My favorite player just signed with the Texans...

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by HowBoutThemCowboys!, May 31, 2006.

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    And I couldn't be more happier for him!

    You guys have a fantastic wide receiver in Derrick Lewis, who will with no doubt, make the Texan's 53-man roster this August.

    Now I know must of you are scratching your heads thinking who's Derrick Lewis? This man was an absolute beast of an offensive specialist for the Arena football league's Austin Wranglers, gaining the most yards as a rookie wide receiver in the history of the game.

    Best of luck to DLew, and for Texan fans, get ready for a roller coaster ride! Bump this thread back up when he becomes an enormous threat along side Andre Johnson and Moulds.


    Lewis (6-2, 185, San Diego State), who just finished his first Arena Football League season, broke Troy Bergeron’s 2005 record for receiving yardage by a rookie, recording 1,411 yards. Starting in all 16 games this season for the Wranglers, Lewis managed 113 receptions for 23 touchdowns. He was also a key factor in the Wranglers first home playoff game against the Philadelphia Soul. Despite the loss, Lewis finished the game with eight receptions for 108 yards and four touchdowns.

    Having previously spent time with the New Orleans Saints (2002-03) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2004-05), Lewis now returns to the NFL with the Houston Texans. Greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina, Lewis’ family migrated from their native New Orleans to Houston, where his five children and his extended family now call home.

    “Playing for the Wranglers allowed me to showcase my abilities while having a lot of fun in the AFL,” said Lewis. “I’m grateful to have this opportunity to return to the NFL, but I will always remain a fan of Arena Football.”

    The Wranglers found Lewis during the Buccaneers training camp in 2005 and he was signed to the team in December in preparation for the Wranglers 2006 season. Lewis has begun working out with the Texans and he will participate in their mini-camp that begins June 7.

    “Our organization is extremely proud of Derrick and how he has handled himself as a player and as a representative of the Austin Wranglers,” said General Manager Glyn Milburn. “He established himself as a premiere AFL player and while we will continue to plan for Derrick being in a Wranglers uniform, we wish him the best as he pursues this NFL opportunity.”
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    Best of luck to him, obviously.
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    I never thought I would say this to a cowboys fan, but that was a great post! I still wonder why he didn't make it with the Bucs, Sometimes it can be a numbers game and sometimes players need time to develop. 185 for 6'2 seems kinda light. We will see, but it does sound like speed in the slot!!!
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    Cowboy fan:

    Thanks for the solid and informative post. I too am a fan of off-season, smaller venue football (NIFL...GO COPPERHEADS!!!!!) and you do see some great talent out there on the field/floor! (Keep an eye on Jason Deml, trust me on this one.)

    Am looking forward to seeing what Derrick can do for us. Thanks for the one-up. :redtowel:
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    I thought he looked good in that play-off game. He was fighting his way into the end zone, which had Deion Sanders jumping up and down on the sidelines. The timing and skill of Defense might hinder his NFL chances. AFL is almost constant(like Basketball) and you can get into a rhythm. NFL is more of a paced game with better Defenses. Definitely has the heart, we shall see about the moves.
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    does he return kicks as well.......
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    Finally, someone I won't mind competing with P-Buc, I don't care what you say about best player returning punts, I will cry if I see D-Rob back there, you KNOW other teams will want to knock him out, he's our biggest secondary threat.
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    I hope he breaks out as an all-star receiver, but he just really reminds me of all those tall, thin receivers the Dolphins picked throughout the nineties: Kirby Dar Dar, Lamar something, Yatil Green... I just don't know.

    However, I hope he does well.

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