List your draft needs, in order.

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by Blake, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Blake

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Mine would go:

    #1. A franchise Left Tackle. Ferguson.
    #2. A all around TE, like Pope, Lewis, or Davis.
    #3. A athletic guard, like Joseph.
    #4: A cornerback.
    #5: A linebacker.
    #6: A defensive end.
    #7: A quarterback.
    For this senario, we would trade down to 4. Pick up a 2nd. Trade a 2nd, and 3rd, to get back into round 1, and get TE Lewis, or Pope. Then with our other 2nd round pick, we take OG Davin Joseph. Then we have 3,4,5,6, and 7 to work on depth, and defense.

    So I would end up with:

    Round1: LT D'brickaShaw Ferguson
    Round1: TE Mercedes Lewis
    Round2: OG Davin Joseph
    Round3: Linebacker
    Round4: Cornerback
    Round5: Defensive End
    Round6: Saftey
    Round7: Quarterback
  2. gtexan02

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    Mar 24, 2005
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    The North
    Mine would be:
    #1. Franchise LT
    #2. Playmaking MLB
    #3. Free Safety
    #4. Blocking/Catching TE
    #5. Guard
    #6. CB
  3. 66cobra

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Hardin, Tx
    I don't like any of the current crop of LTs except Eric Winston. He has had his bad moments but he has a nasty streak which I don't think the others have (Ferguson, Scott, etc). I would still draft Bush 1st.

    1st: Bush
    2nd: Jean Gilles (OG)
    3rd: OL
    2nd 3rd: MLB
    4th: DB
    5th: OL
    6th: S
    7th: DT
  4. Corrosion

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    May 1, 2004
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    QB Purgatory
    I think my opinion on this matter differs from the majority ....

    Although I do agree that the O-line needs help its NOT the LT position that is the problem . Its the Center position . Everything starts there . This team needs a center that plays with a mean streak , someone who is just plain NASTY . Steve McKinney is NOT that guy . He's better suited to play guard . Finding a suitable player at center could allow McKinney to move back to his natural position of LG .

    Next I'd have to say that this team is DESPERATE for a playmaker on defense in the front seven . Someone who teams gameplan to stay away from . Someone who wreaks HAVOC .... Considering the possible move to a 4-3 next season that would most liklely come in the form of a DE or ILB.

    Third would be another recieving threat .... The Texans #2 WR was a UFA in the last off-season . (Corey Bradford) No team made him an offer ... Not One team out of the remaining 31 . To me this says he isnt good enough to be a back-up elsewhere much less start for another team .
    I know he's fast but he's just a track guy tryin to make a living catching footballs ..... problem is he cant catch and he cant find a soft spot in a cover two to save his life . This position must get an upgrade before the offense can take play to its potential .

    Fourth would have to be a second corner who can cover and tackle well . Not someone who wil either give up a big play or make a big play ... 50-50 wont cut it in the AFC South . D. Faggins isnt a starting calibur CB but is a Very Good Nickle corner . P-Burnt just cant play within the confines of the defense and is afraid to tackle .... waste of a roster spot .

    Next would be a toss up between RG and TE ...Fred Weary probably wouldnt start for any other team in the league nad may not make the final roster for about 2/3 of the league ....
    As for the TE position Bennie Joppru has been a total flop , be it just bad luck or poor conditioning . Mark Bruener has seen better days . Marcellus Rivers showed some promise at the position late in the year but this position needs some serious consideration .

    Then we come to the QB position . The most scrutinized position in football .... The question here is simple . Is David Carr's lack of development directly attributed to the offensive line and scheme that has handcuffed him ? Or is it that Carr doenst have the mental make-up to be a NFL QB ? For me the jury is still out . After watching him take 200+ sacks over the past 4 seasons and with no real #2 threat at WR its just tough to judge ...... This could be the least of the Texans worries or it could be their #1 problem :stirpot:
  5. MorKnolle

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    Apr 23, 2005
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    I don't necessarily think the LT (Pitts) is a problem, but we need to bring in another OT that can compete for the LT spot and fill in at RT in the meantime. We need a C (hopefully LeCharles Bentley in free agency), an OG (Davin Joseph in 2nd round?), and maybe another OG in a later round (4th or maybe 5th) to sit under Wiegert for a year and prepare to take over that spot after Wiegert's contract is up. If we switch to a 4-3 defense, DE becomes a huge priority, otherwise a MLB and then one CB and maybe a coverage S, as well as a better TE.

