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    I wasted a lot of time doing this mock, so I better get some replies :heh:...

    ROUND 1

    1.San Francisco 49ers - Aaron Rodgers QB Cal
    After the combine, the 49ers supposedly guaranteed Rodgers that if they kept the first overall pick, he'd be their selection. That may be a ploy, but I'll go along with it.

    2.Miami Dolphins - Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    This pick is made with the assumption that the Fins won't make a move for a RB prior to the draft. Brown did a lot to raise his stock at the combine, and I believe he'd be a good fit for the Fins at #2.

    3.Cleveland Browns - Alex Smith QB Utah
    After cutting Jeff Garcia and allowing Kelly Holcomb to become a free agent, it has become painfully obvious that if the Browns are going to make any noise, they need a QB. That being said, there is a possibility that they may pick up a FA, or possibly draft one in a later round. If they don't go QB, look for them to take a CB.

    4.Chicago Bears - Derrick Johnson LB Texas
    After the signing of Mushin Muhammad, I believe the Bears will aim for a defensive playmaker here, and DJ certainly fits the bill. DJ will team with Urlacher and Lance Briggs to form one of the most fierce LB groups in football.

    5.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mike Williams WR USC
    Rumor has it that the Bucs have told Williams that if he's available at 5, he'll be chosen. This is the same thing the Skins told K2 before taking Sean Taylor, but I'll take Gruden's word for it and have them take Williams here.

    6. Tennessee Titans - Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    The Titans have plenty of holes to fill, and I believe they'll start the rebuilding process by taking arguably the best WR in the draft, as far as measurables go.

    7.Minnesota Vikings - Adam "Pac-Man" Jones CB West Virginia
    The Vikings have been rumored to want to move Brian Williams to FS and Corey Chavous over to SS. By taking Pac-Man, arguably the best corner in the draft, this transition will be a much easier one.

    8. Arizona Cardinals - Antrel Rolle CB Miami (FL)
    Chances are, the Cards are going to trade for a RB and they already signed a vet QB in Kurt Warner, so I look for them to draft a replacement for recently traded Duane Starks.

    9.Washington Redskins - Erasmus James DE Wisconsin
    The Redskins have solid DEs, but none of them are good pass rushers. Erasmus would definitely alleviate that problem. Another option here may be Troy Williamson, if they choose to go offensive with their 1st rounder.

    10. Detroit Lions - Marcus Spears DE LSU
    The Lions have a good RE in James Hall, but the LE position is definitely upgradeable. Spears should start from day 1 and may also be able to play DT in their system if need be.

    11.Dallas Cowboys - Shawne Merriman OLB/DE Maryland
    With the Boys switching to a 3-4 for 2005, they need edge rushers in order to make their new scheme work. Merriman is the perfect fit for them.

    12.San Diego Chargers - Alex Barron OT FSU
    The Charger O-Line is a solid, cohesive unit overall, but Roman Oben is 32 and Shane Olivea is unproven. Behind them, they have little depth, so they should be happy to see Barron available at 12. Other possibilities here are WR and DE.

    13.Houston Texans - Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
    With the probable departure of Corey Bradford, the Texans will need a deep threat that will compliment AJ, and IMO the Texans could do worse than selecting a Gamecock in the first for a second year in a row.

    14. Carolina Panthers - Cedric Benson RB Texas
    The Panthers offense is built around a strong power running style and Benson is the perfect fit for their system. Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster are frequently injured and Benson has proven his reliability over his years at UT.

    15.Kansas City Cheifs - Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
    KC is trying the best they can to get a decent defense, and this pick may change if they are able to sign Samari Rolle, but IMO even if they do, they should still look to urgrade this secondary, which constantly got beat through the air last year.

    16.New Orleans Saints - Thomas Davis S/OLB Georgia
    The Saints dream is to have him Thomas Davis available at 16. Luckily for them, their dreams come true. Regardless of whether they choose to put him at OLB or SS, he'll be an instant upgrade over who's there now.

