Mock II: Selection Thread - SESupergenius Texans on the clock

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    Round 1

    # Sel# Team
    1 1 DC_ROCK Bucs (from 49ers) - Mike Williams, WR, USC
    1 2 texan279 Dolphins - Ronnie Brown, RB Auburn
    1 3 F-minus67 Browns - Aaron Rodgers, QB California
    1 4 STEEL BLUE TEXANS Bears - Cedric Benson, RB Texas
    1 5 Hottoddie Cowboys (from Bucs via 49'ers) - Derrick Johnson, LB, UT
    1 6 D-Rek Titans - Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami
    1 7 beerlover Vikings (from Oakland) - Braylon Edwards, WR Michigan
    1 8 Fiddy Cardinals - Carnell 'Cadillac' Williams, RB, Auburn
    1 9 TexasJedi Redskins - Adam 'pacman' Jones, RB, West Virginia
    1 10 texansalltheway Lions - Shawne Merriman, DE/OLB, Maryland
    1 11 Dime 49ers (from Cowboys) - Alex Smith, QB, Utah
    1 12 WildBlackBear32 Chargers (from NY Giants) - Alex Barron, OT, FSU
    1 13 SESupergenius Texans - Shaun Cody, DE, USC
    1 14 texasguy346 Panthers - Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina
    1 15 Honoring Earl 34 Chiefs - Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn
    1 16 ColdSteelBlue Saints - Justin Miller, CB Clemson
    1 17 swtbound07 Falcons (from Bengals) - Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma
    1 18 beerlover Vikings - Erasmus James, DE, Wisconson
    1 19 Oilers/Texans Rams - Matt Jones, QB, Arkansas
    1 20 Hottoddie Cowboys (from Buffalo) - Matt Roth, DE, Iowa
    1 21 Dunta_23 Jaguars - Marcus Spears, DE, LSU
    1 22 RT2 Ravens - Thomas Davis, S, Georgia
    1 23 fresno8 Seahawks - David Baas, C/OG Michigan
    1 24 HowBoutThemCowboys! Packers - Charlie Frye, QB, Akron
    1 25 CoachJim Broncos - DeMarcus Ware, DE, Troy
    1 26 RiotCommander Jets - Heath Miller, TE, Virginia
    1 27 Hoth-Boy Bengals (from Falcons) - Travis Johnson, DT Florida St.
    1 28 WildBlackBear32 Chargers - Dan Cody, DE Oklahoma
    1 29 Rosusu Colts - Anttaj Hawthorne, DE Wisconson
    1 30 jgl35 Steelers - Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan
    1 31 Mistril48 Eagles - Roddy White, WR, UAB
    1 32 DoCt3rJ Patriots - Elton Brown, OG, Virginia