    1) C: Sign LeCharles Bentley

    If we switch to a 4-3:
    1) DE: trade down to #4 and either acquire John Abraham in the trade and look to trade down again and go with a DB/OL, or draft Mario Williams at #4.
    2) OT/OG: acquire the #36 pick from the Jets in the aforementioned trade. The ideal situation would be for Eric Winston falls to #33 so we can grab Winston at #33 and then Davin Joseph at #36, that would fix up our OLine beautifully, but if we trade down a second time maybe look at Winston with our 1st rounder to ensure we get him or else go defense with that 1st.
    3) CB: Look for the best CB available that is very athletic in the 3rd round unless we grab one in the 1st.
    4) TE: If a very good TE falls to us at #66 grab him, otherwise look at LBs and grab a serviceable TE in the 4th.
  6. Jerry

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    Nov 6, 2005
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    1) Bookend tackle who will start at RT and maybe transition to LT if Pitts is not the answer there.
    2) A ball-hawking free safety.
    3) A dual-purpose tight end who can give Carr another option on offense and help out with blocking.
    4) A cornerback to put opposite of D-Rob and actually cover WRs.
    5) A guard to replace Weigert/McKinney either now or in the future.
    6) A talented MLB whether we have a 4-3 or a 3-4.
  7. Spoda

    Spoda Veteran

    Jan 4, 2006
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    1. not vince
    2. not bush
    3. the festering sore we've had for 4 years but refuse to help(O-Line)
    4. for the love of God and all that is holy can we get a TE?
    5. a passrush..i don't care how this gets done..4-3 LBs new DEs or DTs....JUST GIT ER DUN
    6. fire capers....sorry it just still comes out sometimes
    7. gag and bind uncle charley so he doesn't have any clue when the draft is
  8. cadahnic

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    Mar 2, 2005
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    I gotta go with Mork on this one. Our major needs are passrush, coverage, and protection. I have recently been going over games and Dennison's blocking system to see who would fit in on our current team. Pitts, restructred G McKinney, Weigert for a year or so, Washington, and possibly Weary and Hogdon. LeCharles Bentley has to be a priority and we need to start as early as possible trying to lure him to our squad. When the draft hits we are trading down with the jets for a 1st,2nd,4th, next years 1st and 3rd(Giants Trade). Now we can take away the fourth and add a pick for them to get Abraham that is fine, but if we do we need to restructure or cut a couple of guys because he is going to get a nice salary. The fourth pick take Mario Williams, trade back into the first using the 3rd next year, a third this year, and one other pick not the second. Take Eric Winston or Huff, or Jimmy Williams whoever is there. First second rounder take Best G available, second second rounder you take best LB hopefully Manny Lawson. In the third I like Jonathan Joseph from South Carolina he is gonna be a steal imagine a slightly less athletic D-Rob. In the fouth it is steal time either go small school WR, Nick Mangold, or good non-reach TE(not in favor of drafting one but ok). With the rest of the pick you just go Best Athlete Available. Hopefully Devin Hester falls here and we can turn him into a WR or Reggie McNeal in the 5th and turn him.
  9. tulexan

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    Sep 12, 2004
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    If Antonio Cromartie is available in the 3rd, I wouldn't mind seeing us grab him. I think he is going to be a great NFL CB, but I don't know if he will slip all the way to us in the 3rd round. He is coming off of an injury, but 6'3 210 and runs in the 4.4s is too good to pass up.
  10. MorKnolle

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    Apr 23, 2005
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    Once again great minds think alike. Some people like Mel Kiper have had Eric Winston falling to the 2nd round, so if that happens and we can grab him at #33 and grab Davin Joseph at #36 without having to trade back into the 1st round that would be great. After signing Bentley that would drastically improve our OLine and we can start looking for good/fast CBs, LBs and/or WRs or else a steal of a TE if one is available, but we don't need to reach on a 3rd round-quality TE with the first two picks in the 3rd round, only go after one if it's a great deal. Maybe add another OG in the 4th to groom under Wiegert for a year, and keep looking for WRs/CBs/LBs/coverage S.