    17.Cincinatti Bengals - Travis Johnson DT FSU
    The Bengals have a huge hole at DT and Travis Johnson is the BPA. They may be scared away due to his past character issues, but I think Marvin will force him to mature quickly and make him a better player and a better man.

    18. Minnesota Vikings - Dan Cody DE/OLB Oklahoma
    Minnesota is solid in their front 7, but they could stand to add another pass rushing DE to team with Kenechi Udeze. Cody also has the added versatility to be able to switch to OLB in case they need him in that role.

    19.St. Louis Rams - Jammal Brown OT Oklahoma
    St. Louis' O-Line this past season wasn't bad, but with both Kyle Turley's and Orlando Pace's future with the team in jeopardy, Brown is the smart pick here. He projects to more of a RT in the NFL, but in the event that Pace is traded, he may be able to play LT until a suitable replacement is found.

    20.Dallas Cowboys - Brodney Pool FS Oklahoma
    By utilizing their second first rounder to select this ballhawk, fellow OU alum Roy Williams will be able to move to his more natural position of SS.

    21. Jacksonville Jaguars - David Pollack DE Georgia
    With the addition of Reggie Heyward the Jags have shored up one side of their dominant D-Line; now it's time to solidify the other side. Pollack will join Henderson, Heyward, and Stroud to make probably the best D-Line in the NFL. It will be horrible to see this twice a year.

    22.Baltimore Ravens - Justin Miller CB Clemson
    The Ravens two big needs coming into the offseason were WR and OG. The signing of Derrick Mason has taken care of one need, and IMO 22 is too high for any of the guards in this draft. Therefore, the Ravens will look to Miller to replace Gary Baxter, who signed with Cleveland.

    23.Seattle Seahawks - Kevin Burnett OLB Tennessee
    After the release of Anthony Simmons and with Chad Brown's aging, it is looking increasingly likely that the 'Hawks will take a LB in the first. I look for Burnett to have an impressive pro day, and his stock will rise into the first round.

    24. Green Bay Packers - Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame
    The Packers must replace DE Aaron Kampman, who is better suited for a back-up role. They do that by drafting Justin Tuck, who will wreak havoc on opposing QBs along with KGB.

    25.Denver Broncos - Shaun Cody DT/DE USC
    After losing Reggie Hayward, the Broncos' D-Line is looking painfully average. A player like Cody, who will be able to play either DT or DE in the pros, will be a good start to the reconstruction of their defensive front.

    26.New York Jets - Fabian Washington CB Nebraska
    Between now and the draft, Washington's stock is going to soar. Once thought of as a 3rd rounder, his 40 time alone will probably land him in the late first, and the Jets look to be a good fit. Look for Heath Miller to be chosen here is Denver matches their offer sheet on Putzier.

    27.Atlanta Falcons - Khalif Barnes OT Washington
    ATL's O-Line is decent, certainly upgradable. Khalif is the strong, agile, physical type that the Falcons covet, and he should be an instant starter.

    28.San Diego Chargers - Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
    The Chargers don't have a deep threat that take pressure off of Antonio Gates, and they're ecstatic to have Clayton still on the board when they pick.

    29.Inianapolis Colts - Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin
    Indy's DTs are solid, but not spectaclar. Hawthorne will give the Colts an even better pass rush than they already have.

    30.Pittsburgh Steelers - Heath Miller TE Virginia
    Pitt recently cut starter Jay Riemersma and their remaining TEs are average at best. Miller has Todd Heap potential and is also a decent blocker. This pick gives Roethlisberger another weapon.

    31.Philadelphia Eagles - Roddy White WR UAB
    T.O. is great, but Freddie Mitchell may be out, and Todd Pinkston is upgradeable. White's speed will compliment T.O. well.

    32.New England Patriots - David Baas G/C Michigan
    After losing Joe Andruzzi to free agency, the Pats are quick to snatch up the best G in the draft.
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    ROUND 2

    33. San Francisco 49ers - Matt Roth DE Iowa
    The 49ers have plenty of needs on the defensive side of the ball and Roth has the versatility to play DE, OLB, and ILB.

