How was the offense?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by keyser, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Sep 24, 2006
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    I wasn't able to see the game last Sunday, and am trying to reconstruct what I can from stats and the posts here. Obviously the defense was horrible, but I haven't heard much about the offense. How did the offense look, overall?

    Carr's stats looked decent (he now has the top QBR in the league!?!), but was this deceptive/garbage-time stats, or was he playing OK the whole game? Is it safe to say he wasn't the weak spot on the offense, at least?

    Did Winston play? If so, how did he look? It looks like the line gave up only one sack - was their overall pass protection OK? Was anyone particularly bad/good on the OL?

    It seems like AJ had a good game. Were the receivers generally getting open? It seems like the running game was pretty weak.

    Anyway, anything you can pass on, I'd appreciate.
  2. gtexan02

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    The North
    Great 1st drive, decent the rest of the time. He was locking on, and throwing a lot of short passes. A couple deep balls to AJ. Running game looked decent, but never got going bc of being behind the whole game.

    Basically, I'd rate the offense average to slightly below average
  3. 12Gage

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    May 3, 2005
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    I thought our offense played above average (minus fumbles). Especially with the hand it has been dealt. It is hard to establish running game when your down big. I am not concerned about the offensive side of the ball. Defense is worst in the league, but offense can hold it's own.
    And no, I don't think Winston played.
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    The o-line made a decent showing considering the reshuffle. Haven't seen the preseason Salaam bashers step up and give him his props. Center gets the ball in the QBs hands, It's the QBs fault. Don't care what the snap count is. Carr still has happy feet but it's getting better, IMHO. A.J. reduced his drops. The Washington drive in the third quarter absolutly killed the defense. Ripped the heart right out of them. These guys are pros they need to be in better shape. I doubt they cut Johnson. Inspite of the late hit costing the team the feel good get close TD late. At least the kid had the right idea. Knock the living bejeezus out of the opposing quarterback when the opposing qb is setting all time records against you. He may have been wrong, but he had the correct idea.
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    I'm thinking the offense is set for a little while. We may need to tweak the guards in future FA/drafts, but overall I think the line will soon solidify (when Spencer gets back and Winston gets some real reps). I'm afraid our defense is killing this team. We need some football players in that secondary to stand up and hit someone. I'm hoping for a veteran CB in FA next spring, a 1st or 2nd on a hard hitting safety, and a 1st/2nd/3rd on another CB, depending on how old the veteran is. Also, we need one more solid LB to help out K.Wong, and D.Ryans. Basically, we need help in about 4-6 of 11 spots on the defense.
  6. Runner

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    The offense looked close to average if it is only being compared to other Texans offensive efforts. Dre had a good game and Carr did some things you would expect an NFL QB to do that he hasn't done in the past, i.e. get rid of the ball just before getting sacked. Carr bailed out his o-line several times, so good for him.

    Our running game didn't look good with 58 yards from our running backs, regardless if we were behind or not. Had the running game been able to help grind out some first downs our defense wouldn't have been on the field as much.

    Salaam isn't getting his props because he looked barely adequate. He was pushed back into the pocket on many pass attempts and his run blocking wasn't much better. He isn't going to do too well when he plays against a good defensive end unless he improves rather quickly.

    I think Hodgdon played well enough to be an considered an upgrade at center in pass blocking.

    The offense is just getting a pass this week because the defense was so poor.
  7. Texans Horror

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    Sep 11, 2005
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    Hold it, hold it. The offense was deplorable. The only reason it looked good was Carr-to-Johnson really bailed them out. If AJ drops two or three passes, it is as bad as last week, and worse than last year. We can't run. Not with Lundy, Dayne, Morency, or anyone. In past seasons the line has been serviceable as a run-blocking organism and ugly filth in the pass-blocking. Now they can't do either. Don't let the stats fool you. The tackles phoned in their performance, and Carr stepped up as a QB. He got rid of the ball before he was sacked. Another half-step, and he has a couple of sacks courtesy of the Left Tackle. Yes, the Left Tackle. Spencer went in too early, and Salaam is looking like a Victor Riley wannabe. WInston did not play.

    Yes, the defense stunk up the field. The offense wasn't all roses either, though, and could have helped the D out by controlling ballplay more.

    Look to the offense to get more sore treatment when the Texans play the Fins, unless Houston makes Culpepper look like one of the best QBs in the league...

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