Lets get a win, turn things around

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by RED_ROOSTER, Sep 28, 2008.


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    Although it appears highly unlikely that this will happen, especially considering how Carolina almost knocked off Indy last week and looked real strong and now face a winless Texan team, if we can pull it together at get things goin, which is possible, Kubiak and co. can turn this thing around.
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    Carolina? I think you meant the Jags, and they did knock off the Colts... But yeah, we need a win badly.
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    I think Kubiak and Smith are building this team the right way. The last 3 years our '1st day' draft picks have gone to a DE, LB, LT, RT, DT, WR, LT, CB, RB and Franchise QB.

    We still have a lot to do to be a great team, but I'm glad they are foregoing the "win now and forget about the future" mentality. It's going to suck for us fans now but we'll be glad they did it in a few years- We've got to build up the OL and DL before getting all fancy. I don't care if it's boring.

    We don't need a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning. We've got Matt Schaub and he's going to be the guy to lead us all the way. What we do need is to build a dominant DL like the NY Giants, get Demeco some playmakers next to him, and groom the young cb's / safeties we've got in the secondary. The OL has to be good at run/pass blocking. Once they perfect their trade our RB's are going to instantly succeed which in turn will help our very good WR's.

    Fix the OL and DL and then all you have to plug in is a RB here and a FS there and boom... we're winning the AFC South for the next decade.

    I hate to say this... I really do, but I envy the Titans right now. They've got THE best Defense in the whole league, an outstanding running game, so all they've got to do is have a QB to manage the game. If we can get that which I think we can, Matt Schaub > Collins/Young and our WR's are > their WR's. We're almost there. Once we're where we want to be as a team, we're going to be there for a long time.
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    Take it to Vegas. We win by 14.

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