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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by skillz24, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Now before you guys go and blow this idea out of the water mind you it is only a SUGGESTION...

    2004 first round we took Dunta with the first pick, we had a shutdown corner in Aaron Glenn to teach the young stud, and we had a defense that was performing better than anything in 2005. Here is my idea and why...i think we could move Dunta into our Free Safety position and this is why, 2004 Dunta had numbers identical to that of pro bowler and stud Champ Bailey. Both had 80 some tackles, 3 picks, and sacks, fumble recoverys, and an ungodly amount of passes defended. 2005 with an awful defense Dunta led the team with 105 tackles, fewer picks, still good numbers everywhere else tho, the difference was he was the only person on the field making plays and tackles. 2006 with our defense beginning to rebuild Dunta had some lapses on oppurtunities that could have resulted in points on defense. Don't get me wrong he is a stud at corner, but if we moved him to safety that would allow our defensive speed demon tackler to use his skills more for every play.

    Here is how i see it, with Dunta playing the middle of the field he will be able to cover more of the open ground, give him better chances to read and react to the oposing offenses schemes and play calls, provide help against the deep balls.. which we have been burned on all year, and help Demeco be more affect stunting runs and cover pass routes over the middle. This plan hinges on some big issues too, first is going to be a complete over haul of our DBs. I would love to see Clements or Samuel come here, but i know it won't happen both will either be resigned or sign else where, here is plan B.

    Free Agency: pick up corner Roderick Hood, resign Lewis and McCleon atleast to bring them to camp. Release Faggins he is too slow for our needs now.

    Draft: After trading the 8th overall pick(i am assuming that is about where we will be picking at) down for more picks...a must in this draft.
    Rnd 1: Roderick Rogers CB Wisconsin at prolly the 14th pick
    Rnd 2: Daymeion Hughes CB Cal at 8th second round
    Rnd 3: Bring in a LB and another WR...Moulds will retire prolly after next year
    Rnd 4: Add depth all the way through the 7th round.

    This would bring in Two great prospects and future NFL studs and allow us to get younger and better also eliminate dead money spent on old farts.

    Our secondary depth would look pretty promising esp with three veterans in Hood, McCleon, and Lewis to help teach the young guys. This is a new approach at solving an old problem.
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    ...oooor we could draft landry, and get a cb via FA.
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    dunta will never be a fs so forget it. we should just draft reggie nelson!
  4. bigbrewster2000

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    The Woodlands
    Well sorry to blow up your idea but you got off to a bad start b having the wrong stats posted. Dunta had 6 picks his rookie year not 3. There were several people that felt like he got riped off for not making the pro bowl his rookie year.
    BAD IDEA!!!! I really wish tha people would stop suggesting it.
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    Dunta's not big enough to be a safety. I know he's gutsy and all that, but it's not gonna work. Besides, then we'd just need 2 CBs.
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    Jan 25, 2006
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    I agree, I think Dunta could possible be a top tier NFL CB with some secondary help. If he knows that he has an able bodied NFL S playing behind him for support I think we see him start taking more chances and not backing off as much. A lot of teams who have poor safeties have their corners play off a bit to make sure that they don't give up the big play. I see Dunta as a ballhawking playmaker and would love for us to pick up Landry or Nelson in the 1st round to give him that safety net behind him. I am also in the camp to get a veteran safety or corner through FA. Getting a Clements or Samuels at corner would be amazing, even if we can't get them we should still take a look at a safety like Ken Hamlin or Michael Lewis. Getting a veteran in the secondary and then pairing them and Dunta with a young promising DB gives us a top ranked secondary next year.

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