My Game Review: vs. Kansas City

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TexansAllTheWayBaby, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Right off the bat, I do not give a **** if it was a pre-season game, we were in control 90% of the game, and let me tell you, after only winning 2 games the previous season, it feels just great to win like that in any game!

    I thought our guys fought hard with determination. We are dedicated to the fresh, clean start and it showed. Fans did a great job supporting our boys as well, my hat goes of to you guys.

    David worked very well in Kubiak's news system which displays many play-action bootlegs. He showed his athletism by scrambling and picking up years with his feet. He also showed his smartness by tucking the ball down and deciding to run instead of pass. David also threw a couple nice passes to Moulds early. I continue to say that Mr. Carr will be able to display everything he's got in this system.

    By far though, game MVP: Wali Lundy. This just adds to our depth at the RB position. This young man stepped up with nice kick returns and very nice rushes. He did drop a wide open dump-off pass from Rosenfels, but hey, it's the first pre-season game in August. Your going to get that. This kid has tremendous potentail.

    Offensive line was tremendous, even though, again, it was the preseason opener. No sacks allowed. Carr had plenty of time to throw or run in the pocket, as did Rosenfels. This new system Kubiak has installed makes the o-line better with play-action bootlegs, as it takes alot of pressure off of them.

    Defensively, I liked what i saw for the most part. We had a 3-and-out. That's always a positive. However, the Chiefs did score a touchdown on a drive late in the 1st quarter, and the last play where Dee Brown ran the ball in for like a 10 yard gain, I did not like our effort on that play to much. Otherwise, overall, I see an improvement with defense in effort, emotion, leadership and even tackling. Granted, it is is the first pre-season game.

    I liked what I saw overall on both sides of the ball. We got the W, got away not many significant injuries, and if anything, this is a confidence builder. I like the new system, like what some of the young kids did (M. Williams, Benny Joppru, Wali Lundy).

    This is the year, i strongly believe!:redtowel: GO TEXANS!!!
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    That about sums it up most of us here share your fact based opinion GO TEXANS!!!

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