My Keys to Success: vs. Jacksonville

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Oct 19, 2006.

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    Our Houston Texnas will take the field in our house, Reliant Stadium this Sunday in our battle red jerseys. We will do battle with the divisional-foes and the very tough Jacksonville Jaguars.

    I expect another physical, hard fought game by both teams as is usally the case when we meet. This is a big game for our Houston Texans squad as we will attempt to bounce back after a bad loss last week to rival Dallas. I expect our guys to bounce back and play hard.

    The following is what I believe our Texans must do in order to have success and get a win this Sunday against Jacksonville.

    -Establish a running game. You knew this would be my first key, I'm sure. This is very important to do in this leauge, no doubt, and again, espically with the type of offense which we run. If you run the ball, you can control tempo, you can control the clock, it opens it up for the downfield passing game, builds confidence and so much more. This is why many of the great NFL teams of the past has solid running games. I believe we have the right backs to get the job done with Lundy, Dayne and Gado it will just take some time to develop, epsically with a new o-line blocking scheme and some new players. I do think however, that we can establish a run game early against Jacksonville, and it will be huge for our offense.

    -Stop Jacksonville's run, make Jacksonville one-dimensional. I know this is easier said then done (stopping their run game), espically because our Texans D has struggled at times to do that this year. However, we have trying in practive to find a way to stop the opposing run game and we will get better at it. I look for the return on Kaliee Wong to help us greatly with this as well. Kaliee can certainly get in their and plug up the holes, prevent the back from breaking a big one, he's a solid player and will only help us. Again, we have a new defense this year, and like other areas on this team, it will take time. We will continue to get better at this, and if we can contain Jacksonville's running game Sunday, we can make Leftwhich beat us and then pressure him as he is immobile.

    -No sloppy play. Last week against Dallas we played good by not having penalties against us in the first half, but were penalized numerous times in the second half. That was in a way tolerable, as we were coming off of a bye week and in a loud opposing stadium in Dallas. There is no excuse for silly and costly penalties this week as we are not coming off a bye week obviously, and are at home. Dumb penalites like jumping offsides or getting a flase start can kill you, we certainly know that. We can not afford to do this Sunday against such a good opponent in Jacksonville, and I dont expect us to.

    By doing these things I listed above, and the fans cheering us on through the entire game crazily and supporting our Texans, we have a legitimet chance to beat this team.

    We have a ton of potentail on this team, key is to get it together on a consisent basis.

    Big game this Sunday, be sure to cheer us on loud!

    GO TEXANS:redtowel:

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