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    In the past year, eight members of the Cincinnati Bengals have been arrested. Match the Bengal with his charge, and be careful — some charges apply to more than one player, and some players have more than one charge:
    1. Matthias Askew, DT
    2. Chris Henry, WR
    3. Reggie McNeal, WR
    4. A.J. Nicholson, LB
    5. Deltha O'Neal, CB
    6. Frostee Rucker, DE
    7. Eric Steinbach, G
    8. Odell Thurman, LB

    . . . A. Driving while intoxicated
    B. Resisting arrest
    C. Boating under the influence
    D. Spousal battery
    E. Burglary
    F. Grand theft
    G. Unlawful transaction with a minor
    H. Speeding
    I. Operating a vehicle under the influence
    J. Felony possession of a concealed firearm
    K. Possession of marijuana

    . . . for the answers :snobord:

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