if we lose this game we will still be in playoffs/super bowl

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by mattschaub#8, Sep 17, 2007.

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    Aug 30, 2007
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    texas duh
    game we will win : red :
    will lose : blue :
    maby : purpel :

    look at this

    vs Chiefs all ready won
    @ Panthers

    vs Colts andra will maby be out
    @ Falcons harrington duh
    vs Dolphins well there qb cant throw so no points
    @ Jaguars aaa it coul be a ok game if they cant throw and we put preshure but steal we win there qb
    vs Titans vince may be beter but we should win
    @ Chargers we have run defence that can stop lt but we will need to put preshuer on the qb
    @ Raiders well no good qb not doing good u put it togeter
    vs Saints they had 2 bad games in a row tamba beet thim bad like come on
    @ Browns well 1 good came thats it we win
    @ Titans could be even beter but i doupt it
    vs Buccaneers well they stink thats it
    vs Broncos
    there ok but they cant throw and hardly run
    @ Colts andras is helthy so win no doupt
    vs Jaguars
    its over 4 thim so why try

    as u can see we should win alot of thim an easy season we win i think not playoffs super bowl im going out there

    our season is befor play offs

    11-4 or more

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