NFL Heads up program

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by EllisUnit, Jan 12, 2014.

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    Man the world is becoming so pussified, here we are eating food injected with so many steroids and hormones (Because of the human population) that it would make Arnold look like a puss, and yet your worried about your kid getting hurt during football.

    And lets not forget all the lovely chemicals thats in water. You can thank the 2 things above for the major increase in cancer over the last decade, but heaven forbid little johnny go out and bump his head a few times. Hell i remember when i was 7 and in karate, they would let us beat the **** out of eachother. Not now, now you learn it, they dont let you use it and and tell you not to use it :kitten:

    We all did dumb crap when we were young. Looking back you're like man that wasnt very smart, and look at us we turned out fine. Let your kids grow up having fun doing the same things you did and loved.

    With all that said i am a parent of 3 and i do take reasonable precautions to keep my kids safe. But i dont put them in a bubble.

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