Lets wear those steel blue shades again!

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gtexan02, Mar 24, 2006.

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    Heres my dream season (without being too unrealistic)

    First, the team stays healthy throughout the offseason, and drafts RB overall with the #1 pick. In the 2nd round, we pick up a solid WR (Moss, Jackson, Holmes, whoever falls), in the 3rd we pick up a FS (Ced Griffin maybe) and an OG, and the rest of the picks don't really matter

    Next, with the OL, Pitts proves he can solidify the left tackle spot, McKinney plays well at LG, and Flannagan proves to be a solid pickup. Wiegert has a great year and Wade finally plays up to his potential.

    AJ and our new #2 light up the receiving statistics, and with Putzier, Joppru finally healthy, DD and RB out there catching passes, DC throw for over 3500 yards, 20 or more tds, and a passer rating of over 85.

    Our line paves the way for RB and DD to pair up for 2000 yards, (1200 DD, 800 RB) with a very respectable 4.7 ypc!

    On the defensive side of the ball, DRob reassumes hsi freshman form and Pbuch plays the best he's ever played because he's in a contract year. Our new FS and CC Brown work well as a tandem, and as a team, the Texans drop into the top 20 in passing defense (we play the colts twice, and I want this to be realistic).

    Greenwood takes over the weak side LB spot, Wong gets healthy and stays at MLB, and Orr resumes his sacking responsibilities at SSOLB. This is paired with the monstrous run defense shown by Weaver, the TJ-Payne-Smith tandem, and the pass rushing provided by Babin and Peek. We efficiently suppress the run, rankingi n the top 10 in rushing defense.

    We beat Tennessee twice, Jacksonville once, Indianopolis at home (FINALLY!), split the NFC East, and win 3 more games, going 9-7 and just missing a wild card spot. GO TEXANS!
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    You lost me at "Wade finally plays up to his potential."

    But hey, we're allowed to be optimistic.
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    I'd take that, no problem. Why not Earl at safety though?
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    If all of those things actually happened in one year, I think that they'd be top 10 in pass defense and that 9-7 would be more like 13-3 and a possible Super Bowl. Not everything is going to work that well, but some of it will and we're NOT going to be a joke anymore.

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