Is this an OLB/safety problem?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by noxiousdog, Sep 25, 2006.

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    The ability to be aggressive on defense relies on support from all positions in case your agression fails.

    Is it possible that Richard Smith is handcuffed because Orr is so bad. The guy has 6 tackles. 6! From a linebacker position!

    Dunta Robinson and Lewis Sanders have more tackles than Earl and CC Brown! For reference, top defensive back tacks are Chris Hope (SS), Ronde Barber (CB), Kerry Rhodes (FS), Sean Jones (SS), Gibril Wilson (SS), Jermaine Phillips (SS), Antoine Winfield (CB), Marlin Jackson (CB), Darent Williams (CB), Adam Archuleta (SS), Nick Colins (FS), Dunta Robinson (CB), Kelly Herndon (CB), Lewis Sanders (CB).

    There's more CBs in that list than I expected, but to have two CBs in that list is pathetic.
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    Part of the problem is player ability. It will take another 1-2 years for Kubiak to cycle out all the old Texans players and replace them with players that work best in his system. So yeah, I think there are still at least seven to ten positions that Kubiak knew he needed to replace, but could not. At least two offensive linemen and five on the defense.
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    I don't agree with all of that. Another problem is cycling players just to cycle players. I think Kubiak has moved players for the sake of getting rid of existing players and bringing in people who played for him before.

    A rookie coach might be more comfortable with known players, but that shouldn't be the reason for switching them. They had better be superior on the field too. I don't think that has been the case with all his changes.

    This is an area where Kubiak can improve his performance and even correct past mistakes, unless ego trumps using the best players. I'd feel better about the Texans future if our head coach for the next few years demonstrates he can learn from his mistakes and get better at his job.

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