Julian Peterson?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by killerklown24, Mar 15, 2006.

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    (Long time observer of these boards but I don't post much)

    Do the Texans have any interest any signing Mr. Peterson? For that matter are there any rumors of Peterson going anywhere?

    I am not sure as to why not much is being said...ideally I would love to sign Flanagan, Putizer and Peterson but with this regime it looks to me that they may be done...
  2. tulexan

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    I don't think we can afford Peterson.

    The way this offseason is going I wouldn't count out the Redskins to take him some how.
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    one of the negatives with peterson is that he had achilles injury in 2004 and never got all his athleticism back as of the end of last year. he would surely give us the speed on the corner that we need to get after the QBs in our division but giving huge money to guys with recent foot problems is a risky proposition. I say we lay low and see if other teams are scared off by the injury then we come in and give him an offer that trumps all current offers and see if he bites and comes to Houston.

    the other negative is that he has been losing a lot of games with the 49ers and I would rather have a guy who is used to winning. Runyan makes sense except that he is a bit old and Owens makes sense because oh wtf am I saying, Owens doesnt make sense...I wouldnt cry if he was signed tomorrow though, quite the contrary this message board would be lighting up like Christmas and the Texans would be the talk of the NFL. You add Owens and you get a MNF game..that is for sure. Eagles v. Texans :0 It practically writes itself...but that is another thread

    hijack over

    doug from the woodlands

    p.s. oh and yeah i wouldnt be surprised if the Redskins got him too. when are they going to finally have to pay the piper anyway?
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    I'm not sure too many teams are willing to risk him. I'm guessing he is asking more than he is worth and no team wants him that badly. I would love to add him to our team, but not at a crazy price. He is no LaVar Arrington, who he could replace in Washington.


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