My Second Mock Draft

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by PokerStar, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Well it has been an interesting FA period and we started off ok, but it got better with the steal of Eric Moulds for a freakin 5th rounder. Anyway this is my next mock, know I said I would post a longer one, but entering my mock into a contest to win so I will just post my Texans mock instead.

    1. Reggie Bush- Yeah all the things that can be said are said, would rather Mario, but Bush brings a Indy and Cinci feel to our offense here we come playoffs, to bad on the championships though.
    2. Marcus McNeil- This kid is a solid low first rounder, but he will be our version of George Foster. He cant play the left side, but he is strong and athletic enough to play the right. Wish he had a mean streak and was smarter, but he is good value and a likely pick.
    3a. Roger McIntosh- Wow aren't we the lucky guys to get this guy falling out of the second. With the rise of Hodge, Jackson, Carpenter, and the fall of Howard and Ryans; Rocky becomes the odd man out and our new MLB. He will learn from Cowart and Wong and replace them. A missle to the ball and works his @ss off in coverage.
    3b. Richard Marshall- The kid is pretty fast, and plays hard. Not really much else to say about him, but he can eventually become a starter so it is a solid pick. Like the fact that he plays with alot of heart makes up for his shortcomings.
    4. Chris Chester- Did not think he would fall out of the fourth so with the additions we made in FA we take him in the 4th. Athletic and versatile he will be a better version of Weigert in one or two years.
    6. Antoine Bethea- not sure if he falls this far but a FS that hits and runs a 4.39 is sweet. A small school kid that will mature and get better quickly under the tutelage of Hoke and Smith.
    7. BPA- not sure on the guy, but an athlete will get the job done I am guessing a fast DE or something of that sort possibly the best WR left someone like Skyler Green or Todd Watkins.

    Some Alternatives
    1. Mario- no real other choice that ranks up their with Reggie and would likely be the better choice anyway, but that is my opinion.
    2. Jonathan Joseph, Ashton Youboudy, Bobby Carpenter- all solid guys that can play JJ possibly the second best DB in the entire draft.
    3. Colledge, or a combo of WR and LB- doubt they go any other way than this in the third
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    I would be just about golden with your first 3 rounds. Still prefer Eric Winston at 33, but wouldn't pout with McNeil.
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    Pretty nice mock, I'm not ecstatic about a couple of those picks, but I think realistically this is about what our draft will end up looking like, so I think this is quite an accurate look at what we will end up with in three weeks.

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