My Thoughts On Today's Game vs. San Francisco 49ers / Season Recap

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Jan 1, 2006.

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    Well, let me first give the 49ers and their fans credit. They played a great game, and fans that were at the game supported them tremendously to get a victory. I wish them best of luck in the future.

    On to our Texans. I thought we fought hard, and just fell a little short in overtime, as they made the plays and we did not. I still belive we have positivie character on this sqaud, thats always a major plus.

    Offensively today, it could have been a little better. However, Vernand Morency really matured today, and performed nicely when he was called upon. In terms of the Quaterback situation, David Carr went down early, so Tony Banks came in. He threw a touchdown, and two interceptions (one of which occured in overtime). I thought that was unfortunate, but Tony is a solid back-up Quaterback.

    Defensively, good game. We made some key stops on 3rd down, but still commited a few 3rd down penalites and allowed their drives to continue. They did get 7 points today of a conituated drive due to a 3rd down defensive pass-interfernce call. Otherwise, we stopped the run good early, but struggles with this late in the game. I think our defense is good, just makes small mistakes which add up in this leauge.

    In the special teams department, not a bad day. We good our finger on one of their punts, which caused it to go shorter than it obviously would off. We got nice punts of, thanks to Chad Stanley. We returned kicks for 20 some yards each time, with our pro-bowl returner Jerome Mathis, so that was encouraging. The only minus really came when Kris Brown missed the field goal in the 4th quarter, which would have gave us the lead. Kris Brown has been struggling some lately, but all players in this leauge do at some point or another. Kris Brown is a solid kicker, and he will bounce back.

    This season didnt go the way we planned, as we finish with a 2-14 record. We had some positives, including seeing young talent explode. Examples include Jerome Mathis, Vernand Morency and even Travis Johnson at times. I've said it before, and strongly stick to it today. This team fights with pride. They fought until the end, and I love that.

    It is difficult to start an expansion team from scratch. We made progress in each of our previous three seasons (4 wins, to 5 wins to 7). Some thought we could contend for the post-season tihs year, but we didn't. Now, I think we can all look at this as a learning experience, that sometimes things dont go the way you plan them sometimes. Thats life. The Cleveland Browns have had, and continue to have, their fair share of struggles since entering the leauge in 1999. They will improve in the future though, and I think we will only get better from here on in as well.

    I will credit Dom Capers and the entire front office and coaching staff, for starting this expansion team up. We have had great moments, but also bad moments. I dont know who will or will not be here next year, but wish everybody the best.

    In terms of the players, they are good ones. They're young and will continue to learn and improve amongst themselves. I think maybe as a team we have some things to work on, in terms of, really, playing better as a team. They are not quitters, they are fighters, and thats a reflection of the coaching. Some players will not be back next year, which is sad. I wish them good luck whever they venture.

    Guys, as fans, we need to pull together now. Now. We our supporters of Houston Football. We stick with our team through both the good and bad. Thats what true fans do. Football is back in Houston, and has been for 4 years now. Is this what we wanted it for? To arguee, and wish our team looses to earn a number 1 pick?

    I can say this. We will improve from here on in. We have the right owner in Bob McNair to do so. He's an owner that has one goal: lead us too the Super Bowl. And if we come together as fans, the team will feel more comfortable. If we make some nice moves this offseason, improvement will be noticed.

    Continue to Support, our Houston Texans :redtowel:
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