    34.Cleveland Browns - Adam Terry OT Syracuse
    The Browns have been looking for a quality LT since their return to the NFL. Terry has great size and strenght and potential through the roof.

    35.Philadelphia Eagles - Darryl Blackstock OLB Virginia
    Blackstock 's best attribute is his ability to get to the passer and for his rookie year he may only be used on passing downs, but he is a playmaker.

    36.Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mike Patterson DT USC
    The Bucs desperately need a DT to replace Warren Sapp next to Booger McFarland, and what better way to replace him than with a player nicknamed "Baby Sapp".

    37.Tennessee Titans -Bryant McFadden CB FSU
    Samari Rolle was cut and Andre Dyson is an UFA. Players are desperately needed in this secondary.

    38.Oakland Raiders - Demarcus Ware DE/OLB Troy State
    Oakland doesn't have prototypical OLBs for a 3-4 scheme and Ware would be the perfect fit for them.

    39.Chicago Bears - Chris Henry WR West Virginia
    Even with the signing of Muhammad, the Bears' corps of WRs could still be upgraded, and Henry would be a good weapon for Grossman.

    40.New Orleans Saints - Odell Thurman MLB Georgia
    The Saints' group of LBs are subpar at best, and they are contemplating moving Courtney Watson outside. If they go through with that, Thurman would be good in the middle for them.

    41.Detriot Lions - Elton Brown G/T Virginia
    Brown has the ability to play all over the O-Line, and would be a nice upgrade over David Loverne, who lost his job late last year.

    42.Dallas Cowboys - Jerome Mathis WR Hampton
    The Cowboys need a fast receiver to compliment Keyshawn and Quincy Morgan was disappointing for them last season.

    43.New York Giants - Barrett Ruud MLB Nebraska
    The Giants have been trying to upgrade their defense through free agency, but with Kendrell Bell recently failing his physical, they may need to address this position through the draft.

    44.Arizona Cardinals - Marcus Johnson G Ole Miss
    Denny Green has been saying that he's optimistic as far as the O-Line goes, but, frankly, their guards are extremely subpar. At the very least, Johnson will provide quality depth.

    45.Carolina Panthers - Josh Bullocks FS Nebraska
    Carolina has been trying to find a replacement for Deon Grant since he left for Jacksonville last offseason. Bullocks is excellent in coverage and has been compared to Ed Reed.

    46.Kansas City Chiefs - Rian Wallace LB Temple
    Rian Wallace is an underrated player who has the versatility to play inside or outside. He isn't the greatest in coverage and is more of a pass rusher, so he projects to weakside LB in the Chiefs' system.

    47.Houston Texans - Chris Spencer C Ole Miss
    There have been reports saying that Spencer is the best C to come through the draft in a long while and the Texans would be foolish to pass on him if he were available here.

    48.Cincinatti Bengals - Ernest Shazor SS Michigan
    The Bengals have a few average SSs, but Shazor would be an instant upgrade over all of them. He has good size and is a force against the run.

    49.Minnisota Vikings - Chris Colmer T NC State
    Minnesota's O-Line is injury prone and they could use the depth. He could eventually be a very good RT for them.

    50.St. Louis Rams - Brandon Browner CB/FS Oregon State
    Browner seems to be the perfect fit for the Rams, as they have needs at both FS and CB. If his pro day 40 is improved, he could play CB, and if it stays the same, he could add a little bulk and play FS.

    51.Green Bay Packers - Logan Mankins G/T Fresno State
    After losing both of their starting Gs this offseason, they're going to have to replace them through the draft. Mankins is strong and physical and will open up plenty of holes for Ahman Green.

    52.Jacksonville Jaguars - Marlin Jackson CB Michigan
    Rashean Mathis is solid on the left side, but they have absolutely nobody besides him.

    53.Baltimore Ravens - Evan Mathis G Alabama
    The Ravens Gs are old and injury prone, so infusing some youth here would be a good idea. Don't rule out them taking a C here after losing Raybach.

    54.Seattle Seahawks - Corey Webster CB LSU
    After losing Ken Lucas, it became obvious that they needed to add depth at CB. Webster will come in and play in nickel packages and back-up Bobby Taylor.

