Jason Williams, OLB, Western Illinois

Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Texan JBZ, Apr 14, 2009.

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    Hey fellas! I saw this guy's name on the Chad Reuter's latest mock draft as the Texans possible 3rd rounder. I've never heard of him before, but check out his profile:


    4/3/2009 - Jason Williams is going to earn his wings before the NFL draft. Maybe he'll even score a free future ticket. The Western Illinois linebacker is one of the hottest risers with just three weeks to go as he crisscrosses the country getting in 10 pre-draft visits. That is more than any other player we've heard of to this point as the visit season cranks up with teams whittling down their draft boards. Williams will travel or has already traveled to meet with Cleveland, Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota, New England, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Tennessee. Using the handy Air Miles chart on page 216 of the Bears media guide, that's 13,332 flown miles. Teams want to give Williams a physical and get a better chance to know him. The DuSable graduate started getting traction when he performed well at the East-West Shrine Game and then turned heads at his pro day March 4 when he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.46 seconds with 14 teams in attendance. That was on a basketball-court surface though and there were some questions for a guy who is 6-1, 241 pounds. Some didn't believe he was that fast. Try faster. Any of those questions were answered when he showed up March 12 at Northwestern's pro day and ran again. This time, on a slow FieldTurf surface, he clocked in between 4.42 and 4.48 seconds according to scouts we polled at the event. The interest only grew. - Brad Biggs, The Chicago Sun-Times

    Here's the link to the rest of the mock draft:

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    Well, whether it be the hype for Matthews/Cushing or this guy looks like the Texans crave speed at LB. Interesting draft for those who don't want to click:

    1 M Jenkins CB/S
    2 Andre Brown RB
    3 Jason Williams OLB

    If we're drafting Jenkins I think it has to be for S duties, FS at that. I don't think he's quite the size/tackling I would want in a SS. I wouldn't be upset with this draft at all. How far could Jenkins drop? Maybe we could slip back a few spots and still get him and some extra picks?

    Trade up next year and get Taylor Mays for SS duties alongside FS Jenkins CB Dunta Reeves/Bennett Sounds like an imposing 2ndary!!!
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    So the saints, who've sucked worse than us over the last five years with their dbs ability to make a play....passes the guy up and he falls into our laps.

    If he is the best CB/FS in the class, does it bother anyone other than me that he makes it to the fifteen ? Just saying. I don't want ordinary with the fifteen . My bar is a little higher. I can find ordinary with upside @ Cb on day two. I'm looking for someone who has a chance to be extraordinary at the fifteen. And I'm willing to gamble a little bit if it puts eight more sacks in our column in '09. I don't care how good you think Malcom is. He ain't out covering Manning. Nor....Tom Brady. Fast quick stonger. Not slower more plodding....weaker.
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    It bothers me that Matthews & Barwin out weigh Jenkins by 40-50lbs but have better 10 & 20 yard splits.

    If you draft Jenkins at 15 he will have to play S.

    When I see Jenkins I dont think I'm seeing the 2nd coming of Ronnie Lott. Therefore I would pass on Jenkins at 15.

    I would trade down & take Sean Smith at 25-30.

    There is more value in that.

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