My thoughts after week 2 against the Colts

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by hadaad, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Week 2 vs. the Colts (or – This Is Getting Old, Fast)

    What can I say about week 2 of the NFL season? Well, I missed the start of the game. I was outside with my son, kicking a soccer ball.

    When I got inside I kinda wished I hadn’t. It was 14-0 before I sat down and as I started the NFL Fieldpass radio, I heard Wali Lundy fumble the ball. Would we see the same uninspired football we’ve come to know and expect when the Texans were down big against a powerhouse?


    It was nice to see the offense keep on trying. I understand that the majority of the offense came against a prevent defense, and that the team had basically no chance, coming back against the Colts after basically handing them a bunch of points, but I was encouraged that Johnson, Moulds, Daniels, Bruener and especially Carr went out there in the fourth quarter, down by a bunch, and didn’t hang their heads. The defense, however, should be ashamed of what happened to them.

    With that in mind (and keeping in mind that I know only what I heard on the radio):

    Pressure on the quarterback. It sounded like there was a lot more activity in the backfield.
    Weaver against the run. I heard a couple of times when he had the runner for a loss.
    Travis Johnson. All I heard from the radio guys was positive about him. Maybe it wasn’t a blown pick after all. (Time will tell)
    Glen Earl. Two drive-killing plays in one drive. He can’t help that there was a penalty on his INT.
    Samkon Gado. I know, this is a reach, but it sounded like he was comfortable back there and he knew where to be. Pretty good for a first game.
    David Carr. (just wait… just wait) Four incompletions in a game, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Sure, it was in garbage time, but it happened. That cannot be denied. It sounded like he was making some throws down the field (the touchdown to Daniels sticks out) and when he didn’t have time, he was making the right decisions.
    Playcalling in the 4th quarter. Again, it was against a defense trying not to lose, but the playcalling was aggressive, it got the team down the field and put points on the board.

    Defensive coverage. I know, nobody can cover Peyton Manning teams. That’s not an excuse. 400 yards, 43 points. That’s just disgusting. These guys should hang their heads in shame (after the game, of course).
    CC Brown. What the heck, buddy? Where’s the ball going? Where are you going? How the heck can you defend the pass when you’re five yards off the line of scrimmage? It just seemed like he had his head turned the wrong way all game.
    Dunta Robinson. I don’t like to think that he would give up on a play, but it sounds like he did. Grow up, Dunta. Sure, you have to trust your teammates, but that’s no reason to give up when things don’t go right.
    Charles Spencer. I’m not saying he didn’t play well. We lost him for the season. We have the worst offensive line in the league and we just lost the most important part of our line. I don’t know what else to say about that.
    Ron Dayne. Nice job, sh!thead. I’m just kidding. He apparently ran pretty hard. He just ran at the wrong guy. (For those who don’t know, he put Spencer out for the year by breaking his leg)
    Wali Lundy. I guess my expectations were just way too high for this guy. He was a sixth round pick. What was I expecting? Mike Anderson? And that fumble was just a killer.
    David Carr. (That’s right) 3 fumbles in a game is unacceptable. I don’t care how they came, I don’t care what the situation is. You can’t spot a team like the Colts any points.
    Playcalling through the rest of the game. 14 pass attempts through three quarters, when you're down by 14 before you can blink is just unacceptable. Granted, I understand the need to keep Peyton Manning off the field, but you have to do something to keep up with them, especially when you're down. If you can't run the ball (and all accounts I've looked at show me they couldn't), air it out, and let some things happen.

    I guess what’s next is the Washington Redskins, but it seems like the Texans are their own worst enemy right now. I know it’s a cliché, but they have to stop fighting the ball. I would like to see them calm down and actually play the game.

    If what has happened continues, Santana Moss is going to have a field day against the Texans. I can only hope they come out and play well, win or lose, for the whole game.

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    Great Post! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. Very similar to my own.
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    Good analysis. I hope they can calm down and just play like a team on Sunday.
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    david carr looking good in garbage time is just that garbage, this is year five david carr will never be the quarterback most thought he'd be,
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    I don't know about him not being the QB we thought he'd be, but the comment about garbage time is BS.

    First off, he was playing against pretty much the same defense he was playing against in the first 3 quarters. Sure there were subs in, but there had been subs in throughout the entire game. Dungy was upset that we scored those late touchdowns. The Colts were not letting up and treating that as a chance to get some rest; they were playing through. The Colts have the killer instinct. Hell, Manning was still in there and their offense certainly wasn't letting up.

    Secondly, the only way a team mounts a comeback is to have the offense scoring touchdowns late like that. It's very, very heartening that our offense never gave up and continued scoring. That shows heart. That's how the Giants were able to come back against the Eagles. It's just too bad that our defense couldn't stop them and unlike the Eagles, the Colts didn't make stupid mistakes.

    Thirdly, Carr has played in a ton of garbage time in his career and I don't think he's ever had a 2 game quarterback rating like he's got now. Especially against two very strong defenses. Kubiak is obviously having a tremendous impact on Carr. He's growing by leaps and bounds.

    So, you can dismiss his stats if you want, but they really do show that at least something has changed with this team. Carr was my biggest question coming into this season and I think he's close to answering my question affirmatively. :)

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