    55.Buffalo Bills - Luis Castillo DT Northwestern
    Pat Williams left them to go to Minnesota, so I look for them to select the athletic Castillo, whose stock has been steadily on the rise after an impressive combine.

    56.Denver Broncos - Alex Smith TE Stanford
    It's a possibility that Jeb Putzier will be moving on through free agency, and the Broncos need a replacement in their TE heavy offense.

    57.New York Jets - Ciatrick Fason RB Florida
    Lamont Jordan has moved on to the Raiders and Curtis Martin is nearing the end of the road. Fason will back him up for a year or two and then take over the starting job.

    58.Green Bay Packers - Lance Mitchell MLB Oklahoma
    The Packers want to move Burnett to the outside to better use his speed, and they could do worse than taking this hard-hitting tackling machine.

    59.Atlanta Falcons - Fred Gibson WR Georgia
    Peerless Price has disappointed since his arrival in the ATL, and despite taking Michael Jenkins in the first round last year, they could still use another good receiver.

    60.Indianapolis Colts - Chris Kemoeatu OG Utah
    Rick DeMulling will be gone, so the Colts need a good replacement if they want to keep Pay-me-a-ton on his feet.

    61.San Diego Chargers - Chris Canty DE Virginia
    Canty would be a tremendous upgrade over Adrian Dingle. He has the size and strength, plus he has experience in a 3-4 scheme. His only drawback is that he's incredibly injury prone.

    62.Pittsburgh Steelers - Reggie Brown WR Georgia
    Plax is out so quality depth could be used here.

    63.Philadelphia Eagles - Eric Shelton RB Louisville
    Westbrook is a good starter, and Shelton would be a good change of pace and short yardage back.

    64.New England Patriots - Eric Green CB Virginia Tech
    Even after trading for Starks, the Pats still could use depth on the corners and Green is a ballhawk with good size.
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    QB Purgatory
    Completely Flawed ........

    Cedric Benson falling past the top 10 ? No C.Williams in the first TWO rounds ? those are 2 of the TOP FIVE Overall prospects in this draft . :thumbdown

    You can bet your bottom dollar that Tampa Bay (Most likely Williams in this scenerio) takes one of them , and i would think the Cardinals would take the last of the top three backs.

    Look's like its back to the drawing boards D-Rek
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    :slap: dammit I knew I was forgetting someone...

    Guess I'll have to modify this later on when I get more time...
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    despite those glitches I like it :thumbup

    the only thing I would add is that Shawne Merriman is probably now considered the top DE, at least I would take him over Erasmus James so that might help you slid in Cadillac somewhere in the top 10 along with Cedric. I'll tell you its tough there is better talent on this board than most people give credit.
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    Back in the cellar again
    It seems deep in terms of second tier talent. I don't see any Julius Pepper, AJ's, or Bryant McKinney's in this draft though.

    As for D-Rek's Mock:
    I like the idea of us going for a WR in the first, especially if one of the top 3 drops to us (TW is the 3rd). A C in the second works too. I think we could still get DL depth in the third round.

    Add in the Cad and see how it shakes things up. As for Benson dropping, nobody thought RB's would drop as much as they did last year either. People were stunned how low Stephen Jackson fell.
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    Austin, TX
    Do you think the Titans will trade down this year and pick a cornerback in the first round this year? With the departure of Samari Rolle, they can use a young talented corner. I don't see them drafting a wide receiver with the no.6 pick. I think they'll draft D.J. or move down in the draft if he's not available.
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    Mo. City, TX
    No way the Bears pass up on Benson! I agree DJ combined with Urlacher and Briggs would make an All-Star trio, but they're in need of a running back more than a linebacker. But great job on the mock!!!
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    I agree with much of what was said above. Also, Reggie Brown is a better receiver than Fred Gibson, IMO. It is my understanding that Brown had a better combine. Gibson got a lot of credit in college, but really Brown was the go to guy this past season. Gibson is prone to injury and doesn't fight for position like Brown. Gibson is good, but I think Brown is better, IMO.
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    Columba, SC GO GAMECOCKS!
    Why would the Bears pick Benson? Just curious on your take on that, I thought Jones did an ok job last year behind the not so great line. I know that A. Thomas wants to be a starter and probably will not return. I think they have more pressing needs than RB. Even though I do think the Ced is great and any team that gets him is lucky.

