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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Playoffs, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Well remember Shanahan was fired from Denver because he wouldn't be forced to fire his DC.

    I know this is the NotForLong league & if you're not performing, you've got to go, but that's one part of the NFL that I never liked & personally I think it's refreshing that there are coaches out there that care more about their people than appearances, that doing the right thing starts with being right by people first.

    I remember a time when our special teams was the best part of our team & that was Joe coaching it. I wanted to be in my seat at kick-off, because I did not want to miss that part of the game. Now the rules have changed & Joe appears to be struggling to adapt. Gary's approach is to help Joe figure it out, because Joe is good people (he was here before Kubiak, so he's not a FoG) & at one time was a good coach.

    Personally I agree with you. Joe's overstayed his usefulness & we haven't fielded a competent Special Teams since 2010. Bringing in the assistant should have been done last season, even if they were to add ST assistant to Vance Joseph's duties, or one of the hundreds of assistants to the quality blah, blah, blahs on the payroll. Same thing with Richard Smith, when they brought Frank Bush in, Smith should have been out, or demoted at the very least.

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