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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by HeartofHouston, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Fire Capers and Casserly..

    Hire Colts OC Tom Moore...

    Trade down from 1st over all to about 8 overall with the Vikes and recieve a extra 3rd.

    Trade DD to Carolina or their 2nd round..

    Package a 2nd and 3rd and move into the first round lets say we trade with.. the cowboys.

    Gives us 2-1st, 1-2nd and 2-3rds

    Okay now here we go stay with me here..

    With the 8th overall, we select Kiwi, he is the pass rushed that we need, and he can be the next Dwight Freeny, so you can either put Peek or Babin on the other side of him to take some pressure off of him.

    Then wit the other 1st round pick we pick up.. Laurence Maroney. I know some of you guys are think why the heck would you pass up Bush to pick up Maroney?? But dont sleep on this guy he is a diamond in the rough. He's smart and a great runner and has some hands out the backfield.. not as good as Bush or DD but we can work on that.

    wit the 2nd we pick up Leonard Pope.. Imagine Carr, Maroney, Johnson, Mathis and Pope. Come on now, you cant tell me that doesnt sound good to you.

    With the 2 3rd rounds we pick up.. Will Allen from UT and Andrew Withworth from LSU.. Carr gets some good linemen here that can keep grass stains off his butt.

    Rounds 4-7 we add depth to the D-Line, Secondary and O-Line..

    Okay now it's free agency time, we try to grab good O-Linemen. I would perfer to have Solid Veterans protecting the QB then rookies so this is where i make my major o-line moves. and maybe a good LB.. if it's a outside then then we move Greenwood to the other outside and Wong inside. or if we get a good ILB we put him in the middle.

    I truly believe that Tom Moore would be in heaven with Carr, Maroney, Pope Johnson, Mathis and Gaffney.
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    I think that Capers and Casserly should both be fired.
    I also agree with trading down in the draft. Let's be honest, most likely the Texans will have a top 4 pick. One player is not going to make a difference so definitely trade down. Plus have to try and get back some of the draft picks lost because of trades we made (ie. Buchanon)

    Not sure that Tom Moore even has a desire to be a HC though he would certainly be someone to look at, honestly did not even think of him.

    I would not want to trade DD, but if you are I think teams other than Carolina would be interested in him. Carolina has DeShaun Foster.

    Personally I think we need to get help on both sides of the line getting both FA's and through the draft. I would use one of the 1st round draft picks on an o-lineman though. The other pick I would get an impact LB, of course this is going with your scenario that we indeed have 2 1st round picks.
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    Assuming we have the 1-3, we trade down with the Jets or Broncos who both have two first, and we pick up another third for next year from them along with the two first. We take, Hawk first then J. Scott or M.Mcniel, with the first second we take Pope, With the first third we take Whitworth, W. Allen, Gilles, FLorida center, Trueblood, or Justice. With the second third we take slay or threat. So we add a franchise ILB to build a defense around, TWO good lineman, a Te, and MUCH needed safety help.
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    What is there about the Colts offense that makes anyone think it works without Manning, Edge, Harrison, Wayne, Stokely, an OL and Clark? Pass--this guy has the OC gravy train job of the world.

    We move down 8 spots and get a 3rd? That sounds like a Casserly deal--didn't we get rid of him in step one? Not that this is concrete, but the value chart has 3000 for #1, 1400 for #8 and 265 for the top 3rd round pick. Not even close to a good deal.

    Great we get a 2nd rounder and $4 mil in dead space--doesn't seem like great cap management, plus you think DD isn't as good as a 1st rounder Maroney, but want to trade him for a 2nd--hmmm. Anyway, not sure they have given up on Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster.

    Somehow this isn't seeming realistic.
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    I will admit this is quite creative, but...
    1. You are waiting until the 3rd round to draft a OL? Thats really not a good idea. Stud O Tackles NEVER drop that far.

    2. You are taking Andrew Withworth in the third round? i do not think he falls that far. Even if he does, you are taking him as your second lineman after Will Allen. Allen is a guard, and this might be high for a guard anyway. Also Whitty is a LT but a potential first rounder. I seriously doubts he falls this far.

    3. You want to get "solid Olineman" in FA. Teams typically do not let go of "Solid Olineman" becuase of how vlaauable they are. Orlando Pace was beiing offered for 2 1st rounders. Solid olinemen are needed to protect the QB for the pass and help develop the run. Very few "Solid Olineman" get into FA.

    Interesting thoughts though...
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    I think too many people stretch reality in order to fit in their plan of correcting all the problems on the team in one year.

    That's simply not going to happen.

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