Much Anticpated Second Mock by College Texan

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    Much anticipated second Mock by College Texan

    Round 1

    1. With all the off season signings the Texans are finally in position keep this pick. The Texans draft Reggie Bush. Reggie is good and will be better sharing time with Dom, as many will say is a bad thing. He should stay healthy and productive for many years. If I were to sign him I would put in an option much like Carr’s contract, so if he busts he would not hurt the team as much. Also consider the Texan’s have used their last 3 first rounders on defense, the last 2 on the D-line (if Babin converts to end).

    2. The Saints have succeeded in making for an interesting draft. It is hard to assume what the other teams will pick without knowing where exactly the Saints will go with their pick. Nonetheless, the Saints go for who is considered to be the best player in the draft and get Mario Williams,. D’Brick was never in the picture since they already spent a first and third rounder on Jammal Brown, who can play either tackle spot and not to mention owned Julius Peppers last year.

    3. The Titans are in the perfect spot to be guaranteed Leinert, Bush, or Mario. No reason to trade from here. They have Matt Leinert fall to them and without a doubt take him. With the recent dispute with Mcnair, Steve’s influence on taking Young has slimmed very thin. Both QB’s are over hyped in that their real skills do not match their outstanding achievements. In the end , Leinert has better potential based on the classic QB mold. Vick has not proved that a running QB can both run and throw , further limiting Young’s chances

    4. The Jets are a rebuilding team that needs to win over some fan base from the Giants. Though we can expect young Bellichick to not make a flashy move, the NY pressure is overwhelming, they also have some flexibility with the extra first rounder. The Jets go for the second best offensive weapon and what maybe the best athlete to come out at his position. The Jets take Vernon Davis who should really make an impact being able to line up at WR also. He is like an Andre Johnson on steroids. Better marketability than Ferguson along with better speed than most WRs, this flashy pick will immediately pay off and will make Patrick Ramsey better than he is.

    5. Green Bay cannot let Aaron Rodgers go through his career with no weapons, he is no Bret Favre. Now is their time to rebuild and it has to start with the O-line. The Packers select D’Brickashaw Ferguson who should give the young QB time to develop, buying him time in the pocket.

    6. The 49rs have many needs to fill and they have been mentioned as the team with the least amount of talent. They have suffered huge losses on the defensive side of the ball and while their offense is developing still, the niners look to add a player with multiple capabilities. It may seem sensible to pick up Hawk here but he is only filling avoid Peterson left behind. Also it is hard to project how a player who has never played in a 3-4 will play in one. The niners are smart enough to leave projects for the later rounds and they go for the sure thing in Michael Huff. Huff brings the proven versatility and capabilities to play in any situation and be like a Troy Poumalu for the niners 3-4. Expect Huff to make many Pro-Bowls.

    7. Oakland has way too much offensive talent to be this bad. Sooner or later the offense needs time to gel and constantly changing players and coaches will not change the fact that the team needs talent on both sides of the ball. With this pick the Oakland raiders pick AJ Hawk who will go along way in rounding this team out.

    8. The Buffalo Bills should be a lot better than this pick suggest, but they have been losing talent all over. What the Bills need is someone to close the gap and anchor the team. Expect to see Haloti Ngata’s name to be called. A true stuffer he should be better than Sam Adams was and drastically improve this run defense.

    9. 4 offensive players in the last four years is something to laugh at considering they have all been in the top ten. The Lion’s problems are not necessarily the players, I believe it’s the gm and coaches. Matt Millen will never learn and chooses Vince Young to be the new face of the franchise. This seems to be a perfect situation as newly acquired Kitna should start for two years, while the receivers and QB mold. Give the Lions two years after this one and they should have one of the best offenses in the game, but where will they be without any defense?

    10. Another team which was looking the same as the Lions the Cardinals learn that they will never get anywhere without an offensive line. The Cardinals select Winston Justice who should have no problem playing LT immediately and helping Kurt Warner squeeze a few more years out.