    Round 2

    # Sel# Team
    1 33 Dime 49ers - David Pollack, DE, Georgia
    2 34 F-minus67 Browns - Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee
    3 35 Mistril48 Eagles (from Miami) - Darryl Blackstock, OLB, Virginia
    4 36 Oilers/Texans Rams (from 49ers via Bucs) - Jammal Brown OT, Oklahoma
    5 37 D-Rek Titans - Khalif Barnes, OT, Washington
    6 38 Arlington Texan Raiders - Brandon Browner CB, Oregon State
    7 39 STEEL BLUE TEXANS Bears - Channing Crowder, LB Florida
    8 40 ColdSteelBlue Saints (from Washington) - Ernest Shazor, S/OLB, Michigan
    9 41 Mistril48 Eagles (from Lions) - Barrett Ruud, LB, Nebraska
    10 42 Dime 49ers (from Cowboys) - Brodney Pool, FS, Oklahoma
    11 43 Honoring Earl 34 Chiefs (from Giants) - Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern
    12 44 Fiddy Cardinals - Odell Thurman, LB, Georgia
    13 45 texasguy346 Panthers - Ciatrick Fason, RB, Florida
    14 46 Fiddy Cardinals (from Giants via Chiefs) - Justin Tuck, DE, Notre Dame
    15 47 SESupergenius Texans - Robert McCune, Louisville
    16 48 Hoth-Boy Bengals - Alex Smith, TE - Stanford
    17 49 beerlover Vikings - Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska
    18 50 Dime 49ers (from Rams) - Adam Terry, OT, Syracuse
    19 51 HowBoutThemCowboys! Packers (from New Orleans) - Chris Kemoeatu, OG, Utah
    20 52 Dunta_23 Jaguars - Corey Webster, CB, LSU
    21 53 RT2 Ravens - Chris Henry, WR, West Virginia
    22 54 fresno8 Seahawks - Marion Barber, RB, Minnesota
    23 55 texasguy346 Bills - Vincent Jackson, WR Northern Colorado
    24 56 CoachJim Broncos - Adrian McPherson, QB, Florida St
    25 57 RiotCommander Jets - Bryant McFadden CB, Florida State
    26 58 HowBoutThemCowboys! Packers - Kevin Everett TE, Miami
    27 59 swtbound07 Falcons - Mike Patterson, DT, USC
    28 60 Rosusu Colts - Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech
    29 61 WildBlackBear32 Chargers - Donte Nicholson, S, Oklahoma
    30 62 jgl35 Steelers - Chris Spencer, C, Mississippi
    31 63 texansalltheway Lions (from Eagles) - Josh Bullocks FS, Nebraska
    32 64 DoCt3rJ Patriots - Lance Mitchell, MLB, Oklahoma

    Round 3
    # Sel# Team
    1 65 DC_ROCK Bucs (from 49ers) - Marcus Johnson, OG, Mississippi
    2 66 Oilers/Texans Rams (from Miami) - Michael Munoz, OT, Tennessee
    3 67 F-minus67 Browns - C.J. Mosley, DT, Missouri
    4 68 D-Rek Titans - Fred Gibson WR, Georgia
    5 69 Arlington Texan Raiders - Andrew Walter, QB, Arizona State
    6 70 texan279 Dolphins (from Chicago) - Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
    7 71 DC_ROCK Bucs - Vernand Morency, RB, OSU
    8 72 texansalltheway Lions - Chris Colmer, OT, NC State
    9 73 SESupergenius Texans (from Dallas) - Ronald Bartell, CB, Howard
    10 74 Lucky Giants - Wesley Britt, OT, Alabama
    11 75 Lucky Giants (from Cardinals) - Reggie Brown, WR, Georgia
    12 76 TexasJedi Redskins - Mark Bradley, WR, Oklahoma
    13 77 texansalltheway Lions (from Eagles via Kansas City) - Logan Mankins, OT, Fresno State
    14 78 SESupergenius Texans - Jerome Mathis, WR, Hampton
    15 79 texasguy346 Panthers - Richie Incognito, OG, Nebraska
    16 80 beerlover Vikings - Jonathan Babineaux, DE/DT, Iowa
    17 81 Dime 49ers (from Rams) - Darren Sproles, RB, Kansas State
    18 82 ColdSteelBlue Saints - Attiyah Ellison, DT, Missouri
    19 83 Hoth-Boy Bengals - Ben Wilkerson, C, LSU
    20 84 RT2 Ravens - Chris Canty, DE, Virginia
    21 85 fresno8 Seahawks - Terrence Murphy, WR, Texas A&M
    22 86 texasguy346 Bills - Evan Mathis, OG, Alabama
    23 87 Dunta_23 Jaguars - Roscoe Parrish WR, Miami
    24 88 RiotCommander Jets - Rob Petitti, OT, Pittsburgh
    25 89 HowBoutThemCowboys! Packers - James Butler, FS, Georgia Tech
    Denver (Forfeited)
    27 90 Hoth-BoyBengals (from Falcons) - Jordan Beck, LB, Cal Poly-Pomona
    28 91 DC_ROCK Bucs (from San Diego) - Mike Nugent, K, Ohio State
    29 92 Rosusu Colts - Cedric Houston, RB, Tennessee
    30 93 jgl35 Steelers - Eric Shelton, RB, Louisville
    31 94 Mistril48 Eagles - Michael Roos, OT, Eastern Washington
    32 95 Lucky Giants (from Cardinals via New England) - J.J. Arrington, RB, California
    33 96 D-Rek Titans (Compensatory Selection) - Darrent Williams, CB, Oklahoma State
    34 97 CoachJim Broncos (Compensatory Selection) - Justin Geisinger, OG, Vanderbilt
    35 98 fresno8 Seahawks (Compensatory Selection) - Rian Wallace, LB, Temple
    36 99 Honoring Earl 34 Chiefs (Compensatory Selection) - Courtney Roby, WR, Indiana
    37 100 DoCt3rJ Patriots (Compensatory Selection) - Jammal Brimmer, SS, UNLV
    38 101 CoachJim Broncos (Compensatory Selection) - Frank Gore, RB, Miami