  11. Huge

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    May 5, 2004
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    Out yonder way...
  12. rmartin65

    rmartin65 Phil Kessel: Nice Guy. Tries Hard.

    Jul 12, 2005
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    Franchise LT
    Pass Rusher
    All around TE
  13. Glacier

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    Jan 10, 2006
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    I'll start with the Cowboys:

    BIG NT.


    New GM
    New Coach (there is hope here)
    BIG NT.
  14. humbleone

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    Jun 30, 2005
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    Mine assumes (1) We get Bentley from the saints via FA (2) we trade our first pick for a young Pro-bowl player that fills one of our need positions (DE in a 4-3, LB or CB) and their 2 this year.

    1) LT....D'Brick or Winston. Scott if we do a double trade (which I like)
    2) Best value slip from round 1 (DE Hali, OT Scott, LB Ryans or Greenway)
    2b) CB...Jason Allen (if health and combine workouts ok) otherwise OG Joseph
    3a) OG...Davin Joseph
    3b) TE...David Thomas
    4) S...Dwayne Slay
    5+ BA LB, OG, DL

    And if we free enough cap money up with McKinney, Weigert, Coleman, Bradford, Washington and Bruener we might even be in the running to get Reggie Wayne to start opposite AJ!

    Kubiak, a 4-3, new D coordinator, plus the above moves and we will rock next year IMO. :redtowel:
  15. YoungTexanFan

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    Dec 1, 2004
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    my turn. While most of you do not agree, as I can see from my reputation points sliding, here is my humble opinion.

    LT is not the major need it once was. I do not think Pitts is the long term answer, but he works for me this year at least. I still believe he is a better OT than OG.

    We have no true MLB.

    We have no true FS

    We lack depth at TE

    We lack depth at DE

    We lack a lot, but in order as of now, here are our needs as I see them:

    If we switch to a 4-3:
    DE - I would like to adress this spot with the Jets, either with a trade down for Mario, or a trade down involving Abraham. We could also just sign him during FA, since the NYJ are unlikely to match an offer.

    MLB - Regardless of our system, we have no true MLB who is starting calibur on our roster. I am not sure how I would like to adress this, but maybe a developmental pick, a true MLB, not a DE/OLB convert. I'm thinking maybe a Jimmy Cottrell, Tim McGarigle, Tim Dobbins or a Nick Reid (look them up if you dont know them yet) for latter round picks. Our current LB situation does not really allow us to adress this in an early round, though it is a VERY big need, and was exposed this year and will be more so next year.

    FS - Again, regardless of our system, we have no true FS. Colemen was a temporary fix, but has lost a few steps along with his passion. I do not want a 6th round SS starting at FS for my team. I like CC, he is a great back up seeing as he can play both safties, but we need a true FS. I am looking to upgrade here with Ko Simpson at pick #33. After Huff and Ko, the FS class really falls off for the next few rounds. I also think we need a SS, but only in the later rounds. I like Slay, but have a hard time fitting him into my mocks. I am projecting him as a 5th round pick.

    OC - Steve McKinny is not the answer here, and most agree. Hodgen showed some positive improvement over him, but was injured. He did seem a bit undersized, but I like how he held up. However, all-world C LeCharles Bently is available this offseason. He is able to pull, and hold the point of attack against a bull rush. He has proven his ability and is worth whatever monitary compensation he request.

    OG - Steve McKinny is our best OG, and he is only slightly better than adequate there. His contract will finally allow us to release him, though I would not be opposed to keeping him as a back up/mentor. Weigert is often injured, but is signed to an expensive contract. We could use an undersized rookie, to run in the zone scheme we are soon to employ. I would be looking for an OG in the third round, where we generally find the kind best suited for our new system.

    This is all I feel like assessing right now, but here is how a mock (done off the top of my head) could look for us:

    We trade our #1 to the NYJ for their #1, #2, John Abraham, and a 2007 #2.

