My first mock of 2013.

Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Wolf6151, Jan 2, 2013.

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    In making this mock I assume and believe that we will re-sign Barwin, probably a 1 yr. extension, and Quin and think that we'll be drafting in the 24-28 range. Sorry no pictures or long drawn out explanations, we know who most of these players are.

    1. Kawann Short-DT from Purdue, a package of size and agility that most big men don't have. Holds up to the double teams well, pressures the QB on single blockers, plays the run well, and speed to chase the play when it doesn't come right at him. Perfect for our 1 gap system.

    Now let's fix this O-line issue so we can run the ball, pass, and protect our QB.

    2. Gabe Jackson-OG from Miss. St., not just a fat man at OG. He's got the build of an OT, longer and more athletic, while still being a very big man. 3 yrs. starting experience in the SEC. This might be a bit early for him but I don't think he'll be around at our pick in the 3rd. Depth or starter in 2013, Wade Smith replacement in 2014 at LG.

    3. Ricky Wagner-OT from Wisconsin, again might be a little early according to CBS but I like him. 2yrs. starting at RT and 2 yrs. starting at LT, he's got size and agility. Mental errors and needs to bend more at the knees, but these are coachable issues. He'd either be a starter at RT or perfect swing OT.

    3b. Quinton Patton-WR from La. Tech., this pick might take some luck. He's ranked anywhere from 2nd round to 4th round depending on who you listen to. If need be I'd have no trouble trading a later pick to move up in the 3rd. He's got good size, good speed, very athletic, great hands and route running, goes over the middle/not afraid of contact, field awareness on sideline routes, willing blocker. This is a good year for WR in the draft and being from a smaller school he could fall a little.

    4. A.J. Klein-ILB from Iowa St., great size and good speed for the position, more of an athletic sideline to sideline ILB than an inside thumper against the run. Very good in coverage against TE and RB. A poor mans Brian Cushing without quite as much berserk-er craziness. I imagine some of the craziness would rub off on him.

    5. Johnny Adams-CB from Mich. St., good size at 5'11" but not great, very good speed and athleticism. He plays the run well, and has good ball skills. Has a very good basic skill set for Vance Joseph to mold into a good CB. I think we lose McCain in FA, Harris takes his place at nickle, and Adams takes his place as depth.

    5b. Michael Williams-TE from Alabama, great size and blocking ability, good hands. This pick should need no explanation, we all know who he is.

    6. Kapron Lewis-Moore-DT/DE from Notre Dame, I give credit to BB for this find. Moore has great size for a 3-4 DE, athleticism/agility, plays the run well, holds up to a double team block and pushes a single blocker into the backfield, good speed and doesn't give up on a play. I'm surprised he's ranked this low. Should be good quality DE depth and might fight Crick for the starting position when Antonio Smith leaves.

    6b. J.C. Copeland-FB from LSU, Vonta Leach part II, might need to lose a little weight but he's a tank as a lead blocker. I know we don't use a FB much but wouldn't it be nice to have a real one instead of an undersized converted TE in short yardage/goal line situations.

    7. Quinn Sharp-P/K from Oklahoma St., good Punter and I like the ability to have an extra K on the roster for emergency depth.

    This draft adds a quality starter at NT; quality and size for the O-line, blockers on the O-line, TE, and FB and improves depth as well; good quality WR and ILB depth or possible starters; younger and cheaper P/K, and good depth at DE and CB.

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    Even with Short (not that I dont like him) in the first , I'd take this on draft day.

    If you traded back out of round 1 and took DeAndre Hopkins in the early second and a DT with the extra pick .... I'd be a happy camper .... but predicting trades at this point is .... impossible.

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