My 7 Round Texans Mock With Explanations

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by freedoggy77, Apr 24, 2007.

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    Round 1. REGGIE NELSON, FS
    Nelson is a defensive playmaker, comparable to Ed Reed. While some may see him as a reach, I think he will be worth it even if we take him at 10. Some may prefer LaRon Landry, but he most likely won't be available, and whereas he is a hard-hitter, Nelson is a cover guy and had twice as many interceptions as Landry. WE NEED TO STOP THE BIG PASS PLAYS.

    Round 3. JASON HILL, WR
    Set some records at Washington for catches and maybe some more things. Ran a 4.28 40-yard dash. A great player who impressed at the Senior Bowl. Can challenge Kevin Walter/Andre Davis for the #2 spot and if not can always afford to sit a year and learn from the master: Andre Johnson.

    Both are very good centers and ranked in Kiper's Top 5 Centers. I would prefer Satele but there is a chance he won't be there and then I would take Datish. Some see LT as a position we should address but C is a bigger need, and based on reports Charles Spencer should be ok.

    Chad Stanley flat out sucks. We could have gone 8-8 but Stanley wussy punts gave the opponents way too good field position, and our defense isn't too great. With a good punter we could give our defense some more chances. As for Crosby, he set the record for longest kick by a college kicker, and he is young. Kris Brown is EHH
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    Gettin Crunk
    I agree that Nelson is undervalued and would be a great pick but I just don't see us going there. The knock on Reggie is that he can't digest a playbook and that seems like something that would deter Kubiak. If we stay at 10 and draft BPA, I think the most reasonable pick is Robert Meachem. Why this guy isn't considered top 10 around the board is beyond me. How was Andre Johnson a top 5 prospect but Meachem is 10+ by most observers? It's baffling and I think he'll be drafted closer to 10 than 20 on draft day. In my mind, he'll be the curveball that the Texans throw on Sat. Here's how I see us drafting(if not player, position)...

    1. Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
    3. Ryan McBean, DT, Oklahoma St.
    4. CJ Gaddis, CB, Clemson
    5. Earl Everett, LB, Florida
    6. Dan Mozes, C, West Va
    7. Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Marshall
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    1.Meecham is a strong WR choice.
    3. MCBean is more of a 3-4 DT so no thanks.
    4. I think CJ Gaddis is more FS than CB. And i perfer Josh Gattis over CJ. If we do that, we would not really have a CB.
    5. I am not sold on Everett, he might be a better Strong Saftey than LB
    6. Great pick for the ZBS, but I think we need to take him a a round earlier
    7. Not gonna argue with a 7th rounder.

    If we keep your first pick of Meachem, I would rather see us do the following:
    1.Robert Meachem: WR, Tennessee
    3. Fred Bennett: CB, South Carolina
    4. Josh Gattis: FS, Wake Forest
    5. Dan Mozes: C, West Virginia
    6. Brandon Frye:OT-Virginia Tech
    7. Adam Podlesh P-Maryland
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    i was actually thinking the exact same thing- meachem is a hard worker, quality person and good all-round wr...the only knock people have on him is that he had only 1 yr of quality take him at 10 also

    and on a similiar note, i also dont understand how aj hawk was rated top 5 last year and willis (who measurables are superior, and production is comparable if not superior) is only a #10-15 guy

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