    We trade our new #1 to the 49ers for their #1, #3, and a 2007 #1

    #1. kiwi DE, boston college
    #2. ko simpson S, south carolina
    #2. daryn colledge OT, boise state
    #3. charles spencer OG, pittsburgh
    #3. alan zemaitis CB, penn state
    #3. jason spitz OG, louisville
    #4. McIntosh LB, miami
    #5. dwayne slay S, texas tech
    #6. david thomas TE, texas
    #7. aaron harries LB, texas

    *edited with help from Mork and Coach. Help much appreciated.*
  16. The Preacher

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    Mar 18, 2005
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    Cowboys are u serious

    Trade to Jets #4 for extra #2 this year and extra #2 next year

    #4 T Brick-must give Carr a glimmer of a chance
    #33 CB Jason Allen-we need another tough CB and our two young safeties get a year to prove they're something
    #39 MLB Abdul Hodge-showed in the bowl game he's unstoppable. We finally have our MLB. He'll get better about shedding blocks after beefing up some and he's played linebacker before.
    #65 DE Ray Edwards-underrated junior falls due to attitude but just like TJ we hope circumstances will help him live up to his potential.
    #66 TE Dominique Byrd-this assumes Bentley is aquired if not draft best G/C available and grab your TE with first pick of day 2.
  17. Coach C.

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    Sep 30, 2005
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    SE Houston
    YTF you were doing so well until you had us picking a TE in the first round. Come on man, really a TE. One TE is not a major need. We have the best blocking TE a serviceable backup number 2 guy in Rivers and can pick up a pass catching tall type in FA or H-back type later in the draft around that 4th or 5th round. Other than that I like most of your picks except Ko simpson just because I dont think he will fall and we did not get one CB. Jonathan Joseph the corner from USCarolina is pretty talented and likely a third rounder. Daryn Colledge is not bad, but I would rather get a higher quality guy if I could. Slay is talented as a hitter, but is he really needed with two solid SS on our team already. A kicker is a wasted pick and we damn sure dont need to do that. Trade Roach for McIntosh who can play MLB with a little time will look very similar to Vilma. Also I would like to get Mangold, Eslinger, or Setterstrom somewere in there to eventually replace weigert.
  18. MorKnolle

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    Apr 23, 2005
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    I feel you are a little misguided but it was a good effort and I generally like and respect your posts, so no damage to your rep from me. Anyways, I really do not like taking a TE in the 1st round, OLine is a much bigger concern and taking a TE at #6/7 is just insane to me regardless of how good they are, unless you are a very complete team that is missing that one piece to get over the edge. If we can get Abraham in a trade down that's fine and we don't need to look at DE, but if they won't give him up we need to get a DE somewhere, Mario Williams would be great if he puts up nice workout numbers and is decently fast. I agree we need a new FS, but isn't Sampson more of a hitter and not a coverage guy? I think we need more of a coverage guy, so if Sampson is that then fine, otherwise I'd look elsewhere, for one we could trade down the second time to Arizona rather than SF and grab Adrian Wilson from them, he's a hitter too but he's athletic enough to cover pretty well and he would be a nice addition. I think we can get a better OL than Colledge, I haven't been overly impressed but he's ok, I'd rather get an interior guy like Davin Joseph over him, plus I think Wiegert is fairly solid for another year, while McKinney had better restructure his deal and take a substantial pay cut or he's gone in my books. I don't know enough about some of your other guys to comment overly well, plus you only have us with one 3rd round pick when we should have three after that second trade down that you have (ours, Saints, 49ers).

    Another thing, the 49ers are trying to rebuild their team, so I don't see them trading much off unless they are getting a shot at Bush, and at #4 they definitely don't get that chance. Their best bet at #4 would be going for D'Brick but I don't see them sending off two 1st round picks and a 3rd rounder for him, I'm not entirely sure they'd give that much up for Bush but definitely not that much for anyone else. From what I've heard from people that have relevant knowledge of the situation, to me it sounds more and more like we are going to draft Bush at #1 though, so we'll need to concentrate on OLine with our 2nd rounder (hopefully Eric Winston will fall that far as some have predicted) and go from there.
  19. TheOgre

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Back in the cellar again
    1. OLT
    2. TE
    3. MLB
    4. FS
    5. DLE
    6. OG
    7. WR2
    8. SS
    9. CB2
    10. C
    11. K (?) - depends on if Kris Brown was throwing games or choking
  20. Texans_Chick

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    I think your post is in the wrong place. I suggest posting your suggestions here* where they belong.


    *minor warning. do not click on link shortly after eating. and no, it is not a picture of Jerry Jones' new face.

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