My turn to play Rick Smith

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by painekiller, Jan 2, 2008.

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    1st order of business, resign Demps, Davis, Earl, Kalu, Maddux, Hutchens, I am sure to be missing someone here. Tender Mathis an offer, and hope someone signs him to an offer sheet, nets us a 4th round pick.

    2nd Send Frye to OC school

    FA signings
    (this is my unrealistic wish list)
    NG Albert Haynesworth (most likely Franchised) backup plan Jovan Haye (will cost a 6th round pick)
    RDE Jared Allen (most likely Franchised) Backup plan Travis LaBoy/ Bobby McCray
    CB Daven Holly , Jason Webster (From Houston and A&M), David Macklin
    #18 Dan Connor OLB Penn St
    #27 Jeff Otah OT Pitt (trade next year #1 with SD for this years #1)
    3rd Dom Rodgers-Cromartie CB Tenn St. ( #87) IMO he's a 2nd round guy.
    4th Tasard Choice RB Georgia Tech
    5th Brad Cottam, TE Tennessee
    6th Jovan Haye TB RFA
    7th Daven Holly Cleveland RFA

    The FAs are not all going to be available so I do make offers to the RFA.

    My defense becomes CBs Bennett, Rodgers-Cromartie starting w/ Robinson on the PUP
    Safeties Demps, Brown. Harrison, Earl
    LBs Connor, Ryans, Greenwood, Diles, Anderson, Coley
    DL - Williams 14 sacks, Haynesworth 6 sacks , Okoye 5.5 , LaBoy 6 sacks, Johnson, Haye, Bulman, Kochran, Kalu

    OL - Winston, Spencer, McKinney, Pitts, Otah
    Butler, Frye, Briesel , Studdard, Salaam
    WR - Johnson, Davis, Walters, Jones
    TE - Daniels, Cottam, Dressen
    RB - Green, Taylor, Dayne, Choice
    FB - Leach, Abbate
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    I like this P.K. but I would rather spend FA. dollars on a stud CB (Trufant) & a pass rusher (Justin Smith).

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