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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by cuppacoffee, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. cuppacoffee

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    These aren't pro bowl players on our team but they are not as incompetent as they are showing. This coaching staff hasn't a clue. :confused:

    Pendry as OC. Gimme a break. Any doubt about that should be erased by the game plan for this game, if you can call it that. Sideline pass to left, sideline pass to left, sideline pass to left, jeeze.

    Our defense was better in year one than it is now. Why is that?
    Capers has made the same mistake as many other head coaches, loyalty to a bunch of stiffs that call themselves assistant coaches.

    Just looking at the tv shots during the game from the owners box gave me the impression that Mr McNair and Casserely are hardly speaking to one another. Body language means a lot, and Mr McNair sitting there staring straight ahead with his arms folded across his chest spoke volumes to me.
    Wouldn't suprise me it Mr McNairs mind isn't already made up about Casserly.

    Not too many players with any pride or self respect would want to be a part of this train wreck. Mr McNair has a small window of time to right the ship before the exodus begins. If Carr has an option to take the $8 mil. or bail, I'd bail if I were in his shoes. Carr will be a franchise QB for someone.

    Still don't feel better, guess i'll just... :goodnight

    cac: :coffee:
  2. phan1

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    Aug 5, 2004
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    Well, certain things you can blame for the coaching, but other times, you can tell that our players just plain SUCK. Our defense today was horrible, and you can only blame the players for that. The coaches and everyone on that defense knows that they have to stop the run. Were they able to? No to say the very least. Our defensive personel is absolutely HORRIBLE.

    As for our offense, yeah, the playcalling was iffy. I know you're trying to protect Carr, but I think this is a little too much. At some point, you've got to take the reigns off and just let your offense play football instead of babying Carr and this whole offense.

    But we've definitely got a personnel problem. Half of our defense is just pathetic.
  3. Texans Horror

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    Sep 11, 2005
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    Half of our defense is either injured or playing their first/second year on this team. They need time, and that's not to say they'll improve this season. I'm with you on some things, though. I haven't liked Pburnt or Babin. It just hasn't worked out. Next year, though...:shrug:
  4. J-Storm

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    Jan 17, 2005
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    Central West NSW, Australia...
    Not flaming you but really, injuries are a weak excuse. We still have players coming off the bench that should be able to get the job done. Whether it's 1st yr or 4th yr they have to learn at some point wtf they are doing wrong. That is what film study is for right???

    P-Bust either needs to be benched, traded, cut or how about this: take him off of special teams and designate him solely to learning the defensive scheme. Hey, there's a concept that works! Stop babying them and make them do what they are here for: either showing some heart or getting the 1st bus outta town...

    Oh and i agree with Phan1... take the reins off of Carr. Let the guy play 'ball not this call a draw and run 5 yds on a 3rd and 7 when we know our coaching staff won't have the testicular fortitude to gor for it (even at 1-8 on the season). I'm a big Carr fan (not that you'd be able to tell) but even I see that he needs some sort of help and I'm not talking the O-Line. Let the guy roll out like Denver do with Plummer. Anything but the same short route stuff we are seeing. A bunch of backyard or park players would give our team a run for our money and have better route plans than we do...
  5. touttail

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    Nov 23, 2004
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    Will our linebackers ever learn how to cover a TE? Will our DBs ever learn how to cover a reciever? Will our DBs ever learn how to tackle(PBuc and Coleman)? Will our LBs learn how to intercept a ball that hits them in the chest? Will our DLine and LBs learn how to rush a passer? Will Carr learn how to look for a secondary reciever? Will Carr learn how to not short arm(side arm) passes that hit the ground in front of our recievers? Will Capers :homer: learn how to not stand on the side line looking like a dumb @$$. Will Pendry ever get it? Will Fangio ever learn how to coach a true defense?

    So many questions, so few answers. God when we get new coaches, they will have thier hands full!

    bobby 119C
  6. run-david-run

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    Sep 3, 2005
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    The University of Texas
    Anyone remeber why Pendry was fired in Carolina? Something along the lines of being to conservative in his playcalling? It seems to me that we have gone from one extreme with Palmer to the other with Pendry. We have to find some sembelance of balance between pass-protection and a 3 yard-and-a-cloud-of-dust offense. Pendry and for that matter Fangio and Cappers, is not the answer...:crying:

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