    Round 4
    # Sel# Team
    1 102 DC_ROCK Bucs (from 49ers) - Kyle Orton, QB, Purdue
    2 103 F-minus67 Browns - Kirk Morrison, ILB, San Diego State
    3 104 texan279 Dolphins - Craphonso Thorpe WR Florida State
    4 105 Arlington Texan Raiders - Ray Willis, OT Florida St.
    5 106 STEEL BLUE TEXANS Bears - J.R. Russell, WR, Louisville
    6 107 DC_ROCK Bucs - Oshiomogho Atogwe, FS, Stanford
    7 108 D-Rek Titans - Michael Boley, LB, Southern Mississippi
    8 109 Hottoddie Cowboys - Jeremy Parquet, OT, Southern Mississippi
    9 110 Lucky Giants - Tyler King, DE, Connecticut
    10 111 Lucky Giants (from Cardinals) - Domonique Foxworth, CB, Maryland
    11 112 TexasJedi Redskins - Bill Swancutt, DE, Oregon State
    12 113 texansalltheway Lions - Alfred Fincher, LB, Connecticut
    13 114 SESupergenius Texans
    14 115 texasguy346 Panthers
    15 116 Lucky Giants (from Chiefs)
    16 117 Oilers/Texans Rams
    17 118 ColdSteelBlue Saints
    18 119 Hoth-Boy Bengals
    19 120 beerlover Vikings
    20 121 fresno8 Seahawks
    21 122 Buffalo
    22 123 Dunta_23 Jaguars
    23 124 RT2 Ravens
    24 125 HowBoutThemCowboys! Packers
    25 126 F-minus67 Browns (from Denver)
    26 127 RiotCommander Jets
    27 128 swtbound07 Falcons
    28 129 Rosusu Colts
    29 130 WildBlackBear32 Chargers
    30 131 jgl35 Steelers
    31 132 Mistril48 Eagles
    32 133 DoCt3rJ Patriots
    33 134 Oilers/Texans Rams (Compensatory Selection)
    34 135 Rosusu Colts (Compensatory Selection)
    35 136 D-Rek Titans (Compensatory Selection)
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    With the #1 overall pick in the 2005 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select, Mike Williams.

    Height: 6-4 5/8
    Weight: 229 lbs

    40 Yard Dash: 4.58
    Shuttle: 4.23
    3 Cone Drill: 6.98
    Vertical Jump: 38½-inch
    Long Jump: 10-foot-3


    "Strengths: Great size; very good hands. A terror in the red zone. Has a nose for the end zone. Will out-leap and out-muscle any cornerback. Put up some huge numbers and was the star on a National Championship team."

    Pick Analysis: This is the 2nd year for Tampa to select a WR with their first round pick. This will give QB's Chris Simms, and Brian Griese excellent #1, and #2 options, with Mike being more of a possession's reciever. Tampa was one of the bottom 7 teams for first downs, with only 16,9 per game.
  3. Vinny

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    The Dolphins clock has run out so I am going to make the pick. They will select running back Ronnie Brown, Auburn. The Nolan era starts with a back with a back with elite skills and likely the safest pick on the board in a year where there is no prospect that is head and shoulders over the others.

