LaVar Arrington hurt in motorcycle crash

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by Errant Hothy, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Hope he gets better but, his playing days have been behind him for a minute now. This will only scare teams away from him even more.
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    Some football players are habitual offenders.

    Unfortunately for LaVar he's a habitual breaker. Good to know he's okay, but he definitely won't be getting that paper anymore.
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    I posted this article before when Mathis got hurt, but it is worth revisiting. It was written after the Ben thing:

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    My lifelong friend has spent the last 45 days in the Herman hospital Trauma center .... after being run off the road on his bike . He's in a medically induced coma , every vertebra both hips and is paralized from the waist down . The doctors have given him about a 50/50 shot of living , much less living a normal life .

    I use to ride a Kawasaki 1100 (punched to 1368 w/ 4 webbers) back in the early 90's at speeds over 220 mph , I ended up laying it over doing about 25 mph in the rain and havent been on one since .... dont plan on it either .

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    If I was a profesional athlete and/or celebrity I wouldn't even drive a car anywhere. I would contract a bonded limosine service to drive me everywhere and team buses and planes other than that. That way I would have no liability, plus the protection of a larger vehicle's mass, in the case of an accident, nor any chance for a DWI/DUI since I would be a passenger. Ego is the reason that these people continue to drive themselves. Their letting their egos get in the way of reasonable thinking.
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    I'm sorry about your friend and I can feel your pain. My father himself was a motorcyclist on March 7th of this year and he was in a minor motorcycle accident but his injuries left him on life support for three weeks before he finally passed.

    I'm a member of the forums and I'd like to include your post about your friend. We honor our fallen riders on that site with a simple post. Also, to spread awareness that riders need to be careful out there.

    Now, I'm going to leave the last part of your post out of the forum for the reasons explained below...

    Over 220 MPH? In the early 90's?


    Ahem. Excuse me. I didn't mean to call you out but this is just blatant imaginative story telling here that just needs to be retracted.

    First of all, Kawasaki didn't make their first 1200cc bike until they came out with the ZX-12 and the ZRX-1200 which didn't roll out until 2001. Not the early 90's as you've stated.

    Second, I cracked the 200 mark myself and was caught doing it (I was arrested and charged with reckless driving at 203 MPH). I did it on my EXTREMELY suped up Hayabusa which also has a nitrous system on it. For me to crack the 220 mark, I'd have to put about 140 grand all together into the bike. It just isn't very likely that a person would put that much money into something that had never been done until the first 'streetable' motorcycle cracked the 200 MPH mark in 2002 going 201.7 MPH at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

    The clincher and thirdly, you stated that you had the bike bored out to 1368cc and installed four Weber carburetors on your Kawasaki. Weber doesn't make carbs for Japanese motorcycles. Sorry. If you had said Mikuni or Keihen then we'd have something to talk about.

    For you to routinely go over 220 in the early 90's is just a gigantic load of turd. If you're going to conjure up some stories from your imagination on a message board at least get some background done on it so you can at least ACT like you know what you're saying. I won't leave you with a negative rep but I will post in here that you're a story-teller.

    Oh... yes, I'm a motorcyclist myself.
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    I hope he comes out of it ok.

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