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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Dec 11, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans fell to the rival Tennessee Titans yesterday by a final count of 26-20 in Overtime. Our record is now 4-9 as a result.

    I'll begin just restating some of the things I said in my post game post yesterday, offensively, we did a better job passing the ball at times. Carr came back with a descent performance, he made a few very nice plays, had 140 yards through the air by game's end.

    It was important for David to step up and play better this week after that rough week last week versus Oakland, and he did play better, granted he still made a few mistakes, but overall I think David played better. He managed the game better, made more plays and his stats were better. Hopefully he will continue to grown in this system which I think he will. Again, he's our quarterback.

    In terms of the running game, another solid performance on the ground, which is very good to see. Lundy had a couple nice runs, but Ronnie Dayne stepped in once again and was a force of his own. This is now two straight weeks since we put him back into the starting lineup that he seems to be running with a purpose, very difficult to bring down and picked up a very good amount of yardage again. We had our first TD drive and it was basically all Ronnie, he got us down their and finished it off. He finished the game with 2 TDs, and just really stepped up big time again and he's really contributing to our offense to say the least. Hopefully he continues to play like this.

    As a whole offensively, again, like I said yesterday, better in the passing game, still need to work on it a little bit. The running game played very solid again. We do need to try and improve on pass protection with our offensive line and also just reduce the simple, yet costly penalties like false starts and holding's that showed up at times in Sunday's game.

    Defensively, a descent game against the Titans Sunday as I already said yesterday. This defense has played better though. You know, its almost like we had a couple mini-breakdowns at times. We didnt make the stop on that long drive the Titans had in the 4th quarter and they scored the go ahead touchdown. We has our oppurtunities to get off the field as well, and even hold them to a FG but just couldnt batten down and make the key stops as we have in the past defensively, and we had to answer with a FG to force overtime and luckily we did, but here is an example of D where we could have steep up, made a stop and put our team in a much better position to win. However, get Vince Young credit, he made all the big plays when he needed to.

    In overtime, obviously another little breakdown on that 3rd and 14. You know, if we stop them they attempt a fairly long FG at best, we blitz, not a bad call really, they pick it up, Vince picks it up and shows his tremendous abiility and takes off with it 36 yards downfield and earns him team a victory. Again, credit Vince Young.

    Our defense overall played descent, just couldnt make the big key stops which is sometimes all it comes down to in this leauge. We did force some turnovers however again this week, Petey Faggins got both of them so he played one hell of a game, good job to him.

    We'll continue to learn defensively, we still have one hell of a young, talented unit that has really played lights out even at times this year, and its just really exciting for the future of this team. Live and learn.

    I know this one hurts, no doubt. We lost alot of close games last year, and our fair shair this year as well. I also know that many are getting tired of loosing around here, but here's what I think. Last year when we lost 14 games, it was unexpected, we alot way more breakdowns on both sides of the ball down the stretch as compared to this year, and it was just an extremely bad season last year, loosing 14 games. It was sorta the downfall so to speak. And alot of the fans are more pissed of because we arent winning aton this year either, but sit back and think about it. Last year was a downfall bad year, it brought our team down to the bottom again. This year, we started at the bottom and even though we arent having much success this year, its kinda a good 4-9, an improving 4-9. An uprising 4-9, as opposed to last years poor record as it was downfalling. We are 4-9, but I feel we are a good, improving 4-9.

    And really, Kubiak was placed in a bad situation. The fnas were pissed from last year's devastating 2-14 season and expected him to win alot now, and let's face it, chances are thats not going to happen with the youth we have implemented on this team (which by the way I feel is a very good thing), so now Kubiak's 4-9 and instead of fans evaluating us and seeing were are improving in some areas, they just look at it and think of another boring, horrible loosing season. And thats unfair and stupid.

    With that said, this season is not over. We play 16 games not 13, and our Texans can still accomplish alot these final three games. We still have an oppurtunity to win back-to-back games for the first time in 2 years, and if we win out, tie our franchise best record, obviously that would be a tremendous accomplishment. We can also get more and more time these last 3 games for our rookie's and to gain that much more experience, and that's obviously crutial.

    It starts with New England, just a tremdous challenge for our team, next Sunday in their house. This will be again just a tremednous, tremendous challenge for our guys to play the New England Patriots and in their house espically and espically when they're coming off a shutout loss, which has made them extrememely mad. However, this is a challenge and test that will only make our team stronger in the future, which is really the most important thing right now.

    Continue to stick with us fans, great job cheering us on Sunday, and again I really feel we are improving and will be at the promise land some day. We'll start making those big plays and we will become a better football team. We need fan support, thats so key.

    GO TEXANS :texflag:
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