My trip to Dallas this week.

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    Had to go to Dallas this week for my job and I found out that Vallejo was playing at one of the local clubs. Being a fan of theres I decided I would like to go. A group of people from the Dallas office went so I hitched a ride with them, and since I was not driving, spent some time with Tito's before leaving.

    We get to the club and Its more of a bar restaurant than it is a club, so we get seated and order some food and more drinks. Now, B/C I feel its my duty to promote the Texans were ever I go I am wearing my Texans Jacket and my Texans hat, mainly to piss off the people in Dallas. So I am sitting there and I can feel someone staring at me and I look up and at a table across from me is an older gentleman, not giving me a look of disgust, but more of a look of "Are you serious?" And his wife, assuming his wife, was giving me more of a "How dare you" look. So I am sitting there and he looks super familiar but I just was not able to place his face. I then ask the people who are stealing my cheese fries why that guy looks so familiar, one of the guys tells me to look at the front of the menu, I look, and its his face. So I was like oh, he owns the place.

    The night continues and they finish there dinner with a few more glares from the table, and in return a few gleeful smiles directed back in there direction. They get up and walk past me and I guess there was a bubble in the alcohol to the brain b/c it snapped into my head that was the Dallas Cowboys special teams coach Joe Avezzano. And I just blurted it out at the table rather loudly and the people at the table looked at me like I was stupid. I re looked at the menu, I am at Coach Joe's Bar and Grill.

    He was actually a pretty nice guy, he came over later that night and shook my hand and asked if I was having a good time. I thought it was funny.

    Oh and Vallejo, awsome band, if you get a chance to see them I recommend it.
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    Good story and glad you had a good time. Is Tito the decent vodka at a reasonable price? If so, it makes a pretty good martini. I can imagine that Avezzano and his wife were more in awe as it probably isn't every day they see a Texan fan in full uniform and even moreso if he had heard how Texans fans generally loathe anything Cowboys related. By you showing up at his restaurant had to be a deer in headlights moment.:yikes: :D
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    You should have kicked him in the ass and kissed his old lady. It would have made the story that much better. :cowboy1:
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    Seriously, when you said it was an old man I thought the end of this story would be an epic beating of geriatric proportions.

    Kudos for hanging tough in the face of the opposition.
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