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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Sideline, Oct 23, 2008.

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    Anyone going from our over the pond crew on here?

    I will down at the game with much better seats than last year. I will take some photos and stick them on here after. Can't wait to jaw with Rivers.
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    I wish I could, Andy! Maybe next time.
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    No but we are being forced to watch it on TV. I guess because the game is in London the NFL wants to promote it in as many households as they can. I don't know about other places but that game is being shown over the Texans on KEYE.

    Who wants to watch a couple of struggling teams play on a neutral field in London? I don't know any other reason for that game to be on over the Texans, unless Vince Young was traded to one of those teams and I didn't hear about it.

    BTW, my comments are referring to Americans watching on TV here in the States. I realize why people in London would want to attend this game since it is the only NFL game being played there this season.

    BTW, KEYE is going to get killed this week since that game is opposite the Cowboy game.

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