My Thoughts on Our Texans vs. Washington

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Sep 24, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texnas fell to 0-3 today by falling to the Washington Redskins by a score of 31-15 . I thought we did a few good things in this game, but also some bad things.

    Offensively, we had a very impressive first drive. We had that long pass from Carr to Johnsno for 53 yards to get us down there, then we finished it off earning a touchdown when Carr found the young Owen Daniels in the endzone. This is was a real plus. Afterwards, I thought our offensive struggled some for the remainder of the first half. We moved the ball some, but nothing big.

    In the second half, we still struggled some. We did get a touchdown early in the 4th quarter when we were down 31-7. A defensive pass interference call helped us out some with this drive as well. I think this showed the pride in our team, we were down alot, but still worked hard and found the endzone. Our two point conversion was succesful. This was another plus.

    Overall, we still stalled on much of our offensive drives, and we obviously need to fix this. I think we did a better job reducing the sacks on David Carr, we protected him pretty well today, he had a good amount of time to throw on some plays. The running game showed positive spurts at times, Dayne picked up some solid yards on rush plays, we just got down early and that took alot of the run game away. I think our run game improved some today, and will continue to do so.

    Defensively, not a great day for us. One of my keys to the game included getting pressure on Washington QB Mark Brunnel, and I dont think we did a good job at all in this category. He had alot of time, they ran alot of quick passing plays and had success with them, so give them credit, but at the same time, we need to get more pressure on the opposing QB by calling more defensive blitzes.

    Our run-defense had its bad moments as well, Ladell Betts and Clinton Portis had solid games for Washington, so I give them credit. We need to do a better job obviously of stopping the run in the future. They had a tremendous amount of success on draw plays, espically the one before halftime when Portis took it to the endzone.

    Remember, we are in a new defensive scheme this year and it will take time. We switched from the 3-4 to 4-3 and added some different players. We also have a good amount of young players. Again, it will take time to completely mold our defense, but we will improve and we will become a better defensive unit in the future I feel.

    I think our guys as a team are still learning, espically some of the younger guys. We are still tying to get used to new systems. Can we still have success this year? Yes. This is a slow start to the season, no doubt, but we have the proper team attitude, pride and effort to turn it around nad continue learning at the same time.

    These first 3 games will teach us alot, and we will learn from them. We will move foward as a team, and we need to do the same as fans. I have always said this, and will continue to. Our day will soon come. We just just need to stick together.

    We have a game to play next week before our bye week, so we can slowly start to foucs on that, Miami is coming off a win, so it will be a challenging game for our Texans.

    Stick together fans, we will get better..

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    You have a keen eye for the obvious. Get real.
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    Sooo, does that mean get negative?

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    the 1st touchdown was to Mark Bruener
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    Call them as you see them. Personally, we need to start all over, especially on defense.

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