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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Vinny, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. Vinny

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    Apr 27, 2004
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    Counting Coleman's move to FS and Wong's move to ROLB we will have new starters at 5 of the 11 starting defensive positions this year. Robaire Smith at DE, Wong to ROLB, Coleman to FS, and Robinson and Babin will be rookie starters.
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  2. TEXANS84

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    May 1, 2004
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    You could almost see the run defense take a huge hit when Payne was off the field. Hopefully everybody statys healthy this year, and we don't let games like the Patriots, Titans, Colts, and Jets slip through our hand again.
  3. Ibar_Harry

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    I don't think our defense has fully recovered from last year's injuries. Our defense has the potential of being really good, but we may be a year away and I think the "D" is the weakest element of the team. Again, I'm not stressing ability, but rather injury problems. We may be able to make up for some of the injuries with young players and switches, but the "D" is my primary concern at the present time. We have some key people who look like they still need some time to completely heal. I'm concerned that they will reinjure themselves and we will then loose them. I know our coaching staff and management are very cautious, but its hard enough to avoid injury when you are healthy.

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