Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by luv-ya-blue, Oct 11, 2004.

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    are to teams with a combined record of 11-4, and im sure most of you agree that with a couple of breaks here and there we could be sitting on a 4-1 record. My point is that our coaching staff has done a great job with the talent we have right now and all the talk of firing Capers and Palmer is absolutely uncalled for. They will both be here a very long time and will lead this team to Super Bowl wins.................just my 2 cents
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    thats a good point blue, the Texans are on the right track. Instead of posting fire Cappers, fire Palmer or fire Moses its more constructive to suggest a differnet type of thinking or idea like why not test Dominack on kick-offs or using a platoon of running backs instead of the same old thing. I think the Texans have the talent to be 4-1 but have for some strange reason started the games out in a big funky hole, until the team can address the slow starts then its going to be difficult to win more games :twocents:
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    I agree with you, luv-ya-blue (except for your name ;) ).

    The Texans are still a very young team, but they are showing some signs of future greatness. We are not getting blown out, so it is encouraging to see them say in games even when they lose.

    While I'm not a big fan of Chris Palmer, the players still have to execute to get the job done. While it is easy to blame coaches and coordinators, I think the fact is that coaches can only do so much, and you can't blame them for missed blocks and poor execution.

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