    11. St. Louis is lacking a defense and have helped themselves by adding Glover, but to secure the DT spots for years to come the Rams select Brodrick Bunkley giving them a stout interior that can produce a pass rush, making the rest of the defense (secondary) look better.

    12. The Browns offense should be productive next year, if Kellen Winslow can come back from injury. Much like with the Patriots, the Browns should be spending high draft picks for defensive players. I bet Romeo Crennel had a lot of input on who they chose while Charlie Weis was given scraps to work with. Nonetheless, the Browns have added McGinest and a few D-lineman. Romeo is no offensive coordinator so this is where he will need the most help. The Browns select workhorse DeAngelo Williams who will end up being a steal for them because he will open up the passing attack and take pressure off of developing quarterback Charlie Frye.

    13. The Ravens are always a lucky team in the draft ending up with players that should have been already taken, but they are not lucky at selecting offensive players. The Ravens go back to doing what they do best by selecting defense. The Ravens select Ernie Sims to one day replace a similar player, linebacker Ray Lewis. Sims may not have the size but neither did Ray Lewis coming out, their aggressiveness is similar.

    14. Philadelphia looks to improve their aging D, especially their line backing corps. The Eagles find their type of player in Chad Greenway who has all the tools to put up pro-bowl numbers and will be in a perfect situation where most the attention will be on Trotter and Kearse.

    15. The Denver Broncos do not have many needs and they are constantly stirring up the draft with all their trades. Unfortunately they miss out on the players they were hoping for at this pick. With the limited receiving talent this year the Broncos find a steal however. The Broncos are lucky to land rising prospect Chad Jackson, a player who in this scheme should replace the production of Rod Smith, hopefully living up to his predecessor.

    16. Having acquired Culpepper for their second rounder and on the verge of acquiring former top 5 pick Joey Harrington, the Dolphins have no room to spend any more picks on the offensive side of the ball. The Dolphins instead look to improve their aging defense and diminished secondary. The Dolphins select Jimmy Williams, a versatile player who goes for the knockout hit. Whatever position he plays, he will be all over the secondary causing offenses to play away from him. Reminds me of Carlos Rodgers last year and could go in the top ten after Huff. Don’t worry about his character in Miami b/c Saban knows how to handle these players.

    17. The Vikings have spent enormous amounts of money in free agency, but they have lost Culpepper, the Vikings may not get another chance to select a top quarterback if their free agency extravaganza pans out. The Vikings select Jay Cutler, who will have to learn behind Brad Johnson for about 2 year before he is ready. Cutler fills a void, and by the time he and last years first rounder Troy Williamson develop they should provide a dynamic duo much like Moss and Culpepper.

    18. Dallas does a good job at soaking up the limited talent and Bill Parcels knows how to build a football team. A key ingredient missing before the Cowboys can get to a SuperBowl is some secondary help and a more consistent O-Line. With such a deep draft the Cowboys decide to get a rare talent the size of Texas. The Cowboys select Marcus McNiell who will bring more consistency in the run game and pass protecting for Drew Bledsoe for that final SuperBowl run before the team will need to be overhauled with a new quarterback.

    19. San Diego needs either a WR or a DB. Normally, top corners should have been long gone but this year all corners have yet to be distinguished and separated. The Chargers select Tye Hill, who may be the fastest corner in the draft. Hill fills a void Sammy Davis’s departure left, and Hill could develop into a very successful investment with his vast upside.

    20. Kansas City is of the better offenses in the NFL, and though new head coach Herman Edwards would love to infuse some young defensive talent here, he goes towards protecting what he already has at hand. The Kansas City Chiefs select Eric Winston, to eventually replace Willie Roaf’s spot in the lineup. Winston will make sure that this much envied offensive line is ready to go into the new Kansas City Chiefs era, with Larry Johnson and Herman Edwards.

    21. New England may be saving cap space for something really smart or they just seem to have lost their touch. Nonetheless, the Patriots could use a receiver but they are known to make stars out of anything in the their offense. To Patriots rather go for a LB where Willie McGinest has left and Bruschi will forever be questionable. Bobby Carpenter is the perfect player for this defense which constantly moves players around. He can blitz, play the run, drop into coverage, and any other creative idea Bill Bellichick might have for him.

