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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by lucky13, Sep 22, 2005.

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    my opinions:

    1) chris plamer is a fine OC- he has a sharp mind. the problem is the material he was given to work with

    2) david carr is, putting it mildly, not bright. but, there are lots of QBs like carr who have won super bowls, though (dilfer, rypien come to mind).

    3) for capers to blame players but not himself shows how greasy he is. i've said it all along, and now hopefully it is becoming apparent.

    4) speaking of greasy, the king of teflon is charlie casserly, who rode bobby beathard's coattails to a fraudulent reputation.

    5) i remain the only one in here concerned mcnair refuses to spend to the cap. i think so long as the fans and, particularly, the lackeys at the chronicle feel mcnair is entitled to pocket these dollars the texans willl not be serious SB contenders. and, if this is the case, mcnair needs to go on TV in houston and tell the fans the truth about his goals.

    we have a typical-for-houston system of accountability here- underlings are being scapegoated for the failures of those who made all of the decisions. i wish chris palmer well- i truly do. and david carr is way down the list of problems here- he's capable of being an above-average player in this league. the texans problem is they have very few guys on their roster with even that modest upside.
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    "4) speaking of greasy, the king of grease is charlie casserly, an insufferable a-hole who has never- EVER- won anything with talent he put together. never." -- LUCKY13


    Uh..........wanna' take that comment back, LUCKY13?

    Click here Casserly announced as Texans GM (CNNSI article) to be transported to the actual article.

    Below is a copy-and-paste of that article. He knows what he's doing.

    HOUSTON (AP) -- Charley Casserly, who won three Super Bowl rings during 22 years with the Washington Redskins, was named executive vice president and general manager of Houston's NFL expansion team Wednesday.

    "This is not an on-the-job training program. We want people with a track record and success at this level," franchise owner Bob McNair said. "We did not interview a lot of people but we looked a lot.

    "The overwhelming response was that Charley demands respect in the NFL and that is what we were seeking," McNair said.

    McNair declined to give terms of Casserly's contract, other than to say it was a multi-year deal.

    "We are long-term thinkers and we know it is going to take some time for this organization to be successful," McNair said. "Charley will have ample time to put this organization together."

    Casserly, whom Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder forced out before this season began, started with the team as an unpaid intern in 1977 and had been general manager in Washington since 1989.

    Snyder said he decided to restructure the team's front office after becoming convinced that Casserly and coach Norv Turner could not work together. Casserly received blame for a series of disappointing first-round draft choices, including Bobby Wilson, Tom Carter, Heath Shuler and Andre Johnson.

    "I knew every day I went to work, I was fired," Casserly said at a news conference Wednesday. "When Dan Snyder officially took over the team it was a matter if I left then or in six months.

    "I wanted to go then so I could look for another job, I was prepared to do that," he said, adding he has no hard feelings for Snyder. "Now, this is the best thing that has happened to me because now I am here."

    The Redskins made the playoffs this year led by other players Casserly acquired, including quarterback Brad Johnson, running back Stephen Davis and receiver Michael Westbrook. The Redskins lost 14-13 to Tampa Bay last Saturday.

    He also drafted Georgia cornerback Champ Bailey and left Washington with three No. 1 picks in the April draft.

    Casserly was considered a candidate for general manager jobs with the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets.

    "We as a family came to the conclusion that Houston was the best fit for us," Casserly said. "The toughest calls I had to make were to those other teams to tell them I was not interested."
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    Onward, Upward, and back into the Trees
    *cough*THREE SUPERBOWL RINGS*cough*

    "king of grease"...."insufferable a-hole"....

    Are these your educated analytical skills at work here? I'm surprised you don't work for ESPN, with that vast knowledge of Charlie's hair and personality. :heh:

    How about FACTS?! Opinions are know...everyone's got one and they all stink... idonno:
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    I'll take Dilfer anyday.

    The guy's a gamer who leads by example. He doesn't get the credit he deserves. And to cal him unintelligent is ridiculous.

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