Letterman's Top Ten Reasons You're.......

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    ........Watching Too Much College Football.

    #10. During breakfast, you ask your son to pass the Nokia Sugar Bowl.

    #9. Cancelled family trip to Mexico, going to Boise St. instead.

    #8. Insists on being called "coach" even though you're a dentist.

    #7. Told you daughter, "I'd love to go your wedding, but the Northern Illinios-TCU game is on."

    #6. Every time you walk ten yards, three of your friends have to move the chains.

    #5. Instead of a shower, you dump a bucket of Gatorade on yourself.

    #4. Always asking, "What would Joe Paterno do?"

    #3. Your solution to Iraq: "I dunno, a playoff system?"

    That was in the Statesman and there is only eight. My guess is that two of them dissed the Longhorns and due to ratings those two could not be shown in favor of a replay of VY running for a TD in last year's Rose Bowl. Just in case you were on the space station for the last year. :stirpot:

    I gave all of 8 reasons the Statesman printed, but if it were me, #3 and #10 were the only ones worthy, but I'm no judge of what others think is funny so, there you go.

    Happy Thursday to all.:texflag:

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