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    The god of good fortune is smiling on the Browns today. The Browns select Aaron Rodgers. Weighing in at 6'2" 223lbs, Rogers had the mechanics and athleticism that GMs drool over. He also has deadly accuracy and a strong arm, so he can make all the throws that a NFL QB needs to be able to make. Not to mention that he is the lastest prodigy from Jef Tedford the famous QB guru.

    height: 6'2"
    weight: 223lbs
    40 time: 4.71


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    Sugar Land, Texas
    With the 4th pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select

    Cedric Benson, RB Texas

    School: Texas
    Position: Running Back
    Class: Senior
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 222lbs
    Birthday: 12/28/82
    40 Time: 4.48


    - Benson has the whole package; size, speed and strength. He is a dangerous open field runner and is a capable receiver out of the backfield. He has proven that he has the ability to dominate as shown by his stats in the final five games of the 2003 season. (862 yards, 11 touchdowns)


    - While Benson has the talents to be a star in the NFL, his dedication to the game is a question mark. When he wants to, he can be the most dynamic running back in college football but does not always seem to give 100%.

    Overall Analysis

    - Often compared to Emmitt Smith, Cedric Benson is not a real flashy player but he is a good player who knows how to get the job done. A super-blue chip recruit out of high school, Benson has met the expectations of the Longhorn faithful by rushing for over 1000 yards in each of his first three seasons at Texas. He is also off to a great start as a senior, having rushed for 369 yards in the first two games of the season. Benson is a tough, in-between the tackles runner with great vision and good balance. He also has good hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. In summary, Benson may not have the size and speed of an elite running back prospect, but he’s a good player whose running style generally translates well to the next level.

    Benson had a superb senior season in which he rushed for 1764 yards and 19 touchdowns (prior to the team’s bowl game). Probably the most remarkable aspect of Benson’s senior year was his consistency, as he rushed for at least 140 yards in every regular season game with the exception of the Oklahoma game, where he posted just under 100 yards. He also looked bigger and more powerful than he had in previous years.

  6. Hottoddie

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    With the 5th pick, the Dallas Cowboys are proud to select the best LB to come along in a long, long time.

    The Cowboys select Derrick Johnson LB 6-3, 230 Texas.

    While there are several quality players in this year's draft, in my opinion, DJ is the only can't miss prospect to be had this year & is well worth the 2nd round pick it took to move up.
  7. D-ReK


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    With the 6th overall selection, the Titans select Antrel Rolle, CB, Miami (FL)...

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 202
    40: 4.54

    The Titans continue to infuse much needed youth on the defensive side of the ball by selecting Antrel Rolle, who will replace Andre Dyson at the RCB spot as Andre Woolfolk will replace Samari Rolle on the left. While Antrel doesn't have exceptional speed, he is blessed with good short area quickness and takes good angles on the ball. The Titans choose Rolle over Adam "Pac-Man" Jones because Antrel has better size, is better at jamming his man at the line, is better in man coverage, and is more of a finished product.
  8. beerlover

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    beerlover's Vikings with the 7th pick in the 2005 Draft Select from the University of Michigan WR Braylon Edwards


    Sleepless night In The War Room for Vikings GM beerlover but in the end despite temptation to trade up the Minnesota Vikings aquire the heir apparent to the vacated Randy Moss @ WR. The weapons are now re-stocked for Daunte Culpepper to have another monster season, adding Braylon Edwrds to a receiving corps of newly aquired Travis Taylor (10th overall pick in 2000) 6-1 210, Nate Burleson 6-0 197, Marcus Robinson 6-3 215 & Kelly Campbell 5-10 171.

