LZ's Final Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by ChampionTexan, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Texans take Ryan Matthews with the 20th pick passing on Kyle Wilson to do so.

    Other notable picks:

    Jimmy Clausen going to Buffalo at #9
    Rolando McClain drops to Dallas at #27
    Tim Tebow makes it into round #1 going to Minnesota at 30.
    Jason Pierre Paul lasts until the last pick of round one going to New Orleans at #32

    LZ Final Mock
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    round peg in the round hole. there are plenty of Cb prospects on the board. Adn I see no Deons or McKelvins ro Reevis' among them.

    If he gets by Buffalo he's going to drop like a bourbon street transvestite on fat Tuesday. Next stop might be 39. I got the Colt shufflin' off to Minnesota at the thirty. If the league has got it in their heads that Clausen is the sceond coming of Jeff George he's going to be waiting a while.

    Are you getting Gains Adams or Davis Deacon Jones ? He passes the eye ball test. But at the end of the day you're drafting a seven game wonder who had trouble beating prop 20. Pretty good gamble at the 32.

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