  11. nunusguy

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    Basically I like your picks, especially the second round where you select the
    the center from Ole Miss.
    I wish we knew more about the S.Car WR - he's fast and has descent size but beyond that, maybe D-Rob can offer some insight to the coaches since he played and practived with him. But he looks good on paper ?
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    The MidWest, Ohio to be exact...
    I think Baltimore might look into drafting Mark Clayton since they signed Samari Rolle to replace Baxter :hmmm:
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    Alright I got bored and fixed/updated this...I added my "analysis" to the picks that are different from the first go round...

    *Note that I only re-did the first, as the 2nd is still pretty much unchanged*

    1. San Francisco 49ers - Aaron Rodgers QB Cal
    2. Miami Dolphins - Ronnie Brown RB Auburn
    3. Cleveland Browns - Alex Smith QB Utah
    4. Chicago Bears - Derrick Johnson LB Texas
    5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Carnell "Cadillac" Williams RB Auburn
    Gruden fell in love with Caddy at the Senior Bowl, and I believe he would be more beneficial to their offense than Mike Williams would be, as they already have a tall possession receiver in Michael Clayton.

    6. Tennessee Titans - Adam "Pac-Man" Jones CB West Virginia
    After losing Samari Rolle and presumably Andre Dyson, the smart move for them would be to draft who they feel is the best CB available. This pick may change to Antrel Rolle if Pac-Man has a bad pro day.

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Braylon Edwards WR Michigan
    Despite losing Randy Moss, I was anticipating the Vikings to have a defense-heavy draft, but they've addressed their maor needs on D through FA. They take Edwards over Williams because he's more of a deep threat that will compliment their existing receivers better. This could all change if they land Plax, though.

    8. Arizona Cardinals - Cedric Benson RB Texas
    Trade talks between the Cards and Bills seem to have dried up, so the Cards will likely select whichever of the three top RBs that fall. In this scenario, they'll have to "settle" for Benson.

    9. Washington Redskins - Mike Williams WR USC
    Williams is arguably the BPA at this point, and with Rod Gardner likely to be traded, Williams is a more than suitable replacement.

    10. Detroit Lions - Alex Barron T FSU
    Talks between the Lions and FA RT Stockar McDougle seem to be going nowhere, and they can ill afford to have a unproven guy out there protecting Harrington.

    11. Dallas Cowboys - Shawne Merriman DE/OLB Maryland
    12. San Diego Chargers - Troy Williamson WR South Carolina
    The Chargers have a decent group of wideouts, but no clear deep threat. They could go D-Line here, but I think the prospect of having a great wideout to team with Gates and LT is too mouth-watering for them to pass up.

    13. Houston Texans - Erasmus James - DE/OLB Wisconsin
    I really am not a big fan of this pick, but Capers choosing to go to Wisconsin's pro day instead of Oklahoma's shows that he's interested in either James or Hawthorne, and you've gotta think it's James. He has Simeon Rice potential, but he's very injury prone.

    14. Carolina Panthers - Jammal Brown T Oklahoma
    There have been reports that the Panthers may try recently acquired O-Lineman Mike Wahle at RT, but I think it would be a wiser move to take Brown, put him at RT and allow Wahle to play his more natural position of RG.

    15. Kansas City Chiefs - Antrel Rolle CB Miami (FL)
    The Chiefs routinely got beat through the air last year, and Rolle is a ballhawk who will go a long way towards inproving their secondary.

    16. New Orleans Saints - Thomas Davis SS/LB Georgia
    17. Cincinnati Bengals - Travis Johnson DT FSU
    18. Minnesota Vikings - Marcus Spears DE LSU
    Spears takes a little bit of a slide, but Minnesota's need of a DE who can stop the run and rush the passer stops that descent.

