Jarius Byrd: Plantar Fasciitus

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by thunderkyss, Sep 3, 2013.

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    He was looking for a long term contract, but was franchised instead.

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    Plantar fasciitis is a terrible and terribly unpredictable malady......especially, for a football player............nothing you would want to see in your franchised player.

    Byrd held out during the entire offseason. He didn't sign until August 21st. In the one game he had limited play time in the preseason against Mini, he looked terrible.


    It's not way out there to believe that he probably knew about his problem while he was holding out (to rest and rehab).........especially since this evaluation by Dr. Robert Anderson was his second opinion. He may not need surgery at this time (per Dr. Anderson), but it doesn't lessen the potential negative impact on his season going forward.

    Generally, the pattern goes like this:

    Stage 1: Athlete is diagnosed with plantar.

    Stage 2: Athlete insists he'll return in a couple of days.

    Stage 3: A couple of days pass.

    Stage 4: Athlete plays for the first time, oh, a week after diagnosis, and the pain is worse than ever.

    Stage 5: Several weeks pass.

    Stage 6: Several more weeks pass.

    Stage 7: The foot begins to feel better. The athlete attends a first practice and re-aggravates the injury. He ices. He warms. He stretches. He is fitted for insoles.

    Stage 8: Athlete makes a highly publicized comeback, steps awkwardly and finds himself back in the trainer's room.

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