    Braylon is considered by most scouts to be the best offensive skilled player in the draft 6-3 210lbs of pure speed 4.4 (look for his pro day numbers for the latest info) very productive, polished & a Red Zone threat. His numbers each of the last three seasons has eclipsed 1000 yds (02-1035/10 TD, 03-1138/14 TD & 04 1330/15 TD's & 97 receptions) & remember that Rose Bowl Classic where Michigan went down fighting to the Texas Longhorns 37-38 in that game Braylon Edwards caught ten passes for 118 yards and three Td's.

    This pick will forever be known as the Randy Moss pick, the comparisons will be inevitable but the general feeling in this war room that the transiton will be seamless and with a much improved defense the Vikings will not just make the playoffs this year they will win in the playoffs & Braylon will become a dominant factor even as a rookie in that process.
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    * Just a general notice to the players (has nothing to do with Beerlover)....

    You do not have to wait for Fiddy or I to update the thread titles. Make your picks as the time expires since the clock is ticking from the last time stap.
  10. Fiddy

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    The Arizona Cardinals select: Carnell 'Cadillac' Williams, RB, Auburn

    This pick wasnt easy. Kurt Warner makes us a contender for next year but he wont be here in the desert 2 years from now so we were looking strongly at Alex Smith. I am not fully sold on Alex Smith though so I decided against it. I also though of taking David Pollack to help the pass rush but felt it was a little too high and with his stock soaring, we didnt want to trade down and miss out on him. The only piece missing on our team's offense next year is a RB. With Warner throwing to Fitzgerald, Boldin and Bryant our passing attack is deadly but we have no threat of play action. Williams solves that problem. His cut back ability will remind Warner of another guy he use to hand the ball off to, Marshall Faulk, and Dennis Green loves shifty backs. We are playoff contenders with this pick.

  11. TexasJedi

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    With the 9th pick, the Washington Redskins select:

    Adam "Pac-Man" Jones


    Position: Cornerback/Return Specialist
    College: West Virginia
    Height: 5-11
    Weight: 187
    Hometown: College Park, Ga.

    Shorter than ideal, but has a well-built, compact frame with a well-defined upper body, strong grip, good bubble, high calves and minimal body fat … Has outstanding change-of-direction agility and speed … Can jump with good timing and has above-average hand/eye coordination … Likes and accepts challenges and seems to rise to the occasion when playing against elite competition … Studies film and is always looking for ways to improve … Has good vision to diagnose plays and very quick reactions when defending his responsibility … Reads the quarterback and receiver well, as he can transition on time and shows a good burst to make the play on the ball … His transition skills and ball awareness along with his speed allow him to make up ground quickly … Has very good lift and lots of courage going vertical for the ball in a crowd … Good at avoiding blockers in attempts to find the ball carrier … Will strike without fear and is generally a good wrap-up tackler when he plays in control … Shows good discipline to go with quick movement skills and sticks tight to the receiver in man coverage … Shows sudden hip turn and acceleration in transition … Has sort of a rapid-fire set of feet and good balance through his backpedal … Aggressive in run support, but this is not his best area … Catches the ball with hands properly extended … Has enough strength to stop the ball carrier when he stays low in his pads and extends his arms properly … Likes to get physical with receivers at the line of scrimmage, using his hands adequately to try and reroute and jam … Dangerous playmaker who has the acceleration and sudden burst to break through the crease and gain long yardage as a returner.

    Negatives: Wants to make the play against the run, but because of size and bulk limitations, is only effective doing this on the perimeter (gets engulfed when working in-line) … Needs to show better hand technique in attempts to shed and disengage at the point of attack … Does a good job of reading the quarterback, but will sometimes peek into the backfield too long, taking him out of position … Susceptible to play action and fakes … Makes plays in front of him, but is still learning to adjust and pattern read when working in zone coverage.

    No injuries reported.

    4.45 in the 40-yard dash … 330-pound bench press … 37½-inch vertical jump.


