcha they didn't make a single point in viewer ship. And if Rice - UH two teams in the running for a college play off spot, in a market of four Million, can't beat out two bad NFL teams out of the play offs, what proof do you have that anyone will watch all of these play off games you propose ?
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    Don't know how having eight spots available for a championship doesn't INCREASE interest in the regular season much like the wild card has done for the NFL and MLB.

    Can you imagine 10 - 15 teams with a legit chance of playing for a national championship going into Thanksgiving? You couldn't pry the remote from my hand with a crowbar. hmmm.....wonder if wives secretly run the NCAA football program :hmmm:

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