    19. St. Louis Rams - Khalif Barnes T Washington
    Turley is in the dog house and may be out and Pace is still on the trading block, so the Rams are happy to select Barnes, who may have more potential than any OT in this draft.

    20. Dallas Cowboys - Dan Cody DE/OLB Oklahoma
    I know the Cows picked Merriman at 11, but they're switching to the 3-4 and they don't have any rush-backers, so this pick is not out of the question.

    21. Jacksonville Jaguars - Carlos Rogers CB Auburn
    Rashean Mathis is solid, but the Jags have nobody opposite of him. Rogers impressed at the combine, and would be a good fit for them here.

    22. Baltimore Ravens - Mark Clayton WR Oklahoma
    Baltimore has pretty much addressed all of their needs through FA, but I think that they'll go WR in the 1st despite signing Derrick Mason.

    23. Seattle Seahawks - Justin Miller CB Clemson
    The Seahawks only major loss through FA so far has been Ken Lucas, and they should target his replacement early if they want to remain a contender.

    24. Green Bay Packers - Justin Tuck DE Notre Dame
    25. Denver Broncos - Shaun Cody DT/DE USC
    26. New York Jets - Fabian Washington CB Nebraska
    27. Atlanta Falcons - David Pollack DE Georgia
    Brady Smith is solid, but he'll be 32 by the time training camp starts. ATL could stand to add some more youth along the line, and Pollack is a local guy. Another big possibility here is Brodney Pool.

    28. San Diego Chargers - Brodney Pool FS Oklahoma
    Jerry Wilson is the weakest link in what could be one of the top secondaries in the league with this pick.

    29. Indianapolis Colts - Anttaj Hawthorne DT Wisconsin
    30. Pittsburgh Steelers - Heath Miller TE Virginia
    31. Philadelphia Eagles - Roddy White WR UAB
    32. New England Patriots - David Baas G Michigan

    Hopefully I didn't forget anybody :wacko: ...
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    Choosing to go to Wisconsin over Oklahoma is nothing man...

    They easily could be looking at 2nd round prospect guards there such as Clinkscale and Buenning

    The scouting department is spread out far and wide, and I'm sure someone high up in the scouting department was at OU.

    When doing a mock, I suggest you don't base things on what you've heard, where you've seen people go, or anything to that matter. There is nothing to it at all.

    If you can fix that, you'll have a great mock.
  15. Sarg01

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    I wouldn't slot James at #13 just because Capers was there. Both James and Hawthorne are trade-back candidates (especially Hawthorne) at positions of significant need. Wisconsin also has SEVERAL O-Line candidates, including some with real 2nd and 3rd possibilities - and we have 3 picks in that pick range and could use help in that unit.
  16. F-minus67

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    James doesn't even really fit into our system. He plays LE, which would most likely have him be a LOLB in the 3-4 and we have Babins.
  17. D-ReK


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    Thanks for the feedback guys...

    I guess when I heard Dom chose to travel to Wisconsin over Oklahoma, who has 4 or 5 potential 1st rounders, I overreacted...
  18. hound

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    I don't know if you did or not. If I were head coach I might want to see the guy I'm thinking of as a first round pick work out... or a second round pick...

    Dom was there in Miami when AJ worked out.

    But then they sometimes throw up big smoke screens to confuse people and make them think they're going one way and they're not...

    Sometimes you can scare some other team into thinking you're going to take the guy they want and wind up with a trade. Last year Detroit did a beautiful job of it... Cleveland wanted Winslow so badly and thought Detroit would take him that they gave up their second round pick to move up one spot. Cleveland got Winslow who was injured early and Detroit got Roy Williams with over 800 yards recieving and Kevin Jones who had 1300 yards running and catching... Quite a trade. I'd give up Winslow every day for Williams and Jones.

    So I think when the head coach goes someplace instead of someplace else it always means something... but you just can't tell what it really means. But it does mean something!
  19. DoCt3rJ

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    looks like you took alot from a mock ive seen..

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