    With the departures of Champ Bailey and Fred Smoot in consecutive years, the Redskins need for a corner is obvious. The 'Skins did attempt to move down and acquire extra picks since they have no second round choice, but in the end decided that Pac-man is too good to pass up and he fits a need.
  12. texansalltheway

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    With the 10th Pick, The Detroit Lions select:

    Shawne Merriman

    Position: Defensive End
    40 Time:4.66

    Could have gone with OT Alex Barron but the Lions need defensive help after spending the last 4 drafts on offense they have to go defense.
  13. Dime

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    May 7, 2004
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    With the 11th pick of the Draft, the San Fran 49er's pick Alex Smith, QB, Utah.

    Needing a QB was a priorty, but needed to pick up a few better players was an important factor, as well. Seeing that the Dolphins and Cards needed a QB, I felt Alex would be gone by now. Thankfully, he isnt.

    Alex Smith emerged as a Heisman finalist this season as a junior, and has skyrocketed up draft boards. Smith was an unheralded recruit in high school, and decided on Utah over Louisville only because his uncle John L. Smith, told him he would not be at Louisville for all of Smith’s career. Smith has absolutely ridiculous stats in his two seasons as starting quarterback for the Utes. He is 20-1 as a starter, completed over 65% of his passes for 4,871 yards, 43 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions. As a runner, he totaled 1,015 yards and 15 touchdowns. Smith was a high school teammate of USC’s Reggie Bush.

    Smith’s biggest strengths are his intelligence and the efficiency he plays with. He sees the field very well and makes smart decisions. He will rarely make a bad decision on the field. He is a very accurate passer, displays a solid arm, but he is also extremely mobile. He can escape the pressure, but he can also make plays with his feet when things break down. He is a leader, and a hard worker. He already earned his bachelor’s degree during his true sophomore season.
  14. WildBlackBear32

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    Feb 26, 2005
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    The San Diego Chargers are proud to select from the Florida State Seminoles, Offensive Tackle Alex Barron.


    Alex brings the traditional size and tools of natural Left Tackles to a young team with growing expectations after the team's emergence from projected pre-season basement dwellers to postseason AFC contenders last season. Alex is just another piece to an already young offensive puzzle for the Bolts.Alex will battle it out with veteran Roman Oben in training camp for the top slot at LT, perhaps moving Oben over to the Right side.
  15. The 13th pick is just such an awkward postion to be picking, it's just right outside the bubble of a top tier pick, yet a tad too high to be considered a "take what you have left" sort of pick.

    I had my pick set on either Derrick Johnson, Alex Barron, or Merriman if they were to fall that far, but still by no means would they have been a lock, but they had a slight edge above the rest.

    I'm not going to divulge my draft strategy for the Texas until my last pick as it might effect the rest of my drafting process. When it's all said and done I will give you my reasoning for each pick and the draft strategy I chose.

    Name: Shaun Cody
    Height: 6-4 Weight: 293
    Position: DT Pos2: DE
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2005
    40 Time: 4.95
    College: Southern Cal
    Projected Round: 1-2
    Wonderlic: 29
    225 Lb. Bench Reps: 34

    We have not had a drafted DL stick with the team as of yet, and there is no one that has pushed Walker at the DE spot and I think this kid can. What's better is that he's versitile enough to play inside and outside. I like this pick because it give us leverage on the line to mix up schemes a bit as well as provide needed depth and competition

    His 3 year totals at USC are: 85 tackles, 18.5 for loss, 11 sacks, and 4 blocked field goals. Through 10 games of his senior season, he has 9.5 sacks, as he has spent more time on the outside, having the freedom of rushing the passer more. I love the fact he is strong as an oxe by posting up good bench press numbers at the combine, but equally impressed by his 29 wonderlic score.

