Know your opponent: 2011 Raiders game v 2010 Raiders game

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Maddict5, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Lat yr wk 4 we played them away and won 31-24. I thought it would be a good game to base this yrs game off of since we were missing aj for that game too but both these teams have had a good few personnel changes since then.

    For the texans, on offence, we were missing aj like i mentioned. However, we also were missing arian for a half (disciplinary-played slaton & ward) and a semi-healthy OD. We were also missing duane @ LT due to suspension. So id expect improvement for us offensively (we stilll scored 31 pts away from home fwiw) especially as the raiders wont have aso anymore.

    he has been replaced with a 4th rd rookie chimdi chikwi. michael huff missed last wks game v the pats with concussion. based on last yr, i think we all hope he'll be back to face us this wk. Otherwise, the raiders defence is similiar to last yr (only one change in the front 7) and they still cant stop the run but rush the passer pretty well.

    offensively for the raiders, they still have the same scheme and play caller as hue jackson was OC last yr too. alot of personnel changes though. they have campbell- who was playing well up to last wk, instead of gradkowski at qb. DMC is still a beast at rb. new fb in cartwright. not sure who their first choice wr's are. wouldve thought denarius moore and jacoby ford but ford was out last wk and DHB had a big game. either way they're gonna have alot of speed outside. they have replaced zach miller at TE (who killed us last yr) with kevin boss.

    they also have 3 new o-linemen from last yr (former center jared veldheer @ LT, journeyman khalif barnes RT, and 2nd rd rookie stefen wisniewski @ LG). these guys can run block and have only given up 2 sacks so far this year (least in nfl) v the broncos, bills, jets & pats- all pretty weak pass rushes this yr.

    our defence has totally changed since last year- not just the scheme and attitude but also the personnel. last yrs starters included okoye, diles, adibi, pollard & barber. we will have the following upgrades this year: Watt, Barwin, Cushing (suspended last yr), J Joe, Manning. stopping dmac should be the key. we will be the best pass rush that the raiders have faced by far.
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    Great write up, good analysis. Good job.
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    Oakland runs the ball. Period. This is going to be our 1st game against a superior rushing team and it's going to test our D. I think we'll set either Cush or Ryans as a spy in the backfield to keep an eye on McFadden and try to hold the RB's in check. Bend, don't break mindset. Let them get their YPC just don't let them get the big play. I see lots of run blitzes in this one. Campbell is an OK QB but he won't beat us. They are slightly below the Texans in pass O but don't have nearly the weapons or QB we have in that area. I'll call it a wash on RB's and Oakland is 29th against the run. This spells Texan's win and 4-1 going into Baltimore. I plan on cheating on all the Texans OL's wives during that week so the guys are good and pissed. I'll wear a Ravens jersey during said excursions. I'm willing to take 5 for the team.
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