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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by kiwitexansfan, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Help me out people, I'm still looking for a horse to back for our first and second round picks.

    I'd love to see some interior offensive lineman drafted early as I see it as a major hole for us and a position worth investing in.

    Who should I look out for who could be an option for us in this area?
  2. threetoedpete

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    Katy, Texas
    Lydon Murtha, Nebraska. Kraig Urbik , Wisconsin. Late.

    Who I'm hoping for but we probably won't do it until they have a DE, LB S, DT and a back up running back for SS on board.

    Jamon Meredith South Carolina, Erick Woods C Louisville

    Meredith has some bad paper on him...but he has hips like a running back. Very elite knee bender.

    Erick Woods reminds me a lot of Carl Mauck. A "get you on the ground an rip out your larynx" center.

    Both of those guys will require some high draft capitol. Third & fourth round picks range.I don't think they'll do that though...pick o-line early. See Dale Muphy's current post on position status. He's sold on the o-line and their back ups . There's that nagging little red zone problem though...go figure. Never let a nagging little fact get in the way of a good post I always say.
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  3. DiehardChris

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    No way we go after O-linemen in the first two rounds, but centers Max Unger or Eric Wood would be perfect ZBS fits. I like Wood especially because he has a very nasty demeanor on the field. Unger is supposedly more talented, though.

    I'd love to have either of them... but we just have bigger needs on defense.
  4. beerlover

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    doubt you'll find the Texans selecting OL here....

    your right about that, both Center & RG but its not like Meyers & Brisiel are killing the Texans. both are hard working team players not impacting the salary cap.

    not going to post any names ealier than the 4th rd. with two picks here its likely they address the need as you pointed out. Kraig Urbik, Wisconsin seems under-rated to me (I give him a late 2nd rd. grade) technician, great measureables, team player who can fill every position except Center, thats added value. Another solid 4th rd. talent is Alabama Center Antoine Caldwell he can play every position including Center, very athletic good feet.
  5. Insideop

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    I don't think O-line will be addressed in the 1st unless J. Smith or Monroe, by some miracle, fell to us. They will probably address O-line later on in the 4th or 5th, though someone like Eric Wood might entice them in the 3rd if he's still there. I don't think Kubes or Gibbs sees the O-line as being a weakness. And, if I recall right, Kubes has said something along the lines of them only getting better and better, and playing a long time together in the league.

    As of this time, my best guess would be they take Cushing with the 15th or trade down and maybe get Matthews a little later. Either one would be good but I think Matthews may have more upside. JMHO!
  6. 76Texan

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    With Chris White backs up both C and G spots, the Texans might go for a late rounder like Matt Lauson (Nebraska), 6'5, 318 lbs. Versatile guy who can also play swing tackle. The Huskers employ a variation of the WCO and the ZBS.
    This guy has good motor.

    Another candidate is Cliff Ramsey from BC, 6'6 - 312 lbs. BC also runs a variation of the WCO and ZBS.
    He can play both guard and tackle. Even spell C on a few snaps that I noticed. More of a project.

    The ratings on the two guys varied.
    I'm not sure where to draw the line. They both might be UDFA for all I know.
    If so, the Texans ought to grab them right quick.
  7. badboy

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    Clear Lake
    Although he might be gone in late 3rd, I have Trevor Canfield mocked in 4th with our 1st of two. don't see a tackle in 4th or later and not on my mock at all. Maybe there is something to Butler after all.
  8. keyser

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    I agree, but I don't think the team sees it that way. Gibbs is famous for finding late-round OL talent, and at least last year you would not say that OL was one of our weakest spots. But on the other hand, they showed last year they were willing to draft OL high (even reaching a bit to do so), and I think our depth on the OL is seriously lacking. One injury last year and I think we'd all be looking at this as a weak spot, rather than something solid. I believe our current depth is: Rashard Butler (I understand he's OK, but is not exactly a star), Adam Stenavich (who?), Kasey Studdard (I thought he played horribly every time I've seen him), Cliff Washburn (who?), Chris White (coming off a significant injury, I think), Scott Jackson (listed as being on IR), and Dan Stevenson (also on IR). That's not exactly a confidence-inspiring set of backups. Plus, I think most agree that a couple of the current starters could be upgraded easily.

    To me, OL depth is awfully important, and in fact possibly the most important need on the team (I know I'm in the distinct minority in that thought), except maybe for depth at RB and safety. In the first couple of rounds, there are a few possibilities I wouldn't mind seeing:
    1) If Michael Oher drops as some people are predicting, I think he'd be a fine pick at #15, and even better if we moved back a bit. (Jason Smith and Eugene Monroe won't last until #15, and I don't really want Andre Smith there if he does).
    2) If we traded way back in the first (near the bottom) or all the way into the high second, either Max Unger or Alex Mack seem like top-notch interior linemen/centers. I'd be happy to get either of them, especially if one happened to fall all the way to our second round pick (not too likely...).

    Those are the three I'll be watching in the first couple of rounds. I think the odds of us picking any of them are awfully low, though.
  9. Wolf6151

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    Interior linemen that I like and where I think they'll go in the draft.

    Alex Mack-C, late 1st or early second round.
    Eric Wood-C, possibly late 2nd round but most likely 3rd round.
    Max Unger-T/C/G, can play all the O-line positions, very versitile, late 1st or 2nd round.
    Andy Levitre-G, 2nd round.
    Trevor Canfield-G, possibly late 2nd round but most likely 3rd round.
    Tyronne Green-G, late 3rd round.
    Kraig Urbik-G, possibly late 2nd round but most likely 3rd round.
    Anthony Parker-G, late 3rd or early 4th round.

    These are a few of the guys I've been reading about lately. Since we signed Antonio Smith and filled one of the defensive holes in FA, I'd like to see the Texans address the C/G position in the 3rd round. I'd like to see them take Trevor Canfield, Tyronne Green, or Kraig Urbik in the 3rd.
  10. mussop

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    For those who think we shouldnt draft a OL in the second round. I think a Center would do wonders for our defense. By keeping them on the sidelines while we wear the other teams D out. Look how good our O did with Breisal and Myers in there. Imagine having a top five center. Mack and Unger and Woods have that potential. Now when we get in those short yardage situations we can get a push up front and start scoring some TD's when we get in the red zone. How valuable is that?

    In the case of Unger you have the added benefit of getting a player that is versital enough and talented enough to play any position on the line. How valuable is that? I dont think there is a better OL in this draft that fits the zone blocking scheme than Unger.

    Im just sayin, there is value picking an OL early.

    If you are looking for OL later in the draft keep youre eye on the three guys from West Virginia. Ryan Stancheck, Greg Isnander and Selvish Capers. WV runs pretty much the same ZB scheme we do. They have been one of the best running teams in the country the last 3 years and you know we have scouted them because of Steve Slaton.

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