    22. The 49rs are making the right moves to get top tier players. The Niners snatch from the limited amount of receivers there are left and get Santonio Holmes. Holmes should pick up where Brandon Lloyd left and Holmes should help to improve Alex Smith and the whole offense.

    23. Tampa may have been beaten to the punch and lucked out of some good offensive tackles. But Tampa with this pick can pick up a good player and still be able to land a good lineman in the second round. Tampa goes for Antonio Cromartie who will add some youth the this defensive backfield. Cromartie rivals Tye Hill and Jimmy Williams as the best defensive back, so Tampa is very lucky to get him at this point in the draft.

    24. The Bengals have shown some great improvement and are only missing a few pieces to make a serious SuperBowl run. The Bengals need defense while their offense could use a TE , they can still be good. The Bengals focus towards the defensive line and get another pass rusher to play on the other side of Justin Smith. The Bengals get Mathias Kiwanuka to make the whole defense come together. Kiwi should take some pressure off of Justin Smith’s side and his ability to get to the QB will make the DB’s look real good. Mathias will make QB’s forget about the Bengals need for a safety.

    25. The Giants need defensive help, the offense will be ok and can be put off for later rounds, but the first two rounds should go to defensive players. The Giants go for a massive tackle who eats up space and stops the run pretty well, they select Gabe Watson. If he can stop the first two plays it will not matter that he cannot be consistent on every down because he’ll have plenty time to rest in between.

    26. The Bears have a spectacular defense, but too bad the same cannot be said for the offense. The Bears go for a TE and get Mercedes Lewis, a pass-catching threat who will be the favorite target for whoever is under center.

    27. The Carolina Panthers could have gone to the SuperBowl but they ran out of running backs. The Panthers look for a more consistent player than Dashon Foster and get Lawrence Maroney. A workhorse runner who is deceptively fast and should help Carolina reach the next level.

    28. The Jags need LB, TE, RB. I believe they eventually sign Lavar after the draft and they get Leonard Pope. He will help them have the biggest receivers, if you count Pope as more of a pass-catching TE. He would also create mismatch problems for the whole AFC south and numerous other teams.

    29. The Jets own this pick from the Denver Broncos and having already selected Vernon Davis they go for defense. New head coach Marinelli will need a linebacker for the 3-4 scheme, and while this will take more than one draft to do they make a good start by selecting Kamerion Wimbley. Wimbley who is converting from a DE had the speed and athletic ability to successfully convert and be a blitzing/pass rushing presence.

    30. The Indianapolis Colts are going to feel the loss of Edgerin James if they do not find somebody to plug in. Luckily they land upon and underrated runner in Joseph Addai. A runner similar to DD, he can block and catch, and he should immediately make an Impact in the Colts’ offense.

    31. Seattle had some losses and gains in free agency. Of the bigger losses will be in the secondary where Andre Dyson is gone and Ken Hamlin is questionable to return from a bar incident. Trying to kill two birds with one stone the Seahawks add cornerback/safety Jason Allen. Allen is a very fast player who will be able to handle any position put in front of him.

    32. The Steelers also lost some good talent at WR and S, but they know they can always find a good return man and slot receiver in the later rounds. The Steelers get Donte Whitner who will replace the loss of Chris Hope and give the Steelers the most feared pair of safeties.
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    I too once thought VY would slip to Detroit & in my Mock Draft had the Texans trading their 2nd & 3rd plus next years #1 to get him here. it is possible, however not realistic, not sure on the order but I believe now he will be a top 5 pick, with any combination of trade downs or ups to aquire his services.

    overall I really like both your MOCKS, good picks, order and reasoning :)
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    jimmy williams top 10? hysterical. he'll be lucky to go top 25 after the offseason he's had. and teams are starting to realize he's a tweener who makes poor decisions frequently.

    if leinart is gone, the jets take cutler. if cutler is gone, the jets take leinart. if both are gone, the jets take ferguson.

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