Jags 2nd round pick arrested

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    The agent for former UCLA running back Maurice Drew claims that the Jacksonville Jaguars knew about his alleged involvement in the assault of a man at a Denny's in Westwood.
    Specifically, agent Adisa Bakari tells the Florida Times-Union that Drew was present when the incident occurred, but didn't take part.

    But Drew's disclosure that he was present but not involved is one thing. It remains to be seen whether Drew told the Jags -- or anyone -- that he'd actually been arrested following the incident.
    As far as we can tell, no one within league circles knew that Drew had actually been arrested. In fact, most of our regular contacts hadn't even heard about Drew's potential involvement in the days before the draft.

    Per one league source, NFL Security sent a fax to teams on draft day discussing Drew's potential involvement, explaining that the league was cooperating with authorities, and advising that there would be a full investigation. Given this significant unknown so close in time to the draft, the source was "shocked" that the Jaguars pulled the trigger on Drew in round two.

    And here's another curious factor that sets off our patent-pending bullpoopie detector. Bakari claimed before the draft that Drew and Bears cornerback Ricky Manning, Jr. are not acquaintances. However, Thursday's AP story says that Drew and Manning were in the same vehicle when they both were arrested.

    Finally, here's one more tidbit regarding the incident that we've picked up from our discussions with league sources over the past few weeks.

    The alleged victim is Muslim.

    Maybe now the "real" media will get to the bottom of this one.
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    That's what happens when you hang out with the wrong people (coug..cough..Ricky Manning..cough).

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