How to be a fan of a bad team

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by FanFromCali, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Look, I know it sucks but it is time to admit we are all fans of a bad team, and because of that we need to change how we evaluate the Texans because it sure can’t be with wins and losses for a while.

    There are a lot of you who are probably going to say, “Yeah, I knew all of this.” But the reality is I don’t think a lot of the fans did. I heard all year how this team at worst was going to finish 7-9 and how even that would have been a disappointment. I even heard rumblings of playoffs just a couple of weeks ago, which was insane.

    Trust me, I love going to a place (this website) where I can actually talk about the team we love. You might think it is bad for you being in Cowboy land but try living in California and following a team most people have never even heard of. (I can’t tell you how many times when people have asked me who my team was and when I answered them they then said, “No, I mean professional team.” It’s depressing.)

    Maybe some of us pushed this out of our consciousness (which believe me, I understand) but it is important to remember that this team finished 2-14 last year. I say it again: only two wins and 14 losses. The Texans did not have a prayer of finishing anywhere near a winning record this year. So what does this all mean for us as fans?

    We need to focus on the good things that the team is doing this year. There are a ton of changes that need to be made yet before the team is competitive (it will happen someday) but in the meantime there have already been some improvements that were made that we can be positive about and look forward to in the future including:

    1. Mario Williams was a great pick.
    2. Demeco might have been the best defensive player in the draft.
    3. Though a lot more needs to be done,the team did make some much-needed improvements to the line.

    Yes, the team still desperately needs to make even more changes in many key areas. But this does not happen in a year, especially when the team is trying to fill spots with discarded players from other teams. This team is basically starting over so we as fans need to be patient and appreciate the positives because for the next two to even three years as there are going to be a lot of losses along the way. I’m not saying we should go along with whatever, but our expectations need to be leveled with reality. Let’s stick with this team and when it does win we can all say we were there for the bad times.
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    couldnt have worded it better!
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    Keep the faith!
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    To keep happy I look at it this way:

    We have been playing very competitive recently against solid teams and should be 6-5 or 5-6.

    Our draft class from this year is amazing. We get another one like this next year and we are going to be a winning team with a lot of young talent.

    With all of our injuries, especially on defense on our DL, we are still playing pretty good defense. Imagine how well our defense could be at full strenght and with a new DB or two from next year's draft.

    We stop making stupid mistakes and we are a pretty solid football team. We couldn't say that last year.

    Not every day is our day. The Texans had an offday (even though they played well in the 1st half) and hopefully they'll come back strong and play good against Oakland next week.

    We can't sit here and look back at the last couple weeks. We've got to look forward at tough times like this.
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    I wish I could be so thrilled about all of this.

    I had high expectations...... no doubt. Maybe I shouldn't have..... but can you honestly tell me that you thought we'd be dragging bottom of the AFC South at this point in the season?? That you really thought Tennessee would have a better Win/Loss record, that Tennessee would be a better team??

    They blew us out earlier this season, and they will be the favorites when they come to Reliant....

    Who'd have thunk we'd lose to the Titans..... the Bills...... the Jets...

    who'd have thought we'd have a losing record against teams with losing records??

    not me.
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    Now that I have blown off some steam I feel better about today.

    We did play a decent first half, but like every other week, we fail to adjust to the other teams adjustments. It was painfully obvious that the Jets were going to throw in the second half and yet we played the same old "bend and break" defense.

    Our secondary is pitiful and even DR is looking like a chump.

    I agree that things will get brighter, but not anytime soon...just like my love life. (sigh).

    Our defensive front looked good, but the entire franchise is still suffering from bad calls made by Casserly.

    The team has potential, but will not be good for another four to five years.

    Mario and DeMeco are shaping up nicely and I see them becoming a fearsome tandum. DeMeco is starting to look like a legit pro-bowler. I bet alot of teams are kicking themselves that they passed him up in the first round. Still I would like to see him put on a good ten or twenty pounds, or for us to draft a larger player for middle linebacker so that he can be tasked to seal the outside.

    Our offensive line needs work. That being said I think that the situation is not as bad as it appears.

    Look at it this way: We have developed a reputation as a team that gives up the sack easy. Therefore when teams play us they rush more than they would against other teams. This will inexorably lead to more sacks because we see more rushes. We are like the girl with a reputation for being easy. She is going to get hit on more.

    Of course the counter arguement to this is that by being rushed more we should learn to handle it. I see the logic in this but doubt it validity. The game involves to many human elements and we lack so much in the offensive weapons department that it makes the rush more likely to succeed because of the lack of threats.

    All in all I am calmer now than I was earlier (thank you Jack Daniels) and looking forward to the Raiders.
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    Blown out by the Titans? We Dominated in every area of the game except turnovers and lost by 6, how is that a blow out? And the Jets are a team that beat Tom Brady and the Pats. You expected us to beat them? I sure didn't.
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    Well said. I don't expect the Texans to beat anyone. :challenge
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    I know what it is to be a losing team's fan. I was a Saints fan for 28 years.

    Jumped on the Texan bandwagon when they started.

    Bobby 119C
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