My Thoughts on Win Over Jacksonville

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texans defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars this afternoon, by a final score of 13-10. Our record improves to 3-6 on this season.

    I thought our guys played very hard once again this game. We played a complete game, a pretty clean game and also showed foucus, determination and teamwork. I really like what I seen from our team in general today.

    Offensively, a pretty good day. Our first drive was very impressive, we moved the ball extremely well, the huge pass play to Andre was obviously significant, and I think this really got us going, and set the tone early.

    Carr played descent. He made a few mistakes in terms of his technique in key situations, and Kubiak talked about that earlier in the week and they will continue to work on that. I'm refering to his footwork, and how it kinds of gets away from him on big plays. David also got some balls knocked down at the line in the first half, possibly because of his side-arm throwing motion, but he seemed to clean that up in the second half.

    David did get injured later in the second half, his right shoulder, hopefully he is okay, I dont really have an update right now but I'm sure we'll find out by tomorrow. He should be fine.

    In terms of the run game, Wali Lundy had a some nice pickups in the first half, 3-5 yards at a time on certain plays and that's fine, it moves the ball foward (the small run gains) and sets it up for the pass. Nothing wrong with short run gains at all.

    Samkon Gade came in during the second half and played very well. He finished with nearly 70 yards on 17 carriers, obviously pretty darn good for one half, and my hat goes off to him. He also picked up the first down on the 4th and 1 late in the 4th quarter to end the game.

    Overall with the run game today, pretty good. Lundy had some solid yardage, as did Gado and this was good to see. Like I said earlier in the year, I think we have three fairly solid backs on this team in Lundy, Dayne and Gado and hopefully we'll see them continue do more for us in the future.

    Overall offensively, a nice, nice first drive, we had some trouble finishing of drives later at certain points in the game, other times we had a couple ugly drives, but our offense will only get better in the future, and is certianly showing signs of becoming very productive.

    Defensively, another great, great performance. Our defense is really becoming something. These last 3 or 4 games our defense has really been very sharp.

    This game defensively, we got 4 tunovers in the form of interceptions. I think the last, again, 3 or 4 games although we have been very good on defense, we sorta laked the turnover part, until today. Granted, Jacksonville's WRs did drop passes at times, but that happens and our defense certainly played good enough to get those 4 takeaways.

    Antwaan Peek was injured at the end of the first half, he had trouble getting off the field, we'll have to get an update on him.

    Again though, great job defensively, this time even better with the 4 INTs. Guys I keep saying it all the time, this defense is just another young part of our team and it's going to take time, but let me tell you, this defense is becoming good on a consistent basis, which is key. We are playing good at home, on the road, and now we finally got those takeaways.

    I really think our defense is on the verge of becoming very, very good for a very, very long time. This is a very good defense is the making, but we will still have our learning mistakes with all the youth and new schemes, but they are certainly coming around.

    Great win by our Houston Texans today. We really accomplished alot by winning this one. We have now swept the Jaguars for the season for the second time in franchise history, we won our first road game since Dec. 04, surpassed our win total from last year and our heading home with momentum.

    We also started off the midway point of the season with a W, and hopefully we can carry this over to next week against the rather tough Buffalo Bills but I'll take more about this in my post tomorrow.

    Great win today, this team showed me alot today...
    GO TEXANS !:gotexans1
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    The Wrecking Crew is emerging thanks to Kubiak.

    Gig'em Texans Defense!
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    You must spread some reputation...

    Nice post.

    The turnaround is in full swing.

    Hang tight, cause the future is El Fuego!
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    If we would've taken care of business against Tenn, we'd be playing for 5-5 against Buffalo next week! :(
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    That's a great and original name to call our defense...
    Can't wait until the TAMU lawsuit...
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    good post.. our run game was decent just goes to show you what can happen if we can get a good running game behind us.

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