My dream offseason..thank god I'm not in charge.

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    1. Pac-Man Jones-CB, West Virgina (Dunta clone)
    2. Craphonso Thorpe, WR Florida St. (deep threat to compliment AJ)
    3. Fabian Washington, CB Nebraska (can't have too many CB with Peyton around)
    3. Mike Goolsby, LB, Notre Dame (we need to get younger at LB)
    4. Adell Duckett, OLB Texas Tech (3-4 can't have too many pass rushers)
    5. Jonathan Babineaux, DE, Iowa (good size/speed ratio, can rush the passer)
    6. Will Matthews, FB Texas (proto-type lead blocker, helped Benson at Texas)
    7. Terry Holley, S Rice (smart intelligent player could be a sleeper)


    Orlando Pace LT (turns the left side from weak side to strong side)
    Dominic Raiola C (natural C with athletic ability for zone)
    Fuamatu-Ma'afala Chris RB (bruising RB to compliment DD)
    Anthony Becht TE (blocking TE that can catch)
    Kendrick Clancy NT (big run stuffing NT)
    Kendrell Bell LB (a little injury prone, but when healthy is a difference maker)
    Jarrod Cooper DB (local kid that is a special teams standout that can hit)

    Tony Banks QB
    Marcus Spears OT
    Milford Brown OG
    Bryan Pittman LS
    Moran Norris FB
    Junior Ioane DE
    Seth Payne NT
    Troy Evans LB
    Demarcus Faggins DB

    Steve McKinney to Bengals for future 3rd rd pick
    Jay Foreman to Cowboys for future 4th rd pick

    Next Year's Team:

    WR Andre Johnson/Derrick Armstrong/Kendrick Starling
    WR Craphonso Thorpe/Jabar Gaffney/Sloan Thomas
    LT Orlando Pace/Seth Wand/Marcus Spears
    LG Chester Pitts/Milford Brown
    C Dominic Raiola/Todd Washington
    RG ZachWiegert/Fred Weary
    RT Todd Wade/Garrick Jones
    TE Anthony Becht/Mark Bruener/Billy Miller/Bennie Joppru
    QB David Carr/Tony Banks/Dave Ragone/BJ Symons
    FB Moran Norris/Will Matthews
    RB Domanick Davis/TonyHollings/Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala

    LDE Gary Walker/Jerry DeLoach/Jonathan Babineaux
    NT Seth Payne/Kendrick Clancy
    RDE Robaire Smith/Junior Ioane
    LOLB Jason Babin/Charlie Anderson
    LILB Kendrell Bell/Mike Goolsby/Shantee Orr
    RILB Jamie Sharper/TroyEvans
    ROLB Kailee Wong/Antwan Peek
    LCB Aaron Glenn/Pac-Man/Demarcus Faggins
    SS Glenn Earl/Eric Brown/Jarrod Cooper
    FS Marcus Coleman/Jammal Lord/Terry Holley
    RCB Dunta Robinson/Fabian Washington

    P ChadStanley
    PK Kris Brown
    KR/PR Pac-Man
    LS Bryan Pittman
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    Thank god you are not in charge, our draft would kill us!
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    Ft Hood, Tx
    Wow, you sound like you may have had some NFL GM time under your belt....for the Cardinals.

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