    Cody also brings all the intangibles you want in a football player. He is very tough, smart, plays hurt, and he is a team leader. e is very aggressive and plays the game with intensity. Cody has a quick first step off the ball. He gets good penetration and makes a lot of plays in the opposing backfield. He does a great job of using his hands to get off blocks, and has a variety of different moves to get to the QB. Cody also shows good awareness and stays home and makes plays on screens and draws. He has decent speed in pursuit and closes quickly on ball carriers. While he can play both DT and DE, he is at this point, a tweener. As an end, Cody lacks the pure speed coming off the edge and as a tackle, he lacks prototypical size and strength. He fits best as a 3-4 DE, but if he plays in a 4-3, his best bet is to bulk up and stay inside.He works hard on and off the field, and is the protoypical Capers kind of guy. Cody doesn’t really have any negatives in his game at end. He is not a freak athlete or have great speed, but he is above average in both areas. Some people rate Cody at tackle, and as a tackle, he lacks the pure bulk and strength to hold up at that position. He's put on a bout 8 pounds since his stint with USC and performed well at the combine. Although some would consider this pick a reach at 13, I must tell you, that almost every player after the 13th pick is going to have some negative in him. I will explain further after the draft is done.
  16. texasguy346

    texasguy346 Mod Squad

    May 24, 2004
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    Deer Park, TX
    With the 14th pick in the Mock Draft II the Carolina Panthers are pleased to select Troy Williamson WR South Carolina.


    Height: 6'1 3/8"
    Weight: 203
    40-Time: 4.38

    The Panthers have a couple of positions of need, and WR was one of them. With the departure of Muhammed the Panthers offense was left searching for another deep threat to pair opposite Steve Smith. Keary Colbert is an ideal possession type receiver, and he'll fill in nicely for Muhammed. Williamson played in one of the toughest conferences in all of college football, and he'll have an easier time facing NFL competition. He was easily the BPA on the Panthers draft board, and the fact he'll be a fan favorite is just icing on the cake. With the depth the Panthers now have at WR their offense will be nearly as good as their defense. Delhomme will have plenty of targets to throw to, and with his arm he'll likely find Troy Williamson many times in the upcoming season.
  17. Honoring Earl 34

    Honoring Earl 34 Teflon Rick must go

    Jan 7, 2005
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    With the 15th pick the Chiefs proudly take Carlos Rogers cornerback Auburn. In my opinion one of the top two Cornerbacks in the draft .

    Now that Moss is in their conference the Chiefs need a top notch CB . Besides theirs no D in K.C.
  18. ColdSteelBlue

    ColdSteelBlue Veteran

    Aug 22, 2004
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    Pasadena, Tx
    The Saints need defense. Their top targets are gone but there is a dynamic playmaker left.

    With the 16th pick the Saints chose Justin Miller, CB Clemson

    5'10 202

    Positves: Speed, good burst, good agility, aggressive going for the ball, very fluid in transition, can tackle hard and cause fumbles. Also a playmaker on kick and punt returns.

    Negatives:Often misses tackles due to being overly aggressive and lacks proper wrap up technique.
  19. swtbound07

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    Jun 2, 2004
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    Tampa, Florida
    The Atlanta Falcons trade up to aquire the 17th overall pick in the 2005 draft.With the choice, they select Mark Clayton, WR OU.

    After watching their first 3 picks (Braylon Edwards, Mike Williams, Troy Williamson) fall to earlier teams, the falcons GM becomes proactive and moves up to aquire what he believes is the last top tier reciever in this years draft. After coming within one game of the superbowl, the falcons are on a push to make it all the way, and believe all they are lacking is quality wide reciever talent to aid in the development of Mike Vick. With Jenkins, Price, Crumpler, and now Clayton, Vick shouldnt lack for targets.
  20. beerlover

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    May 1, 2004
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    beerlover Vikings with the 18th pick select Erasmus James DE Wisconson Badgers


    Erasmus James at 6'-4" 268 lbs is the prototypical defensive end for the 4-3 the Vikings run. with last years 1st round pick Kenechi Udeze playing weak side DE we project Erasmus to settle in as strong side DE. with Kevin Williams 6'-5" 304 & new free agent addition from the Buffalo Bills Pat Williams 6'-3" 305 anchoring the middle the name of the game is to pressure the QB. Erasmus James is that missing peice that will set the Vikings young & talented front four the next several years, his speed 4.7-4.8 forty is exceptional for his size (with frame to bulk up) his short shuttle 4.4 is faster than some RB's.

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