NFL Power Rankings Week 6: In The Trenches, Ranking All 32 Offensive Lines

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    And we are ranked.....

    #1?????? WUTZ????? :hurrah:

    The Houston Texans are second in the league in rushing yards, and the only team averaging over five yards per carry with 5.24 yards per rushing attempt. Arian Foster leads the league with 635 yards rushing.

    The Texans are seventh in the league with 7.28 yards per passing attempt.

    However, they are averaging 2.5 sacks per game, almost one full sack higher than 2009 when they allowed only 1.56 per game.

    As they seek their first playoff berth, the season may already be considered a success with their season-opening victory over the Indianapolis Colts, only the second time they have beaten them in 17 games.

    Defensive coordinators have been known to say "cut off the head, and the body will die," in referring to taking out the quarterback.

    It's the offensive line's job to prevent this from happening, while opening the holes that allow their running backs to sprint to glory. And in the end, if they do their job well enough, there could be a championship waiting for them.

    If you actually stuck it out to this last sentence of this last slide, then you have the intestinal fortitude of an offensive lineman!
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    Consider the source.
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    i hate that stupid Bleacher report site. You have to keep clicking on the stupid next button for each damn team and watch a advertisement halfway through. I don't go to that site anymore. The frigging internet is getting so full of advertisements and other BS popping up and playing audio messages these days, it's sometimes more hassel than it's worth trying to find stuff.

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