Kippy Brown - Tenn. Volunteers OC?

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    As of Saturday morning, Brown had not been contacted by UT to replace Cutcliffe, the source said. Brown is thought to have sincere interest in both coordinator positions at Duke and UT.

    Brown coaches receivers for the NFL’s Detroit Lions and is thought to be in line for their offensive coordinator position if Mike Martz leaves the team. Martz’ name is often circulated with NFL head coaching vacancies.

    Still, Brown could have more interest in returning home than being an NFL coordinator, the source said. A Sweetwater native, Brown coached receivers at UT from 1983-89 and 1993-94.

    Brown is far more approachable than the last time UT tried to hire him from the Houston Texans in 2005. Brown would have had to take a pay cut to join UT’s staff as a position coach and was two years shy of the 15-year level of his NFL coaches pension. He has now achieved that mark.

    Brown, who is thought to make about $300,000 a year, could conceivably receive a raise by coming to UT. Cutcliffe was scheduled to earn $340,000 this year and would have earned $375,000 in the final year of a three-contract he signed in July that runs through June of 2010.

    With Sherman gone already it will make for an interesting offseason in the direction of the Texans' hiring of offensive coaches.

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